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A good place for those who are in the know of the on-going world problems

My good friend Dee suggested a group name for us like-minded people who are so very concerned about the current state of the United States, as well as the rest of humanity in the world. "The Three Wisemen". Although, I've found three people who have strongly agreed with a number of my concerns. (The group name may change, if anyone can come up with a better name faster than me.)

I hope to come across more like-minded people... I put in a really good mission statement on my Google+ community dedicated to researchers connecting to one another, and sharing each other's findings - so I'll copy and paste that right now.

Here is place that's not so busy with distractions - a place where people can learn and educate themselves on several world problems! In addition to this, you may learn quite a bit that you were never taught at school.

We, the civilians across the world, are all in the middle of spiritual warfare. (I don't necessarily mean religion by the way. There's a difference between the two.) Psychological warfare is happening all around us, and it's been on-going for a really long time.

It's so very important to think, feel, and act for yourselves, and not let the controlling overlords (government people) tell you all how you should be!

Have you noticed anything strange, through the news or seen anything "off"? Do you sense that something is "just not right"? Are you fed up with politicians and their empty promises? Do you want to seek out the truth, and find out what to do to help put an end to the endless chaos that's going on around us?

From here, I must quote something I heard in a great song by this rock music band, known as Cage the Elephant.

"I know that you're tired of this, 'cause you're a robot! They designed your life! But true souls said you know what's right, and you can join us on the other side."

We've been conditioned to follow rules our law-makers constantly break for their own wicked and disgusting purposes. There are important things that the mainstream media keep from us. There's definitely a lot of wrong going on in the education system. Haven't you noticed?

This year should be the one year in which great change should happen! Real, genuine change that would benefit not just humanity, but for every form of life on Earth. This should be our mission.

I strongly encourage you look into your own research, whether you decide to join or not. Hope is not lost. Knowledge is power! Let's share our knowledge with others, especially with the people we care about.

We mustn't rely heavily on the Mainstream Propaganda. There are independent journalists that aren't on TV who expose the world's tyrants for the twisted crooks they are! ODDTV, Secular Talk, Lisa Haven, and The Vigilant Christian. You might want to look them up on YouTube. There's more people like them, no doubt. More and more people are spiritually awakening and becoming aware, as well. This is happening gradually. We ought to help accelerate the world population's awareness.

Here's the community forum: http://www.writing.com/main/forums/item_id/2085869-Wise-Men-and-Women-Community

If you'd like to become part of the Truth Movement that's happening here on WDC, send me an email!

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