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Introduction of a "newbie" to Writing.Com
I have no idea what I'm doing here at this point, but I'm very excited to be a part of it anyway. I just joined Writing.Com, and although I'm not new to writing and editing, I'm definitely new to Writing.Com, and I want to get off on the "write" foot, so to speak. There's A LOT here to digest, so first, I just want to say if anyone is looking for help, edits, crits, etc., please let me know and I'm thrilled to help.

I have had several columns and blogs, but I just started one that I hope to keep going, so any suggestions are definitely welcome. It is simply Edwina King Lewis ~~ Wordsmith, at www.edwinalewis.com. Thanks, in advance, to anyone who goes there, and I would love to have suggestions and input as to what would be good topics and/or headlines to use. I plan on my next one being something like "Why I Write... Why you should, too"

I also want to help parents help their children with the writing process and encourage those who've always wanted to write but didn't think they were capable, or even worse, had been discouraged in the beginning.

This may or may not be what I'm supposed to be doing here, but for what it's worth -- I submit it for your info and/or review.


: Walkinbird
: 11-06-16 @ 1:18pm
: You did not say so, but many use the "In & Out" format as a kind of Guestbook. It might help to state that as its purpose, or any other use you wanted to achieve out of the format of an In & Out. Here's mine, although not a guestbook: {bitem:1051057}

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