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How would you describe a character for your story or book?
Describe a character you have created or will be creating.

Hannah ♫♥♫ says "Captain Palavar from London, circa 1894, and I and my fellow 'Keepers' of Society' have a time machine. The 'Maiden Voyage', landed me in Oz. I battled a witch and monstrous monkeys. I won 'Action Adventure' of the year at the last Quills!"

Christmas QPdoll says "A young woman looking for her brother. She has light brown hair and is of average height. She has Hazel eyes and a button nose. She is engaged and has a cat and her own house. She works at ??? (Haven't decided yet.)"

Choconut ~ Emporium Catch-Ups says "A petite scrap of a woman with blonde hair and skin that is almost translucent. Her red rimmed eyes are dull, her self esteem flattened, her head is bowed in defeat. Then she fights back. Sparkling blue eyes and an impish grin. She grows stronger. "

Jimminycritic says "I trembled and couldn't make eye contact. Maybe if I couldn't see them, they wouldn't see me. It did help that I stood just under shoulder level to them in height and was thin enough not to be put to work in the mines, yet. I am too frail to go now. "

amyjo-Keeping it real and fun! says "An eerie feeling crept over her like beetles covering a dead body. A sense of foreboding wouldn't leave her alone. This night would not end well for her, and she was trapped with nowhere to flee. "

J. M. Kraynak 10th Year at WDC says "Virgil Solomon circa 1800s. "There lies that space betwixt the thoughts of the waking and the silence of the dreamer that a voice whispered to me." - Explorer and collector of the occult who murdered his abusive father with a teapot when he was 16."

Have a Kerri Christmas! says "Someone who is determined to succeed even though so much comes up against her. A character with dark hair and even darker eyes named Ayuna. She is eighteen and viewed as an adult in her world."

Explacat says "Expla Planationx. A nickname. She has long auburn hair and red eyes, but she is a vampire."

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