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Would you like to leave a note for me?
Would you like to leave a note for me?

Would you like to leave a note for me?
Anything, it can be:

*Check* A Reminder
- Reminding me about things that I might forget already, reviews,obligation or a work that I've promised to do.

*CheckO* A simple note, greetings or warmth wishes.
- perhaps you would like me to know that you are here, so that I may give you a Friendship Trinket:
This is for this month only.

*CheckO* Or post your review of any of the authors item that I featured here in my flash flashing page to earn my signature Trinket

*CheckO* Or post an item that you would like to be featured here in my Flash-Flashing Page for next month

*CheckO* Or any note for note that you would like me to know instantly or immediately. *Bigsmile*

Just post in the forum below, please make it for everybody, but if its secret, my email is always available. Thank you.*Wink*

Samberine Sig.

What a wonderful place you have here. Very creative, well thought out, and very organized! I am curious as to where I can pick up your trinkets? I don't think I have checked into your "The Hunter Games-CLOSED ALREADY which I will be doing after I finish this review. Thanks

Hey Samberine Everose love the

The Hunter Games-CLOSED ALREADY  (E)
A summer/autumn activity game: A WDC festivity activity edition
#2159670 by Samberine Everose
. By the way rolled and posted Roll #8. please check it my friend. Will finish up when I wake...night.

Samberine, I went through some of your poetry tonight. I took a peek at your artwork. I see a very talented lady and hope someday if we can be friends. ~innerlight

I was just stalking your Garden of Creativity page and saw you featured my favorite quote this month *Bigsmile* *Heart*.

Awesome page getting to know you has been a pleasure. I love your teddy bear basket page. Very talented.

Love your new In And Out. You are a Lovely person. I enjoy your Port and love checking out your Teddy Bears Basket Page. Love, Your Friend: Princess Megan Rose

I love your Teddy Bear Basket Page and I enjoyed looking at your Port. You have a lot to offer. Thanks for all you do.

AHa! I could not resist reviewing another Power peep who happens to be on your list. LOL Review of "Here Again We'll Never Meet" ! How cool is that. Good choice too. She is a Starry gal!

Yay! So happy I popped in and found your art and Garden page to review. You are so talented and a gift to our community. Keep on shining.See you on the Power review pages.

Samberine, I want to thank you for the beautiful poem about friendship. I sent it to a friend and it has cemented our friendship for life.

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