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Round IX:

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 E have had an uneventful year, contest-wise. Like, literally I haven't been around for six months *Shock2* and now I want to read some in-depth, long-winded, well-supported at least in logic, OPINIONATED NON-FICTION writing! Right? Write! Fire up your brains, Lilli and Whata are once again going to make the topic a mandatory one, but the theme is a widely controversial one, so ya'all will definitely be compliant there *Smirk2* Just helping you out... and I am, once again, curious as to whata you guys have been dealing with this year.


is a ROUND VIII. Mandatory TOPIC
(for THIS round only)

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want to read some nonfiction encompassing something 'Controversial'. Abortion to religion, to the benefits of boredom, the sky's really the limit here (all entries in Round I). Why? Because I enjoy it! More information? THE MANDATORY TOPIC just for ROUND VIII. IS COVID-19. You must write about COVID-19. Whatever the word does or doesn't mean to YOU. Tell me about your religion, or lack thereof; describe how you've been coping with this year's ups and downs. If you haven't been so impacted by it, then talk about the politics, the medicine, something CONTROVERSIAL! What drawer do you file away your hopes and disappointments for humanity in? Yes, I want to know! It has to be TRUE. Because this is NON-Fiction. It also has to be controversial. I'm looking for OPINIONS here amid the facts. Lots and lots of opinions!

Give me opinions, but also give me YOUR conclusions (even if you're not sure) Teach me something *ThumbsUpL* More information? Be OPINIONATED. Be VERY opinionated. This is not the time to be 'PC', or politically correct! You should support your opinions through examples, analogies, comparing and contrasting (perhaps). Include a statistic or two if needed (more technical subjects often require some stats, peeps!) and...crafty writing *Bigsmile*

*Down* Note: *Down*
Not a RULE,
but I came across this article from Jaeff | KBtW of the Free Folk In it he talks about FORMATTING your writing here onsite. IF you are NEW to Writing.com especially, PLEASE read this. I have a particular pet peeve—I hate long paragraphs. It has to do with using a 12" iPad screen most of the time *Bigsmile* Regardless of my peculiarities, it's a very helpful item, so do check it out:

Effective Formatting  [E]
A comparison of good and poor WDC formatting.
by Jaeff | KBtW of the Free Folk

The thing is, I promised no more rules, so I'm going to leave you with a TIP: I expect somewhere in the beginning for there to be a THESIS STATEMENT about your writing, kinda like in an essay? Yes. Then I'll be looking for unity in the middle... if you wander off topic—it might be okay, or it might not—but you can fix these issues in EDITING and thereby UNIFY the whole shebang. Why leave it not your best work? If you don't spend time on the UNITY of your write, that's gonna knock at least half a star off your score. I spend more time on unity issues than any other *Smile* Take pity on me. Do your best (which includes editing!) and whata more can I ask? Thanks!

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Dem Damn RULES:

(1). Write me at least 1,200 Words on the subject of COVID-19. *Left* Do a WORD Count! No Word Maximum.

Tee hee wheeeeee

(2). NonFiction ONLY. No stories, unless they're true *Think* Nonfiction BAby *ThumbsUpL*

(3). For ROUND VIII., I'll be accepting
ONLY NEW writes. BUT if you feel you have something written recently that EXACTLY matches all the outlines for this round, send it to me via email.. Wait until the contest OPENS please before posting your write to WdC, m'kay? Thanks. Be sure it's opinionated *Smile* BE BRAVE!

(4). One of the reasons this contest has a higher rating is because I don't want to limit anything—so the entries will often be rated higher, cool beans? Also, I don't care about cussing. Do keep in mind that cursing can detract from a good argument. Curse wisely.

(5). This contest is an In & Out item type. Create a NEW Static Item, then give me the Item ID # in the form at the very bottom of this page. If you're out of room in your Portfolio contact me, we can work something out. I'm easy *Smirk2*


(7). You are guaranteed a full review by ONE judge ONLY (just in case) though most shall receive two. We try VERY hard to both send in reviews! Reviews will ALWAYS be PUBLIC. If you'd like to request a PRIVATE review, just let us know.

(8). This Contest is FREE to ENTER. Any donations go to the Administrative costs of running the 4C's (this is for any who can't help but toss GPs around, kindly. I do that sometimes, too, well I used to hmm...). Let not poverty stop any from entering! But the GROUP Admin BANK FUND is here:
"The 4 Controversies Contest GROUP Prizes, Entry GPs, Merit Badges, and Trinkets and advertising come out of the bank and most is paid for by me. I enjoy being generous if I can. Thanks to those who always donate as well! I know you.


There will never be any further rules. Period. I think. Fewer, but not more!

Wait! One more note:
Keep in mind that if we think your entry is 'just another essay', or the writing errors are numerous, you'll score lower. Errors can mean the difference between placing, and not. This is not just another essay for school—being opinionated requires some personality, some more emotion presented along with facts, and . . . your unified OPINIONS. We are not fluff reviewers, but we will be respectful and honest—'tis the whole point IMO! Judging decisions are final. DUH.

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They are. Since I was a wee child with freckles.

Don’t hesitate to ask me questions! If you need a quicker answer bug Lilli,
but as a general rule give me a few days in case I am ill. Yes, I'm always sick *Peace2* OUT, peeps!

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Entry: "Knowledge is crucial [13+]
Written by: sindbad
Genres: Educational, Contest, Contest Entry
Created: 12-03-2020
Last Edited: 12-23-2020
The tagline reads: My take on covid pandemic
Additional comment: My take on covid..
Submitted on Dec 19, 2020.

Written by: dogpack:saving 4 premium: DWG
Genres: Contest Entry, Educational, News
Created: 11-18-2020
Last Edited: 11-18-2020
The tagline reads: The 4 Controversies Contest
Additional comment: Covid and my lifestyle and some related information.
Submitted on Nov 18, 2020.

Entry: "Invalid Item
Written by: ♫~ Kenword~♫
Genres: Health, News, Contest
Created: 07-15-2020
Last Edited: 07-17-2020
The tagline reads: To Dream The Intolerable Dream. Dream 19!
Additional comment: COVID 19 Pandemic Response- Has it been just another example of government malfeasance by the federal and state leaders of America or is it in reality a hoax so cleverly designed that capitalism as the world knows it will cease to exist?
Submitted on Jul 16, 2020.

Entry: "Invalid Item
Written by: Kit_Carmelite
Genres: Community, Opinion, Contest Entry
Created: 07-13-2020
Last Edited: 08-09-2020
The tagline reads: Essay for round 2 (July 2020) of 4 Controversies contest. Topic: COVID
Additional comment: Word count excluding quotes: 2,804
Submitted on Jul 14, 2020.

Entry: "An Analysis of Powerful Voices [13+]
Written by: Emily
Genres: Health, Political, Opinion
Created: 07-11-2020
Last Edited: 02-28-2021
The tagline reads: How our leaders use harmful rhetoric about COVID-19 to influence public perceptions.
Additional comment: COVID-19 Entry - thanks!
Submitted on Jul 11, 2020.

Written by: Whata SpoonStealer
Genres: Contest, Writing.Com, None
Created: 04-05-2015
Last Edited: 04-15-2017
The tagline reads: This is a marker for my contest. It shows where one round ends & the next one starts.
Additional comment: New Round Starts Here, SHOWS ABOVE
Submitted on Jun 18, 2020.

Entry: "Leftover women (extended version) [ASR]
Written by: Dragon is hiding
Genres: Women's, Opinion, Political
Created: 05-31-2017
Last Edited: 05-31-2017
The tagline reads: For 4 controversies contest- WC 1008
Additional comment: An essay regarding single women in their 30s and why they shouldn't be stigmatized.
Submitted on May 31, 2017.

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