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by Elle
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Announcing Quill winners!
Image for 2018 Quill Awards

The Quill Awards  (ASR)
Recognizing the best of WDC in 2020
#1376303 by Elle

For a full list of nominations, go here: "2018 Quill nominations

Hello and welcome to the 2018 Quill Awards! The Quill Awards will take place on Saturday 13 April at 2:30pm WDC time. Thanks to all who nominated and congratulations to all those who were nominated!

Quill Ceremony Manners:
*Quill* I will give an introduction at the beginning and the presenters will give a little spiel on each award, followed by the announcement of the winner.
*Quill* After each winner is announced, there will be a minute or so of time for the winner to post an acceptance speech if he/she is so inclined and/or present.
*Quill* You're invited and encouraged to chat along in the thread! Feel free to give comments, congratulate winners, call out your favorites, describe your attire, etc., etc. (Hint: Press the F5 key to refresh the page and keep up with comments *Wink*)
*Quill* You're also welcome to talk in this item both before and after the ceremony.
*Quill* Keep it in the rating please!
*Quill* Have fun!

Special thanks to our panelists and all our judges!

🌸 PWheeler says "Congratulations, Azrael!"

Elle says "The second Honourable Mention goes to "Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor ! Congratulations Bob!"

Elle says "And the Quill for Best Short Story (1) goes to "The Cane"   [GC] by Jayne ! Congratulations Jaynel!! "

🌸 PWheeler says "Congratulations, Bob! !"

🌸 PWheeler says "Congratulations, Jayne!!!"

Robert Edward Baker says "Congratulations, Jayne!!! *Heart* "

Elle says "I'd like to announce the second of our three Special Contribution Quills now. "

Sally says "Congrats, Jayne!"

Elle says "This Special Contribution Quill is for a member who takes great delight in helping others. She helps with contests and activities, fundraising and reviewing, and she has even been a huge help behind the scenes with the Quill Awards! "

Elle says "She takes great satisfaction from helping others."

Sally says "Congrats, Bob too!"

Fivesixer says "Word, what Cinn said about short stories. Congrats winners and HMs!! "

Elle says "It is my great pleasure to award this Special Contribution Quill to Jayne ! Congratulations Jayne and thanks for all you do on Writing.com! *Heart*"

Sally says "Congratulations, Jayne!! "

Robert Edward Baker says "Congratulations, Jayne AGAIN! Hope you feel better soon! "

Elle says "Our next Quill is for Best Short Story (2)."

Elle says "The nominees are... "Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor "Your Name"   [XGC] by Lynn McKenzie "Inside Voice"   [18+] by Than Pence " A Walk in the Park "   [E] by Carol St. Ann "Some Still Believe"   [GC] by Stargopher "Timing is Everything"   [GC] by LJ Out To Lunch "

Elle says ""Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor "Seeking the Guru"   [ASR] by Genipher-gone fishing! "Offering"   [13+] by Azrael Tseng "Devil's Dance - Part 1"   [13+] by jdennis "The Diagnosis"   [18+] by J.E. Allen "Not in This Lifetime"   [13+] by ~Dragon~ "

Elle says "The Honourable Mention goes to "Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor ! Congratulations Charlie!"

Elle says "And the Quill for Best Short Story (2) goes to "Offering"   [13+] by Azrael Tseng ! Congratulations Azrael!!"

🌸 PWheeler says "Congratulations, Azrael!!!"

Elle says "It seems appropriate now for the In Memoriam segment, where we pay our respects to those who have moved on since the last Quills ceremony."

Elle says "CanImagine was a member since 2016. Stefan passed away on July 10, 2018."

Elle says "Paramedic was a member since 2015. Ed was the much loved husband of innerlight is hopeful . He passed away on October 8, 2018."

Robert Edward Baker says "Wow, Azrael. Well done! Congratulations, also, Hvysmker. "

Elle says "I'd like to acknowledge iKïyå§ama hugs for Joy who maintains the "White Case Memorial which provides a place for us all to pay tribute to those who have passed."

Elle says "Our next Quill is for Best Newsletter. This includes both official and unofficial newsletters."

Schnujo says "I was one of her newbies! *Bigsmile*"

Elle says "The nominees are... "The Nature of Poetry"   by Dave "Jane Austen Newsletter August 2018"   [E] by Princess Megan Rose "Basic Meter for Beginners edited by Northernwrites "The Color of Sound edited by Brooke-Thanks Anonymous! :) "Are You Okay? edited by Kittiara "

Elle says ""Copyright or Copywrong? edited by Sara♥Jean "The Fairness Factor by Shannon "CoverWorks edited by Fyn "Adding Your Voice to the Song by Sophy "Expectations and Giving In-Depth Reviews by Northernwrites "

Sally says "I was one of her Newbies!"

Schnujo says "And YOU were/are one of MY favorites! *Bigsmile*"

Schnujo says "On a little more?!? I'm on pretty much every day...**clears throat**"

Lilli ☕ says "Hi everyone! Popping in to say hello and big, big Congratulations to all the HMs and Winners! "

Elle says "The Honourable Mention goes to "Basic Meter for Beginners by Northernwrites ! Congratulations NW!"

Elle says "And the Quill for Best Newsletter goes to "Copyright or Copywrong? by Sara♥Jean ! Congratulations Sara Jean!! Your first Quill! *Bigsmile*"

Sally says "You won some earlier, Lilli!"

Fivesixer says "Hey Lilli! "

Elle says "Yeah, congrats for your earlier mentions, Lilli!"

Sally says "Congratulations, all!"

Lilli ☕ says "Hi guys! Thank you!"

🌸 PWheeler says "Congratulations, Northernwrites and Sara Jean and all the amazing honorable mention and quill winners! "

Elle says "Our next Quill is for Best Reviewing. Reviewing is a crucial aspect of this site and community, and we truly value our reviewers."

Elle says "This award is proudly sponsored by "WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group. Thank you for your sponsorship!"

Elle says "The nominees are... Max Griffin 🏳️‍🌈 Angus Inkslinger Northernwrites Satuawany 🎼 RRodgersWrites 🎶 "

Elle says "Osirantinous textual Cat Voleur Life Is Good !!! edgework Cubby ~ No Place Like Home! "

Emily says "Oh my gosh, sorry I’m late! Thank you x2 and congrats to everyone else! *Heartt*"

Schnujo says "Yep. I'm in Alabama now. And she said she is NOT reading these things. *Laugh* "

Elle says "The Honourable Mention goes to Cat Voleur ! Congratulations Cat!"

Hannah ♫♥♫ says "Congrats, everyone!"

Elle says "And the Quill for Best Reviewing goes to Max Griffin 🏳️‍🌈 ! Congratulations Max!! Your first Quill! *Bigsmile*"

Schnujo says "I was thinking of being on the Quills next year...maybe. *Wink* I don't have much of an accent. Both my parents were from the North and strongly discouraged it. *Bigsmile*"

Robert Edward Baker says "Congratulations, Bill and Cat! "

Elle says "I'd like to announce the last of our three Special Contribution Quills now. "

Elle says "This Special Contribution Quill is for a member who has taken generous and helpful to a whole other level. "

Fivesixer says "You should, Jody. Accents aren't required."

Elle says "I can’t even begin to describe how much time, effort and gift points have been donated by this member, who always waves away a thank you as if her efforts are nothing. Well, they’re not nothing. "

Elle says "They’re hugely appreciated by so many. She has made a huge positive impact on so many members and groups, including the Quill Awards. "

Elle says "It is my great pleasure to award this Special Contribution Quill to Schnujo ! Congratulations Jody and thanks for all you do on Writing.com! *Heart*"

Fivesixer says "WOOOOOOO!!! Thank you, Jody!!"

Schnujo says "YAY!!! THIS one is the BIGGEST HONOR!!! And I'm among such amazing people! THANK YOU!!! *Heart* *Heart* *Heart*"

Shaye says "Congrats, Jody! You totally deserve it! "

Elle says "And now we're up to a very special category - Best New Portfolio! Everyone who is nominated in this category should truly be proud of themselves."

Robert Edward Baker says "Wow! Yes, it's really well deserved, Jody! *Heart* "

Elle says "The nominees are... Lilli ☕ Bobturn Jayne 🌸 PWheeler Xarthin "

Hannah ♫♥♫ says "Congratulations, Jody *Heart*"

Schnujo says "THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!!"

Elle says "The Honourable Mention goes to Lilli ☕ ! Congratulations Lilli!"

Elle says "And the Quill for Best New Portfolio goes to Jayne ! Congratulations Jayne!!"

Schnujo says "YAY TO ALL OUR NEW FOLKS!!!"

Sally says "Congratulations, Jody!! Yay!!"

Hannah ♫♥♫ says "Way to go, Jayne and Lilli! "

Sally says "Congratulations Lilli and Jayne! You two are awesome and totally deserve these!"

Elle says "Our final Quill is for Best Portfolio."

Elle says "The finalists are... Choconut 🤓 🌓 HuntersMoon Robert Edward Baker warpedsanity Tiggy ₩eb₩i₸ch "

Robert Edward Baker says "Congratulations, Jayne and Lilli!!! "

Elle says "The first Honourable Mention goes to Choconut 🤓 ! Congratulations Rachel!"

Sally says "Congratulations, Rach!!"

Elle says "The second Honourable Mention goes to warpedsanity ! Congratulations Angela!"

Elle says "And the Quill for Best Portfolio goes to Tiggy ! Congratulations Tiggy!!"

Robert Edward Baker says "Congratulations, Rachel and Angela!!!"

Elle says "Once again, congratulations to ALL our nominees, finalists, honourable mentions and winners. You should all be very proud of yourselves. We're proud of you! *Heart* "

Sally says "Congratulations, Angela!"

Elle says "And extra special congratulations for all those that won their first Quill today. I love seeing that. *Delight*"

Elle says "I also want to say a huge thank you to all the sponsors and donors, and to everyone who nominated. THANK YOU!"

Robert Edward Baker says "Well done, Tiggy! *Heart* "

Sally says "COngratulations Tigs!"

Elle says "Nominations for the 2019 Quills are well under way! Let's get those nominations rolling in! Until then, I'm out!"

Robert Edward Baker says "Well done, everybody! *HEart* "

Elle says "

 2020 Nomination Form for Quill Awards  (E)
Nominate someone for a Quill!
#2145930 by Elle

Robert Edward Baker says "Good night, everybody! *Heart* "

warpedsanity says "I nominate all winners in Rebel Poetry. *Bigsmile*"

Sally says "Bye guys and thank you for hosting!"

Jim - Happy Easter! says "See you around, everyone."


Robert Edward Baker says "Isn't Norb gonna take his shirt off. *Sad* "

Elle says "Bob, no. Just no."

Fivesixer says "Thank you for watching!!"

Fivesixer says "Sorry Bob. My shirt is too sweet to take off my chest."

Hannah ♫♥♫ says "Congrats, Tiggy, Angela, and Rachel! Well done! Congrats to all, and thanks to Elle and the Quill staff for another wonderful Quills. *Heart*"

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