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Read some tidbits about me -- then leave a note and tell me something about YOU!
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So much talent -- so little time.

Things I have done:
I learned to read at age four.
I learned to ride horses about five or six years old.
Dad taught me to fish at age three.
I climbed San Gorgonio Mountain when I was thirteen
I sang a Russian opera at Carnegie Hall in 95...
I surfed in the Pacific Ocean...
I won a photography award for darkroom technique...
I designed clothes...
I have designed shoes to match my outfit...
I sang in a country western band...
I was a teacher
I taught teacher prep at church.
I taught music to the Primary Children at church.
I did remodeling, could frame in a room no sweat.
I have made floral arrangements (and still do).
I made one in a very classy black pump with gold ribbon.
I learned to shoot when I was about nine years old.
I made coats for my doll from rabbit skins.

Things I love to do today:
I love to cook and I love to bake.
I love to share the things I bake with everyone I know.
I even treat my favorite businesses to my baked goods.
I enjoy renovating my house when I have the energy
I still like to make my floral designs and wreaths.
I like to sew and I like to quilt.
I like to make jewelry.
I like to paint.
I love to garden.
I love to sing.
I love to play with my grandchildren.
Of course, I love to WRITE!
And I love to make characters based on folks I know!

Well, you have read some tidbits about me...
Now leave a note and tell me something about YOU!

A short note from my WDC friend ruwth:

I made this Guest Book for LinnAnn. I am a character in her book series about dragons...

A short note from my WDC friend Kellie Burke:

I'm a fellow writer and love to write about modern day topics in a fantasy world.

A short note from my WDC friend 🏳‍🌈 Me ~ Duf ♏:

Well, you have been a busy lady. I didn't see your notation about living on a boat.

Me? Hmmm. Well, I worked for the Internal Revenue Service for 26 years. That always gets an interesting response.

A short note from my WDC friend Whata 4Cs Now Open:

How cool! Nice to meet you LinnAnn. I must admit, I'm impressed on the carpentry! I am in the end of a full renovation in a cottage house on my moms property. I am in the last bedroom. I am currently framing the closets with moulding, then flooring.

A short note from my WDC friend Vivian :

I was a story-teller since I could talk. I've written poetry since the 3rd grade. I was a teacher for 30 years, will soon be a great-great-grandmother. In 2017, I'll have 2 new children's books released and a new novel in 2018. I'm CEO of 4RV Publishing.

A short note from my WDC friend Turtle ~ KanyáthƐko:wa:h:

I am a basket weaver, and once taught an underwater basketry class. I have also been a presenter at regional storytelling confrences, and am a historical storyteller in the Iroquois tradition.

A short note from my WDC friend ~QPdoll:

I did some runway modeling and promotions when I was a teenager.

A short note from my WDC friend RICH:

When I grow up, I want to do many things, (makes a list of things to be done) - watches the bus drive off and me still sitting at the busstop telling stories ... one day is one day, till then, I'm in service to my daily tasks.

A short note from my WDC friend CanImagine:

I worked for NASA making parts for the Skylab.
I raced motorcycles.
I'm a pilot.
I'm a SCUBA diver.
I made home-made explosive as a teenager. (Long before terrorists.)
I taught teacher preparation in church. Humm
I made a gun at 12.

A short note from my WDC friend innerlight is moving on:

Hallo LinnAnn
You mesmerize me with your talents.
You make a stranger feel at home.
I know in a time faraway we will be friends.

A short note from my WDC friend LynnPenCakes:

Thank you for stopping by my port which in turn brought me to yours! What an interesting place and some many accomplishments, I intend to return to browse, currently work nights. I am happy to get a glimpse of you LinnAnn.

A short note from my WDC friend Kimbug:

Your abilities and accomplishments are amazing!
My name is Kim, my nickname is Kimbug.
I also like to cook, bake, sing and garden (not necessarily in that order).
I completed a marathon and still enjoy running.

A short note from my WDC friend Slime-J~Has given up:

My name is Jane most common nicknames are Janie or Janny.
I learnt to make dresses at 7.
I've been cheerleader since I was 4.
I have an obsession with sweets and chocolate.
I've been able to cook for myself since 7 as well.

A short note from my WDC friend Crow:

Well, LinnAnn, I certainly can't match your accomplisments.
I was an ordained minister for thirty years
I love guns and shooting
I am an amateur historian and reseacher
I am an avid reader
Writing is my passion.

A short note from my WDC friend Areesha Khan:

Hey I am Areesha.I love writing poems.Its my passion.I am a horrible cook.But I do eat a LOT! I love football.

A short note from my WDC friend Bikerider:

Hi LinnAnn.
You are quite accomplished. Carnegie Hall? I'm impressed.
I am a retired police officer/detective.
I have two sons, one grandson and two granddaughters.
I recently celebrated my 49th wedding anniversary to my high school sweetheart.

A short note from my WDC friend BlazingSpirit:

I love to play chess
I like to give opinion
I lost my bike key
I think it's time to read a lecture by mom!!!

A short note from my WDC friend PrivatEyePoetry:

Wow! You've accomplished alot! I caught a pretty fast gnat with one hand this morning, lol. Used to hunt, cooked a good deer & rabbit stew. I can't eat it tho, lol. Met a WDC friend with a dog named Buddy RIP. You have some great memories!

A short note from my WDC friend DnaDream:

You've had a lot of interesting experiences

ME: music, art, , crochet, knit, write, photography, travel

Published once.

Studied the arts, photography, and psychology, and other unusual interests.

Been a wife, widow, and mother a few times.

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