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I can write stuff by myself and make myself grin and roll on the floor.

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Pokey Procrastinating Polecats! *Laugh*

: eyestar~
: 09-07-20 @ 3:52pm
: Fifty fancy flickering fairies flitted and fluttered furiously fast feeding frisky finicky foundling foxes.

: Miranda Foix
: 09-07-20 @ 3:44pm
: Hamsters high on helium holding Heinrich hostage at home. Help!

: Adore Living Life♥
: 09-06-20 @ 9:36pm
: Carnivorous Crows crave chewy chocolate cow cuds cheerily chomping chowder.

: Jellyfish Lockdown V3.0
: 09-06-20 @ 3:22pm
: Take Ten Tired Turtles Twice To Tuscany Tomorrow!

: 🌟 pwheeler - thankful
: 09-03-20 @ 4:30pm
: Anniversary applesauce and amazing auditory cheers celebrating continuous craziness and camaraderie!

: Lilli ☕
: 09-03-20 @ 2:32pm
: Birthday bandits brandishing bazookas banned bundts and books.

: Lovina 🐕‍🦺
: 09-02-20 @ 2:06pm
: Skink & Skunk Skirmished Scattering Skunklettes and Skinklings Skyward!

: SandraLynn
: 09-02-20 @ 1:55pm
: My bloated birthday 'balloon' belly burbles and grumbles. Bah, I belch Happy Birthday, mumble, mumble. Oh look, more cake crumbles! Diet stumble...

: Mastiff
: 09-02-20 @ 12:42pm
: Farting Frannie felt further flatulence fulfilled feelings for failed flirtations.

: ♥HOOves♥
: 08-07-20 @ 11:43am
: Repulsive rioting refuse rocked roads and ruined businesses, brandishing bricks from parents' proper basement bunker

: 🌟 pwheeler - thankful
: 04-07-19 @ 4:25pm
: Cherry cherry blossoms brighten balmy spring days with wonderfully mesmerizing moments of jubilant joy! Happy Spring, hilarious, hopeful, honorable Hooves!

: AJ wants U 2 meet The CanMan!
: 03-19-19 @ 2:24am
: Stinky Stocky Stan Stood Staring Stupidly at Stereotypical Stars that Strut their Big Butts up and down Red-Carpeted Runways Provoking Paparazzi to Produce Pictures of them for Tacky Tabloids. Tsk-Tsk...

: ♥HOOves♥
: 03-10-19 @ 10:09am
: Bragging Bonnie Boasted vociferously brandishing bountiful statistics, stacked surreptitiously sustaining pompous prized positions, posing pretentiously, perpetually pouncing on alligator absences

: SandraLynn
: 10-30-18 @ 6:19pm
: Dreary, dismal drip drip drums diagonal daggers. Debbie Downer's desperate dance discourages dazzling daylight. Debbie drops disappointment, "Double darn, dang!"

: Princess Megan Rose
: 09-18-18 @ 11:12am
: Sid Sullivan sins, stinks, swears, smokes, swindles, sleezy, slick, stumbles, sneezes, almost shortened his life by getting snake bit. Stinging bite, swollen and a sloth Samuel saved Sid. They are happy, serene and Sid sings for a honest living.

: SandraLynn
: 09-01-18 @ 2:43pm
: Buzzing, bugs bicker and binge over my bitten, bloated body. Feebly I battle the bloodlust. Billowing barrage... Blackbeard, Bomber Bobby the Biter, Billi Buzzkill, Bleak Betty, Bonnie Bruiser.... nibbling...

: ♥HOOves♥
: 09-01-18 @ 11:34am
: "Neglectfully negligent Nigel never noticed frosted feelings of felines, feigning fake fury forever and a day."

: SandraLynn
: 08-30-18 @ 5:27pm
: Precarious plans to improve / paint. Persnickety precipitation pitters, patters splatters, sprays,, plops, and pools. Patience sputters in the puddles .Project postponed pending perfect parameters.

: ♥HOOves♥
: 08-26-18 @ 9:30am
: "Wrinkled Willy and the Wretched Wastrel Weasels"

: ♥HOOves♥
: 08-23-18 @ 8:37am
: Gimme gimme gemma gargled gigantic pendants posturing persistently for patient possums

: ♥HOOves♥
: 08-23-18 @ 8:33am
: Pompous portly Portia pontificated pointing out self-satisfied suck-ups serving saturated superiors marvelously maleficent meandering malfeasance

: SandraLynn
: 06-01-18 @ 5:59pm
: I survived yet another slow circle circumnavigating the celestial sun. Self-celebratory salutes. Sorry for the spray of spittle as I struggle to snuff several incendiary sticks atop my special sweet surprise. Sigh, sweet sixteen sputtered by seasons ago.

: ♥HOOves♥
: 05-02-18 @ 10:12am
: Mopey Maxine and the Motivated Marauders Marched Mightily, Making Many Mustard Muffins for Monday's Meeting

: Princess Megan Rose
: 04-14-18 @ 10:21am
: Snookers, the sloth, sneaked into a squash patch and got slimed by smooth, silky salmanders who snitched her bald headed.

: Patrece~Playing catch up!
: 04-10-18 @ 1:31pm
: Silly Sidewalker sat in sand. sun shining spectacularly. Swish of seawater sends him sailing, silly is now chilly.

: 🌟 pwheeler - thankful
: 04-07-18 @ 3:38pm
: Humble, helpful, heart-warming HOOves makes me smile silly! She's supremely super sweet! I imagine her heartily laughing, light on her hooves, happy and always arranging amazing words into intriguing poems and portfolio pieces {e:heartb}

: ♥HOOves♥
: 04-03-18 @ 2:27pm
: Caped Crusader Catrina Kitty-Cat Broadcast Boastful Barrages Broadside, Making Miniature Markings And Hurting Helpful Hearts While Stampeding With Selfish Disregard of Feline Feelings, Flying Furiously in Future Folly of the Grasping, Gossiping Group.

: SandraLynn
: 03-30-18 @ 12:24pm
: March Madness: Miranda Marbles misplaced her mind. Meandering, mystified Miranda is missing.

: 🌟 pwheeler - thankful
: 03-05-18 @ 11:15am
: Carly cleverly cleaned cupboards, crocks, coolers, cabinets, crankshafts and candy bowls. She scoured slippery sinks and slithery skinks. Without weariness, yet with cheeriness, Carly continued. Eventually, every dirty-dog dustbunny dashed downhill.

: ♥HOOves♥
: 02-27-18 @ 10:35am
: Chicago Cubs Fan and Cunning Claw of Doom Demands Donations Daily Through Innocent Intermediaries Incoherently Insisting on Invisible Illinois Irritants.

: Princess Megan Rose
: 02-26-18 @ 2:03pm
: Tiny Tim tiptoed through the tulips and a titsy mouse bit his toe. Tiny Tim fell over a teeter toter and fell over a tether ball, bumped his head on a tin bucket and he ended up by a tree with thistles. He never tiptoe through the tulips again.

: ♥HOOves♥
: 02-03-18 @ 6:50am
: Cryptic Carol invoked intuition, finding frosty February informative, instructional and eventually extremely enlightening after collective and consecutive calendar years of confusion.

: Abby Gayle
: 02-03-18 @ 1:07am
: Cow catapulted 'cross the crescent. Canine cackled, contemplating the clowning, and the china cantered off with the cutlery.

: Genipher
: 02-03-18 @ 12:40am
: Peter painfully pined for Pandora a plethora of days; however, his patience was paling. His plan to pursue and pledge her pretty palm in prothalamic partnership would pass if he couldn't find a plump pumpkin to place her in.

: SandraLynn
: 01-19-18 @ 12:32pm
: Sigh. Swirling snow, and slicing sleet signal a single-minded season of smothering scarves. Smiles stay silent, suppressed.

: Genipher
: 01-18-18 @ 11:54pm
: Peter peeked past the partition. His peak puckered as he patted pipe against his pointy proboscis. Perusal of his garden left him perplexed. He planned to possess a pumpkin but the plot he plowed proved puny.

: ♥HOOves♥
: 01-11-18 @ 8:18am
: Diana Drama danced, pranced and posed, posturing nightly, teasing and taunting til the next enchanting entrance evolved, evoking approving applause

: ♥HOOves♥
: 12-29-17 @ 10:19am
: Surreptitious Sydney saw seals salivating surfside, while pernicious, posturing penguins pounced on Pebble Beach, beckoning bountiful beaches welcoming well wishers, one and all, to 2018.

: ♥HOOves♥
: 12-13-17 @ 9:28am
: Cunning Cassandra's camera captured Christmas in all it's overblown consumption of overpriced objects of desire, but finally found faith in a charming child's countenance, simply stated a smile of contentment covered the cherub's cheering cries.

: SandraLynn
: 12-12-17 @ 4:48pm
: Christmas crackers: cantankerous, creaking, arthritic knees

: ♥HOOves♥
: 11-28-17 @ 9:02am
: My most magnificent friend Maynard from Maine drank Moxie Magnificently while walking his Moose named Madagascar Monroe (in memory of a wonderful writer and friend)

: ♥HOOves♥
: 11-25-17 @ 9:33am
: Nosy Nancy never noticed negative names and numbers until usurping Ursula urged uniting for the greater good, granted as perceived by Peter Pompous posturing prettily on the temptingly treacherous Topeka trail.

: ♥HOOves♥
: 11-11-17 @ 7:31am
: Hefty hypocrites huddle professing patronizing powers of civil communication and discourse deftly dispensed to only those with whom they agree adamantly as opposed to those who politely demure from bullying broadcasts.

: ♥HOOves♥
: 10-31-17 @ 3:08am
: Sour dour late ladies with their self-absorbed witless warnings and constant churlish complaints

: ♥HOOves♥
: 10-26-17 @ 9:46am
: Howling Halloween Hooligans dodged dowager doorbells, seeking sweet suffragettes starting the century cleverly courting singletons.

: Maci
: 10-16-17 @ 4:11pm
: :trick or treating turns two tiny toddlers toward terrible tantrums twice as fast.

: ♥HOOves♥
: 10-16-17 @ 9:31am
: Carioke Udders and the Jackal Jabber Three

: Mordee2
: 10-14-17 @ 3:39pm
: Autumn affects my asthma and adds assorted ailments that ordinarily attack in April. It’s awfully aggravating. I’m averse to aspirin, acetaminophen, and other analgesics, so the aches I accumulate from my affliction just annoy me. Am I abnormal?

: Princess Megan Rose
: 10-14-17 @ 11:44am
: Wendy Witch Waddled into a wide wood chair with a walrus and he went for her nose and she no longer has a nose for trouble but she has a tusk for a necklace. The walrus no longer has his walnuts.

: ♥HOOves♥
: 10-14-17 @ 6:41am
: Perpetually disappointed Daphne designated dopey Debbie as driver, delegating decision making from one dim wit to another in the big scheme of things a disastrous development.

: ♥HOOves♥
: 10-12-17 @ 9:11am
: Caroline cornered catfish, casting carefully, calculating chances of success while considering the ramifications of recalcitrant swimmers circumventing the lovely, luscious lure of the line.

: SandraLynn
: 10-03-17 @ 11:06pm
: Pumpkin pie promises pleasures. Marvelous malevolent calories maximize measurements.

: SandraLynn
: 10-03-17 @ 11:00pm
: Frantic , fearful fowl fly far afield. "Trust not the turkey trot. Gobble gabble guts gizzards."

: SandraLynn
: 10-03-17 @ 10:58pm
: Thanksgiving thwarts thighs. Pies pack on pounds.

: Maci
: 09-05-17 @ 6:48pm
: silly Susie sued simple Sam for sparking a social saga, separating sandwiches and sodas at the supermarket! Sounds serious? Sure is!

: ♥HOOves♥
: 09-05-17 @ 11:00am
: Ostentatious Olivia Often Overlooked Owls, Making Myopic Mistakes & Moronic Missteps, Causing Catastrophic and Cumbersome Crashes, Crumbling Cheshire Cats Feelings to Bits.

: ♥HOOves♥
: 09-02-17 @ 10:23am
: A queen's queer quest to allow afterthoughts aboard altered the timetable, turning tempting treats into revolting remnants regurgitated repeatedly, raising recipients' rage and acid reflux.

: Dad
: 08-24-17 @ 10:53pm
: Devious dingoes dangled diabolical dopplegangers down diamond shafts.

: Dad
: 08-20-17 @ 2:33pm
: Gentle Giant Jeremy Jenkins gently jilted Jenny Johnson

: Maci
: 08-15-17 @ 7:28pm
: : Lanky Lester licked lavender lipstick off loony Linda's lovely love letter

: ♥HOOves♥
: 08-14-17 @ 10:39am
: Sister soldier, Selena Socrates professed profuse and adamant apologies after admonishing frightened followers forward for frenzied objectives of obnoxious October obliteration

: Maci
: 08-01-17 @ 12:34pm
: :beach goer Bertha, barely beat a blooper blunder of her blistered bare butt bestowing her A.K.A. Bare Bottom Bertha!

: ♥HOOves♥
: 08-01-17 @ 11:57am
: Atrocious Agatha summons sympathetic sycophants for a calcifying chorus, culminating in abominable agreement on managing minions who question quizzical quotations, instinctively intended to injure recipients' fragile feelings.

: SandraLynn
: 07-24-17 @ 12:55pm
: Burned, blistered, bloated bathers barricade the beach. Saucy seagulls saunter seeking sustenance. Sticky sand insinuates itself...

: SandraLynn
: 07-24-17 @ 12:41pm
: Blissful Barb's beach body; buff, bronzed, bedecked in brief bikini.

: Dad
: 07-23-17 @ 2:40pm
: Jim joined Joanne jumping over Jerusalem.

: Steev the Friction Wizurd
: 07-21-17 @ 5:53pm
: Squashes were squished though so secure seemed some, so Security suffered sackings. "Vegetable violence," vouchsafed Vernon, "violates various vegetable rights. Vengeance now!"

: ♥HOOves♥
: 07-21-17 @ 2:30pm
: Delores delegates difficult detailed duties, dodging culpability, clutching credit, clawing tentatively to the top tier, dangling dangerously over Olive, one sycophantic second away from squash.

: Steev the Friction Wizurd
: 07-18-17 @ 6:37pm
: Autumn's advance augured austerity and authority as an angry apprentice ascended to the throne of Abba Abbala, Ace of Apples, Anchor of Anchovies, First in the Alphabet.

: ♥HOOves♥
: 07-18-17 @ 11:26am
: tHiNG twitches tendons, tentatively taking time to temporarily postpone posturing, pondering autumn's august and austere advance

: Steev the Friction Wizurd
: 07-15-17 @ 3:39pm
: The insecure Inus Inkbottom from Inland, Indiana follows football infrequently. In Inland Inus insures inkwells and innertubes. Business can be slow sometimes.

: Dad
: 07-15-17 @ 10:45am
: The fabulous Fred Farkel from Fairfield, Florida follows football follies frequently.

: Dad
: 07-14-17 @ 10:37pm
: Big Bird brings bouts of bodacious fun following follies and foibles.

: ♥HOOves♥
: 07-13-17 @ 11:40am
: Devouring delicious cupcake creations, suddenly seizing stomach as pain persists punching hellacious hot heartburn holes in HOOves husky haunches. Ouch!

: Steev the Friction Wizurd
: 07-10-17 @ 5:24am
: Missy mommies make magnificent Missy's. My Missy was muddled and mad. So sad. She sold seashells at the seashore in the summer. When winter waves weaved wild wanderings, she disappeared.

: Maci
: 07-09-17 @ 6:22pm
: :Many men make mistakes marrying mysterious Missy's. Many Missy's marry a man who still want their mommies..

: Dad
: 07-09-17 @ 2:24pm
: Trevor tripped into a treasure trove

: Steev the Friction Wizurd
: 07-08-17 @ 9:56am
: Denver doted on Dusty the Dog, delivering dozens of donuts to his doghouse. Dusty's diet of donuts defied dogologists' declarations that dogs don't do donuts.

: Dad
: 07-06-17 @ 10:51pm
: Dusty the Dog dominated dozens of denizens of Denver doing deltoid diversions

: Steev the Friction Wizurd
: 07-06-17 @ 8:43pm
: Cake can clog. Count calories. Control cholesterol. Careful chefs create copacetic cooking. Carrot cake?

: ♥HOOves♥
: 07-06-17 @ 11:13am
: Bovine Birthday Bakery Bonanza of Buttercream Cake Bites Beneath Buttercream Bonnet Calls to Caroline for her Birthday Celebration and Cookout!

: Dad
: 07-05-17 @ 11:09pm
: Lawless Lawson leered lasciviously at Lulu Lancaster lounging in Louisville.

: Steev the Friction Wizurd
: 07-03-17 @ 5:35pm
: Bongo banging for Brenda's benefit became my beautiful obsession. Brute I may be, but I'm a beautiful bongo banging brute banging bongos for Brenda on a boat by Bimini in the Bahamas.

: Dad
: 07-01-17 @ 11:02am
: Felicia Flack flew a few flamingos to Florence, Florida for field day.

: ♥HOOves♥
: 07-01-17 @ 9:50am
: Cancerian crab Caroline counted consecutive calendar days, directly driving downhill, dodging dogs, dames and divas in search of a Birthday Bonus Banjo & Bongo-playing celebration in Hyde Park with Green Day doing their tHiNg tonight.

: Steev the Friction Wizurd
: 06-30-17 @ 4:27am
: Peace, people! Practical preaching permits prune pit pulverizing, peach packing parties, pear poking, and pomegranate pie.

: ♥HOOves♥
: 06-29-17 @ 2:25pm
: Puzzling posting persisted beyond boundaries boding badly, believing worst wretched words hurled HOOves hide's way by Middle-aged Matrons Madder than Mad Monkeys with torn tails

: ♥HOOves♥
: 06-29-17 @ 12:32pm
: Simpering snobs snap smartly to attention always obsequiously obtuse to original thought processes until the finger fingers numero uno.

: Maci
: 06-27-17 @ 3:12pm
: :Suddenly sleepy Susie sank a sliced sardine sideways Sunday.

: ♥HOOves♥
: 06-27-17 @ 9:39am
: Slurping summer slushees seems certain to satisfy some thirsts and create majestic mustaches of magenta and many magnificent masterpiece's marking facial facades in a funny fashion.

: Dad
: 06-25-17 @ 10:08pm
: Xavier and Xander zoomed around a xylophone.

: Maci
: 06-25-17 @ 6:22pm
: :Wonder Woman wacked a whale with the wizards wicked witch

: Dad
: 06-23-17 @ 11:05pm
: Terrified Todd told Tom Terrific troublesome tales of tomfoolery.

: GeminiGem🎱
: 06-22-17 @ 11:41pm
: Silly Sally selected to sue herSelf for slander

: Dad
: 06-22-17 @ 11:17pm
: How Larry Lujack lost Lucinda Lindsay's luscious longjohns.

: Prosperous Snow welcoming 2021
: 06-22-17 @ 10:41pm
: Nurse Nanny Nightingale

: Dartagnan
: 06-22-17 @ 9:35pm
: Bubblegum Blowing Beauty Blew Big Blue Bubble For Record Books

: Dartagnan
: 06-22-17 @ 9:22pm
: Pretty Prostitute Pickled Peckers Of Unpaid Partners From Past Performances

: Dartagnan
: 06-22-17 @ 8:36pm
: Crazy Kitty Conniptions Cause Killings Of Canine Companions Cross The Country

: Sally
: 06-22-17 @ 7:54pm
: Marge Meerkat miraculously moves measly mealworms to modest Meerkat Mound.

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