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After being mistaken for a male, I thought it a hoot to get the gender of vague handles
With so many ambiguious handles on the site, ( mine included) , I wanted to find a way to give some insight. Have you ever chatted with a member on Scroll or commented on Newsfeed, and accidentally assumed the wrong gender? *AWKWARD* *Laugh*

So, whats your gender?

: Hannah ♫♥♫
: 08-07-15 @ 12:21pm
: I am so guilty of mistaking females for males! Though a few have told me over the years they did that on purpose! I admit it, I did think you were male for a bit! Or maybe you are, and you've pulled a double trick on us? {e:laugh}

: Explacat
: 06-30-15 @ 11:26am
: I am female, hence Explacat- cats are FEline and I am FEmale. Although, at the time I did not realise this. . . I do make mistakes about other penname's and gender though!

: Sally
: 06-05-15 @ 2:48pm
: {suser:sallyjwhatling} I'm female. Obvious by my username 'sally' but not so clear from my handle SjW {e:smile}

: GaelicQueen
: 06-05-15 @ 2:00pm
: Mine is female. It is the assumption for the country of origin some people mistake.

: ANN Counselor, Lesbian & Happy
: 05-28-15 @ 5:33am
: as best4writing, nobody knows but as my signature, Ann, there's no mistaken; as GrANN you know I'm grandmother AND Great Grandmother (77 coming August 5). In the audience of America's TV Memorial Concert; lots of Women Warriors{e:smile} Ann

: Spanky De - We Got This!
: 05-28-15 @ 2:23am
: I am gender confused, so I am used to it.

: Elle
: 05-27-15 @ 1:02am
: I think mine's fairly obviously female, but I have definitely made mistakes with others on here of both genders.

: Word Warrior beating cancer!!
: 05-27-15 @ 12:54am
: I am a female! Hey, warriors can be girls too! Lol!

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