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Tell me about your funny little one!
A funny letter written by a kid

Kids today are so much more intelligent than we were at their age, and my co-workers and I are always cracking up talking about the things our kids and grandkids say.

Clip art for my Kids Are Funny activity

They know the 'word' DUH! at age two, and by the time they're four, they're already asking "Does this place have Wifi?"

Working in a Pharmacy, I see and hear a lot of kids. They really make my day with some of the things they pop off with. My 5 year old granddaughter has me rolling every time she visits. She will say, Why are laughing at me?" crossing her arms. I tell her I'm not laughing at her, but what she said was so darn cute I couldn't help it!

Clip art for my Kids Are Funny activity

I would love to read the funny or embarassing (don't they pick the worst times to say certain things? Lol) things your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, etc. say. *Bigsmile*

: Eric Jorgensen
: 08-03-15 @ 1:54pm
: 6-year-old Hans, complaining about cabbage bread: "How would you like of someone served POOP on your plate and made you eat it?" This made us start laughing, but he continued, "If you went to yumyum.com, this would NOT be there!!" Then we lost it.

: Tammy
: 07-24-15 @ 2:38pm
: I was introducing poet Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941), to my student, aged 6, who seemed to like him and asked,'How is he?'. 'Oh he is no more..' -me 'What! why didn't you tell me?' was his disheartened reaction to the century-old sad news.

: Sarah Rae
: 07-23-15 @ 8:49pm
: 6 yr old: "Look we got a new toy!" Aunt: "I know!" 6 yr old: "How do you know?" Aunt: "Because I know everything." 6 yr old: "What are we having for dinner?" Aunt: "I don't know" 6 year old: "I thought you knew everything!" :-P

: Laura Leary
: 07-23-15 @ 3:37pm
: A conversation with my 11 year old: "Caitlin, get me a cup of coffee, please?" "Mommy!" "What's a girl gotta do to get a cup of coffee around here?" "Get up and get it herself!"

: Joy
: 07-23-15 @ 3:33pm
: 38 yrs ago: My son after kindergarten for two days"I've quit school.I learned enough." On his first grade teacher, "Mrs. Foran is cruel.All this homework. What does she do when she goes home? Nothing. I'm not doing her work for her." Now: his bosses

: mix n match
: 07-23-15 @ 3:09pm
: Teaching primary. Child says' 'sir, Ive got pins and needles in my foot!' My reply 'That's a funny place to keep them !'

: DMCarroll
: 07-23-15 @ 2:30pm
: Today my son asked me for something and I said maybe. He got really excited and when I asked why, he said, "because maybe is a yes I just have to wait for."

: Moody Blue: Needs an Upgrade
: 07-23-15 @ 1:23pm
: When my son was a little over a year, he was walking around with a pb&j sandwich. Our dog, Shadow, snuck up behind and stole it and ate it. He turned and said "No Badow"

: Patrece~She's back. Visit TLC!
: 07-23-15 @ 1:04pm
: When my son was about a year and a half, maybe closer to two, he was toddling across the room, and passed gas super loud. He looked down toward his little behind, then back at me and said "I burped out my butt!"

: S Ferguson~ Prepping for Prep
: 07-08-15 @ 10:53pm
: My oldest son Maxwell is in love with the song "Uptown Funk" and whenever it comes on the radio I start singing it and he will yell "NO MOMMY! ME" Until I stop singing so he can instead.

: Laura Leary
: 07-06-15 @ 3:37am
: I stood over my twelve year old the other day as she opened a birthday card from her older sisters, "I couldn't ask for a better sister." She exposed the interior of the card, "Well, I could, but I think Mom is too old for that!"

: Laura Leary
: 07-06-15 @ 3:35am
: Funny stuff has no age limit! My son, age 20 and stationed in Japan sent a picture exposing a tattoo across his chest. "What does it mean?" I asked, to lazy to use google translate. "It is Vietnamese for 'Keeper of many chickens.'"

: Laura Leary
: 07-06-15 @ 3:33am
: In a town known for crime I was regrettfully pulling to a stop at a red light when my 4 year old screamed as if being murdered. "What?" I exclaimed. "It's a bug and I know what kind!" "What kind?" I questioned. "A really big one!"

: Henny Penny
: 07-05-15 @ 5:12pm
: My great nephew was visiting his cousin for the 4th of July picnic. There were several people there that were smoking the vapor products and as he watched the smoke being blown from their mouths he blurted out, "They are smoking dope grandma."

: Lynda Miller
: 06-27-15 @ 3:05pm
: We took Connor to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Warren and Connor had riding horses and he needed a shower. The sliding doors opened and there I stood, naked. He ran off yelling at the top of he voice, "I'm scared for life!" Lady Scorpio House Hightower

: Elle
: 06-22-15 @ 6:05pm
: Jayden (aged 6): Did you know Hawaii was formed in fire by a killer whale? Elle: I think you mean Kilauea - Kilauea is a volcano, not a killer whale.

: Elle
: 06-22-15 @ 6:05pm
: Caitie (aged 3): My throat hurts. I must have a headache.

: Elle
: 06-22-15 @ 6:05pm
: Elle: What's a wedding? Caitie (aged 4): Where two people get married and a song comes up.

: Elle
: 06-22-15 @ 6:05pm
: Jayden (9): (looking at a bug) I think it’s a long horned beetle. You can tell by the horns. Caitie (5): Only unicorns and goats have horns. Elle: You do know unicorns aren’t real, don’t you? Caitie: Yeah! Goats aren’t real either, are they?

: Elle
: 06-22-15 @ 6:03pm
: Elle: What is paparazzi? Caitie (aged 6): Small kangaroos!

: Elle
: 06-22-15 @ 6:03pm
: Caitie (aged 7): We're learning 'I'll Stand By You' by the Pretenders in choir. It says 'I've seen the dark side too.' I think it's about someone who has seen Star Wars and is scared.

: Elle
: 06-22-15 @ 6:03pm
: Caitie (aged 8): Mum, this is just a question, but... Can you have sex after you're married?

: 💗🅲🆄🅱🅱🆈⛸️
: 06-22-15 @ 3:19pm
: While driving through the Rocky Mountains last week, my five year old granddaughter, Lily, pointed to a cow and said, "I know what that is, Gwamma Cubby." I said, "What is it, sweetie?" She smiled smugly and said, "That's a Mountain Cow."

: Lynda Miller
: 06-22-15 @ 11:39am
: We are adopting our 12 year old grandson. The day we talked with him about, he was very excited. Just as he was about to go play a game, he stopped and looked at us, then he asked us "Does this mean my mom will be my sister?" He is right, we all laughed.

: Dragyn
: 06-22-15 @ 11:37am
: My 2 year old cousin recently visited from Australia with his family. When I got home from college, I was chasing him around one day. I asked him "Can I hug you?" "Uh uh" "Can I kiss you?" "Uh uh" "you're not a very nice baby are you?" "Uh huh!" :p

: Word Warrior beating cancer!!
: 06-22-15 @ 11:15am
: Seeing my Diabetic supplies on my nightstand... DESTINY: "Whats that, Nanny?" ME: "Its to check my blood." DESTINY: "Check it for what?" ME: "Diabetes." DESTINY: "Ohhh, thats right. I heard you had that." *This from a nearly 5 year old! ROTFL

: Sanita
: 06-21-15 @ 2:42am
: My daughter once made me a mother's day card which said, "You are the best mum I ever had."

: Word Warrior beating cancer!!
: 06-20-15 @ 8:45pm
: I asked my 5 year old granddaughter Destiny if she would take care of me when I get old. DESTINY - "Yes, Nanny! I will take good care of you! How old are you now? ME - "48" DESTINY - "48?! Oh, Nanny! I better take care of you NOW!" {e:laugh}

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