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OPINIONS? Groovy! Try the 4C's Non-Fiction Contest. Dbl 2016 Quill Winner! ENDS Oct. 7th
Round VII: September 1, 2019 - October 7, 2019
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 E have had an uneventful year, contest-wise. Like, literally I haven't held a ROUND here since April, 2018 *Shock2*
I know, right? Right. So, let's get this contest re-started with a bang!

ANNOUNCING... a twist:

is a ROUND VII. Mandatory TOPIC (for THIS Round Only)

Do YOU Dare?
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Judge / Chaos Coordinator:
Whata RIP Gustopher

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Co-Judge / Reviewing Angel:
Phoebe Buffay (Lilli)

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want to read some nonfiction encompassing something 'Controversial'. Abortion to religion, to the benefits of boredom, the sky's really the limit here (all entries in Round I). Why? Because I enjoy it! More information? THE MANDATORY TOPIC just for ROUND VII. IS FAITH. You must write about FAITH. Whatever the word does or doesn't mean to YOU. Tell me about your religion, or lack thereof; describe how you cope with life's ups and downs, with or without FAITH. If you don't ascribe to a formal religion, how do you view others who do, what drawer do you file away your hopes and disappointments in? Yes, I want to know!

Give me opinions, but also give me YOUR conclusions (even if you're not sure) Teach me something *ThumbsUpL* More information? Be OPINIONATED. Be VERY opinionated. This is not the time to be 'PC', or politically correct! You should support your opinions through examples, analogies, comparing and contrasting (perhaps). Include a statistic or two if needed (more technical subjects often require some stats, peeps!) and...crafty writing *Bigsmile*

*Down* Note: *Down*
Not a RULE,
but I came across this article from Jeff is Buzz Lightyear In it he talks about FORMATTING your writing here onsite. IF you are NEW to Writing.com especially, PLEASE read this. I have a particular pet peeve—I hate long paragraphs. It has to do with using a 12" iPad screen most of the time *Bigsmile* Regardless of my peculiarities, it's a very helpful item, so do check it out:

Effective Formatting  [E]
A comparison of good and poor WDC formatting.
by Jeff is Buzz Lightyear

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Dem Damn RULES:

(1). Write me at least 1,500 Words on the subject of FAITH. *Left* Do a WORD Count! No Word Maximum.

Tee hee wheeeeee

(2). NonFiction ONLY. No stories, unless they're true *Think* Nonfiction BAby *ThumbsUpL*

(3). For ROUND VII., I'll be accepting
ONLY NEW writes. Wait until the contest OPENS please before posting your write to WdC, m'kay? Thanks. Be sure it's opinionated *Smile* BE BRAVE!

(4). One of the reasons this contest has a higher rating is because I don't want to limit anything—so the entries will often be rated higher, cool beans? Also, I don't care about cussing. Do keep in mind that cursing can detract from a good argument. Curse wisely.

(5). This contest is an In & Out item type. Create a NEW Static Item, then give me the Item ID # in the form at the very bottom of this page. If you're out of room in your Portfolio contact me, we can work something out. I'm easy *Smirk2*

(6). ONE ENTRY PER PERSON for this Round.

(7). You are guaranteed a full review by ONE judge ONLY (just in case) though most shall receive two. Reviews will ALWAYS be PUBLIC. If you'd like to request a PRIVATE review, just let us know.

(8). This Contest is FREE to ENTER. Any donations go to the Admininstrative costs of running the 4C's (this is for any who can't help but toss GPs around, kindly. I do that sometimes, too). Let not poverty stop any from entering! But the GROUP Admin BANK FUND is here:
"The 4 Controversies Contest GROUP Prizes, Entry GPs, Merit Badges, and Trinkets and advertising come out of the bank and most is paid for by me. I enjoy being generous if I can.

(9). Contest has an END DATE of October 7, 2019, @ 11:59PM, WdC Time (EST. = WdC time). I reserve the right to extend it by no more than (7) days. RESULTS & your REVIEWS will not exceed FOUR WEEKS after contest end date. We like to get results in much, much sooner, but I have been known to get real sick. Acts of God not included *Cross2*

There will never be any further rules. Period. I think. Fewer, but not more!

Wait! One more note:
Keep in mind that if we think your entry is 'just another essay', or the writing errors are numerous, you'll score lower. Errors can mean the difference between placing, and not. This is not just another essay for school—being opinionated requires some personality, some more emotion presented along with facts, and . . . your unified OPINIONS. We are not fluff reviewers, but we will be respectful and honest—'tis the whole point IMO! My judging decisions are final. DUH.

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Seek first to understand, then to be understood.

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They are. Since I was a wee child with freckles.

Don’t hesitate to ask me questions! If you need a quicker answer bug the other judge,
but as a general rule give me a few days in case I am ill. Yes, I'm always sick *Peace2* OUT, peeps!

*Down* SCROLL all the way down until you see the entry field. Enter the Item ID# of your Entry *Down*

Entry: "Faith (or How I Came to be a Good Boy) [13+]
Written by: Beholden
Genres: Contest Entry, Religious, Philosophy
Created: 09-18-2019
Last Edited: 09-18-2019
The tagline reads: What faith means to me
Additional comment: Over the years I have tried to write this many times without success. This is the closest I've come to a reasonable explanation and it's all in honour of your contest. Be kind!

I also wanted to say that I watched and listened to the video and loved.
Submitted on Sep 18, 2019.

Entry: "Faith [E]
Written by: Chris Breva - 6 Years at WDC!
Genres: Contest Entry, Religious, Other
Created: 09-16-2019
Last Edited: 09-20-2019
The tagline reads: Four Controversies Entry
Additional comment: This is my experience with faith.
Submitted on Sep 16, 2019.

Entry: "Faith Comes From Everywhere [E]
Written by: Phil Thomas
Genres: Contest Entry, Inspirational, Political
Created: 09-08-2019
Last Edited: 09-08-2019
The tagline reads: What is faith? Times like these ask us to examine just what it means, especially today.
Additional comment: Some views on gaining faith in a higher power; one I never found in the Catholic church I was raised in.
Submitted on Sep 8, 2019.

Written by: Whata RIP Gustopher
Genres: Contest, Writing.Com, None
Created: 04-05-2015
Last Edited: 04-15-2017
The tagline reads: This is a marker for my contest. It shows where one round ends & the next one starts.
Additional comment: Let the Games Begin
Submitted on Sep 2, 2019.

Entry: "Rising Above Internet Bullies [13+]
Written by: ♥tHiNg T tHiNg♥
Genres: Internet/Web, Philosophy, Experience
Created: 03-26-2018
Last Edited: 03-27-2018
The tagline reads: How They Operate & How to Defeat Them 1,065 Words
Additional comment: How to Identify, Avoid and Defeat Internet Bullying from a Bull's Point of View
Submitted on Mar 26, 2018.

Entry: "Planned and Unplanned [18+]
Written by: ~QPdoll
Genres: Biographical, Opinion, Contest Entry
Created: 01-26-2018
Last Edited: 04-29-2018
The tagline reads: For the 4 Controversies Contest - Round V
Additional comment: You don't know what you don't know. I had to learn the hard way that things aren't always the way they're portrayed on tv and radio. This touches a very personal and controversial nerve.
Submitted on Mar 25, 2018.

Entry: "Sticky Situation [ASR]
Written by: Genipher-gone fishing!
Genres: Health, Educational, Medical
Created: 02-28-2018
Last Edited: 02-28-2018
The tagline reads: Are we allowed to ask questions anymore?
Additional comment: Despite the countless hours of research done on the subject, anyone who doesn't vaccinate is treated like an unintelligent twit. It's dangerous to ask questions!
Submitted on Feb 28, 2018.

Entry: "Who Wrote the Epistle to the Hebrews? [E]
Written by: QueenOwl ~ A New Day Dawns
Genres: Contest, Religious, Opinion
Created: 02-13-2018
Last Edited: 02-17-2018
The tagline reads: A Submission to The Four Controversies Contest
Additional comment: Deleted old and inserting new for increased word count. Entry vetted by moi. Thanks hon!
Submitted on Feb 18, 2018.

Entry: "Leftover women (extended version) [ASR]
Written by: Dragyn
Genres: Women's, Opinion, Political
Created: 05-31-2017
Last Edited: 05-31-2017
The tagline reads: For 4 controversies contest- WC 1008
Additional comment: An essay regarding single women in their 30s and why they shouldn't be stigmatized.
Submitted on May 31, 2017.

Entry: "On Circumcision [18+]
Written by: Kittiara
Genres: Political, Medical, Opinion
Created: 05-31-2017
Last Edited: 01-24-2018
The tagline reads: An argument against non-medically necessary circumcision being practiced on minors.
Additional comment: The benefits of non-medically necessary circumcision are outweighed by the downsides. This piece argues for a minimum age requirement for this procedure - an age at which people can make up their own minds.
Submitted on May 31, 2017.

Entry: "3 Confessions [13+]
Written by: Azrael Tseng
Genres: Opinion, Other, Other
Created: 05-31-2017
Last Edited: 05-31-2017
The tagline reads: Inside a whacked and dangerous mind...
Additional comment: 3 random eccentric views...
Submitted on May 31, 2017.

Entry: "Global Warming [ASR]
Written by: Agent J
Genres: Educational, Nature, Scientific
Created: 05-29-2017
Last Edited: 05-26-2018
The tagline reads: It's not that bad, is it? "Wrong!", to quote Trump.
Additional comment: Why is global warming bad? Why should you care? And how you can do your part.
Submitted on May 29, 2017.

Entry: "Invalid Item
Written by: Cinn
Genres: Experience, Personal, Opinion
Created: 05-29-2017
Last Edited: 05-29-2017
The tagline reads: Silence & child sexual abuse
Additional comment: Child Sexual Abuse: Better to lose innocence to knowledge of sex and predators than to lose it through sexual acts at the hands of predators.
Submitted on May 29, 2017.

Entry: "Social Security [18+]
Written by: ~QPdoll
Genres: Opinion, Other, Other
Created: 05-12-2017
Last Edited: 05-28-2017
The tagline reads: Will I be able to count on Social Security when I retire?
Additional comment: I want to have my Social Security when I retire. From learning about Social Security, unemployment, and welfare I don't think I'll get what I think I deserve, which is what I've paid into it.
Submitted on May 28, 2017.

Entry: "Gone Away [13+]
Written by: Ladee Caid
Genres: Death, Personal, Experience
Created: 05-21-2017
Last Edited: 05-21-2017
The tagline reads: I've written about suicide from one who's been left behind.
Additional comment: This is my opinion of the act of taking one's own life. I've wanted to write about this for some time, but I guess I just needed that push. Well, I found it.
Submitted on May 21, 2017.

Entry: "Heaven, Are You There? [ASR]
Written by: celticsea
Genres: Philosophy, Religious, Other
Created: 05-13-2017
Last Edited: 05-13-2017
The tagline reads: The closer I get to death, the more I need for heaven to be a real place.
Additional comment: A lot of questions are asked and none can satisfactorily be answered right now.
Submitted on May 13, 2017.

Entry: "Platitudes Don't Soothe Grief [13+]
Written by: ~Minja~
Genres: Psychology, Opinion, Experience
Created: 05-09-2017
Last Edited: 06-06-2019
The tagline reads: Platitudes don't erase burning hell of grief.
Additional comment: What I learned in my own grieving process.
Submitted on May 10, 2017.

Entry: "“I Think, Therefore, I Am” [13+]
Written by: 🌜 Huntersmoon
Genres: Philosophy, Cultural, Other
Created: 05-06-2017
Last Edited: 05-06-2017
The tagline reads: When does Human Life begin? One man's intellectual journey. A 4 Controversies Entry
Additional comment: Current healthcare discussion seems intent on usurping a woman’s right to chose. The argument is “Since life begins at conception, abortion is murder as it is the act of taking human life." I agree. But, I have to ask, what is “human life?”
Submitted on May 6, 2017.

Entry: "The Regressive Left:Dangerous Ideologues [18+]
Written by: A E Willcox ~ Anne Bonny
Genres: Political, Opinion, Contest Entry
Created: 04-19-2017
Last Edited: 04-21-2017
The tagline reads: The road to hell is lined with good intentions. The 4 Controversies Contest entry.
Additional comment: Being Regressive: Emotional indignation and labelling your opponent's arguments as racist absolves you from critical thinking or using logic to formulate standpoints. Calling everyone who opposes your views a Nazi or Fascist.
Submitted on Apr 21, 2017.

Entry: "Custody Battles Over the Caspian Sea [E]
Written by: Lily Rowe
Genres: Educational, Political, None
Created: 04-15-2017
Last Edited: 04-15-2017
The tagline reads: The ownership of the Caspian Sea consists of a tangle of laws, countries, and ideas.
Additional comment: This is informative as well as making a statement. The main statement is made at the very end, but all that's beforehand adds to said statement. What I'm trying to prove is, the caspian sea is a boiling pot for the creation of WWIII.
Submitted on Apr 15, 2017.

Entry: "An ACT Perspective On Values [E]
Written by: ☮ Goofy Old Grum
Genres: Psychology, Contest Entry, Educational
Created: 10-13-2016
Last Edited: 10-13-2016
The tagline reads: An essay looking at how values are developed in Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT)
Additional comment: Hi Adrienne

Well, here's one for September/October. I have to confess it runs to nearly 4,000 words, although over 1,600 of them form the Appendix. I hope that's not too much, but I just can't deal with complex ideas in 1,000 words.
Submitted on Oct 13, 2016.

Entry: "The -ISMS of Religion [13+]
Written by: Elfin Dragon - poetry fiend
Genres: Contest Entry, Religious, Personal
Created: 09-27-2016
Last Edited: 02-27-2017
The tagline reads: for Controversy submission, opinion of my thoughts on religion (second place)
Additional comment: What I was taught about religion and hope others might take away from this essay
Submitted on Sep 27, 2016.

Entry: "Invalid Item
Written by: Mare ~ extended hiatus
Genres: Religious, Other, Other
Created: 09-19-2016
Last Edited: 04-04-2017
The tagline reads: The controversies surrounding religion. 4 controversies contest entry
Additional comment: Religion is something I will never understand. But, does anybody really? Who has the right answers? The truth?
Submitted on Sep 19, 2016.

Entry: "GMOs: Not Your Enemy [13+]
Written by: Brandiwyn♪
Genres: Scientific, Food/Cooking, Opinion
Created: 09-19-2016
Last Edited: 09-20-2016
The tagline reads: A rant for your edification and enjoyment.
Additional comment: Shut the hell up about the evils of GMOs. While we're at it, let's talk about "chemicals" and "processed" food, and why you need to learn how to use a damn dictionary.

Viva la science! Viva la food!
Submitted on Sep 19, 2016.

Entry: "Right to Love [18+]
Written by: SB Musing
Genres: Opinion, Personal, Research
Created: 09-18-2016
Last Edited: 11-29-2016
The tagline reads: I will always defend the right to love. Written for the 4 Controversies contest.
Additional comment: I will always defend the right for you to love whomever you want. I will not put up with those who like to argue 'choice' when really someone's sexuality or sexual orientation is none of your business anyways.
Submitted on Sep 18, 2016.

Entry: "Second Amendment Outdated For the Times [E]
Written by: candlelitegirl
Genres: Opinion, Contest, None
Created: 09-17-2016
Last Edited: 09-17-2016
The tagline reads: My opinion on why Second Amendment should be amended and there should be gun control
Additional comment: Times have changed and so should the Second Amendment.
Submitted on Sep 17, 2016.

Entry: "Invalid Item
Written by: Steev the Friction Wizurd
Genres: Philosophy, Psychology, Contest Entry
Created: 07-15-2016
Last Edited: 07-15-2016
The tagline reads: Entry for the Four Controversies contest
Additional comment: This is for the round ending July 15.
Submitted on Jul 15, 2016.

Entry: "Accept and Commit [E]
Written by: ☮ Goofy Old Grum
Genres: Psychology, Contest Entry, Educational
Created: 07-13-2016
Last Edited: 07-13-2016
The tagline reads: A brief introduction to the basic principles of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT)
Additional comment: My interpretation of ACT, which draws heavily on the work of Russ Harris. Nevertheless, this way of looking at human behaviour and the practice of psychology is not universally accepted and does lead to a range of different opinions.
Submitted on Jul 13, 2016.

Entry: "Jesus was a Woman. [13+]
Written by: Petra Pansky
Genres: Opinion, Scientific, Spiritual
Created: 07-11-2016
Last Edited: 07-11-2016
The tagline reads: Not as far-fetched as you may think.
Additional comment: You may not agree with me but the science is out there and it's entirely believable. Read on to see what I mean.
Submitted on Jul 11, 2016.

Entry: "Invalid Item
Written by: InfoWarrior
Genres: Inspirational, Educational, How-To/Advice
Created: 06-14-2016
Last Edited: 07-16-2016
The tagline reads: A positive and encouraging message I intend to send.
Additional comment: I wrote this to encourage people to seek out what's true, and bury all the lies. I hope for readers to be enlightened, and to . My good intentions have sent out to the universe. I'm an advocate of positive change.
Submitted on Jul 11, 2016.

Entry: "Senile or Insane [E]
Written by: D. Reed Whittaker
Genres: Contest, Political, Satire
Created: 07-08-2016
Last Edited: 07-08-2016
The tagline reads: Diatribe examining the fitness of Donald Trump. Word count 1087. Not for serious review.
Additional comment: An unscientific examination of Donald Trump. Unfavorable, unflattering, unforgiving.
Submitted on Jul 8, 2016.

Entry: "Water Baptism Controversy [E]
Written by: QueenOwl ~ A New Day Dawns
Genres: Contest Entry, Religious, Opinion
Created: 07-05-2016
Last Edited: 07-05-2016
The tagline reads: This is a submission to The 4 Controversies Contest under the subject: Religion.
Additional comment: This is my opinion based on my understanding on what Apostle Paul teaches about water baptism. This controversial issue has plagued fundamental Christian churches and has remained so ever since the rise of the early Christian churches.
Submitted on Jul 5, 2016.

Entry: "My Sign's Stronger Than Yours [18+]
Written by: Siobhan Falen
Genres: Opinion, Political, Personal
Created: 07-01-2016
Last Edited: 02-01-2017
The tagline reads: Each side is convinced their magic sign's better, but what if they're both wrong?
Additional comment: Wouldn't it be nice if we could find a way to work towards real solutions instead of being convinced the other political side is the devil?

Word Count: 1729 (I'm wordy when I'm passionate and I'm passionate when it's political)
Submitted on Jul 1, 2016.

Entry: "Invalid Item
Written by: Stephe R. Seede
Genres: Political, Biographical, Entertainment
Created: 06-28-2016
Last Edited: 11-11-2016
The tagline reads: I saved the best (or better yet, the most entertaining and amusing) for last!
Additional comment: Finally, the last chapter is here... and it'll knock your socks off folks. ENJOY!
Submitted on Jun 28, 2016.

Entry: "Invalid Item
Written by: Stephe R. Seede
Genres: Political, Biographical, Educational
Created: 06-24-2016
Last Edited: 07-16-2016
The tagline reads: Welcome to the second chapter of the "ELECTION 2016" trilogy. Here's Bernie's story.
Additional comment: On second thought, instead of sending you to the profile page to review the following chapters, I'll just enter them in the contest too. Enjoy, what you read, the concluding chapter is in the works. And like a great summer movie... it's COMING SOON!
Submitted on Jun 26, 2016.

Entry: "Invalid Item
Written by: Stephe R. Seede
Genres: Political, Biographical, Educational
Created: 06-22-2016
Last Edited: 10-26-2016
The tagline reads: Welcome to the Clinton/Sanders/Trump showdown... May the best man, or woman, win!
Additional comment: Hello community. This piece "ELECTION PT. 1/3: (Hillary Clinton)", is part of a trilogy of articles that I'm currently in the process of authoring. If you like what read, go to my profile page to check out the following chapters.
Submitted on Jun 26, 2016.

Entry: "Invalid Item
Written by: Tsa~House Greyjoy
Genres: Biographical, Experience, Contest Entry
Created: 06-19-2016
Last Edited: 07-19-2016
The tagline reads: The superego's failing, an argument for impartiality leading nowhere but perhaps somewhere
Additional comment: an argument for an anti opinion, too many opinions and not enough truth
Submitted on Jun 21, 2016.

Entry: "UNTITLED, (No Name) [18+]
Written by: HorrorMovieGeek
Genres: Contest, None, None
Created: 06-20-2016
Last Edited: 06-20-2016
The tagline reads: An essay I wrote about what it means to be a nobody, for a contest here.
Additional comment: A (creative) essay about not having any friends, and what it means to be a loner.
Submitted on Jun 20, 2016.

Entry: "Gun Control, Really? [13+]
Written by: ~QPdoll
Genres: Political, Other, Other
Created: 06-16-2016
Last Edited: 05-22-2017
The tagline reads: Is gun control truly the answer?
Additional comment: I don't understand why people think that gun control will win this fight. It's impossible.
Submitted on Jun 17, 2016.

Entry: "Invalid Item
Written by: Stephanie Ferguson
Genres: Political, Other, Other
Created: 05-26-2016
Last Edited: 11-27-2016
The tagline reads: A political essay on the two top contenders for the 2016 election.
Additional comment: Trump vs Clinton and where they stand on certain topics important to me.
Submitted on Jun 4, 2016.

Entry: "Disability and Twisted Ideology [18+]
Written by: Kittiara
Genres: Political, Cultural, Experience
Created: 06-04-2016
Last Edited: 06-04-2016
The tagline reads: How we treat people with disabilities says a lot about our nation...
Additional comment: An article on the terrible treatment of people with disabilities, and people with physical and/or mental health problems. What does this treatment say about our nation?
Submitted on Jun 4, 2016.

Entry: "Invalid Item
Written by: Mari McKee
Genres: Psychology, Medical, Health
Created: 05-29-2016
Last Edited: 05-29-2016
The tagline reads: An artcle explaining why willpower has nothing to do with addictions
Additional comment: This is an article detailing why addictions are not a matter of willpower, contrary to popular opinion.. Most addicts have an underlying mental illness which must be treated first before there can be any treatment for substance abuse.

Word Count 1176
Submitted on May 29, 2016.

Entry: "Invalid Item
Written by: Mari McKee
Genres: Medical, Finance, Contest Entry
Created: 05-29-2016
Last Edited: 05-29-2016
The tagline reads: An editorial about health care for the rich and famous
Additional comment: Many believe that pharmaceutical giants have new medications,and/or vaccines for incurable, fatal diseases. However, they will continue to use very expensive palliative medications. Are miracle drugs available to a select few?

Submitted on May 29, 2016.

Entry: "Enough Rope, or Abuse [GC]
Written by: jclare
Genres: Biographical, Other, Other
Created: 05-16-2016
Last Edited: 06-03-2016
The tagline reads: Always ask the last person who left a therapist with a lame excuse, why.
Additional comment: How I got into an abuse relationship with my therapist
Submitted on May 29, 2016.

Entry: "The ADHD Question [E]
Written by: Angel
Genres: Community, Contest Entry, Biographical
Created: 05-23-2016
Last Edited: 06-02-2016
The tagline reads: Thoughts on attitudes of various people to those with ADHD and similar diagnoses.
Additional comment: The point of this is twofold, the attitude of some schools in the UK to ADHD and other similar issues, such as those on the ASD spectrum, and the parents who jump on the bandwagon of ADHD because they can't be bothered to discipline their children.
Submitted on May 23, 2016.

Entry: "Transgender Heartache [ASR]
Written by: Vivian
Genres: Research, Contest Entry, Opinion
Created: 05-22-2016
Last Edited: 08-14-2016
The tagline reads: A person who trans genders isn't the only person who goes through trauma and difficulties.
Additional comment: In this world requiring people to accept and embrace lifestyles whether understandable or not, much publicity has been given about the trauma people face and experience when transgendering, but the loved ones' trauma is ignored.
Submitted on May 22, 2016.

Entry: "Equality vs. Reality [E]
Written by: QueenElizabeth
Genres: Political, Contest Entry, Community
Created: 05-14-2016
Last Edited: 05-14-2016
The tagline reads: Equality is a fallacy.
Additional comment: citem:2084309
Submitted on May 15, 2016.

Entry: "Utopian Statism [13+]
Written by: BlackBoxBeing
Genres: Educational, Political, History
Created: 05-12-2016
Last Edited: 08-16-2016
The tagline reads: A persuasive essay against utopian statism in all its forms.
Additional comment: A persuasive essay against the attitude of utopian statism in all forms.
Submitted on May 14, 2016.

Entry: "Which Direction Will America Go? [13+]
Written by: Dee
Genres: Political, Opinion, Other
Created: 05-09-2016
Last Edited: 05-10-2016
The tagline reads: An Op-Ed About The Fundamental Change to America
Additional comment: "Which Direction Will America Go?" is an Opinion/Editorial about the fundamental change to America.
Submitted on May 10, 2016.

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