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The adversary is distracting us all in every way he can.
Sometimes you just need to stay in the Word, and prayer will work, but you have to make that effort.

I saw a sign in front of a church once; It said, “7 days without the Word makes one weak”.

This was the story. I have been so distracted by Hallmark, and Christmas shopping, and “busy-busy” season that before I knew it, I had not cracked the Bible open for several days, or even several weeks. People don’t believe that such a choice will make for a very bad mood, a very bad character, and a very disappointing life. But I’m here to tell you that it is true.

Our base nature as human beings is to be sinners; we are sinners. We need God. That’s the story. The very life we live, the battlefield of our minds, the things we say in passing to one another, reveal the struggle in our hearts. And God alone can make for us another heart; one day at a time.

None will ever reach perfection; the human race is dwindling into that dark night.

But there are those who are fighting the good fight of faith.
Some were even taught the right way to go, but have rejected it in favor of the worldly, dark and off-the-mark day to day existence of a life of being lost from harmony, peace, joy, and fellowship with God. The Bible will tell us that people chose darkness over light, because they wanted to hide their deeds in darkness, lest they bring their deeds to the light and be healed. This sort of life, as we all know, does not bring comfort; it is the painful and the nerve-wracked life of the rollercoaster ride…and I got a bait of it.

I do not condone a life of seeking; this only brings us more emptiness. Have you ever been in a desert night, looking for a roadsign, and cannot see one? It is a jaunt into that dark night that I cannot find on the map. It is a black hole. It is a whirlpool of disappearing self-respect and coldness. But as a friend of mine said today, when you call on Jesus, just say the Name, over and over, the light He brings with him (and He will always come!) sends the darkness away; diffuses and bathes the darkness in Marvelous light! Shadows and things that go bump in the night are no longer a threat in the Glorious Light of His Mercy and GRACE!

Be it the past, and the hurts you harbor, or the present, a feeling that no one cares about you or what you’re going through. God does care. And He can do something about what you are feeling. YOU must admit that you need help and come to Him humbly. You cannot expect him to overlook the sin in your life, Sin has separated you from Him. you have made choices and God IS Seeking you, He is looking for you! Cry out to Him! Get real with God. Not what you think others want to hear, or what you’re trying to paint; a picture of who YOU think you are; God wants to hear from you that You need Him and that you are sorry for what you have done.

Last night I clung to a life-raft—a friend who knew God and who could listen. I admitted to her and to God that I have trust issues. That, my friend, was a relief and I believe it was an inroad to big changes in my life that God has in store. God will not allow anything to happen to HIs own that He cannot turn around for their good and HIs Glory. He’s God; He can do what He wants. And that said, I want you to know that I don’t think myself any better than any one who might be looking for Jesus. The point is, that I am saved and nothing can snatch me out of His hand!

You have to get on the winning team, however. God alone can make of your life a life of glory and Grace. Unmerited favor from God is about all we all need for Christmas.

And even though I believe this with all my heart, I know that some of you die-hards will not accept this free gift. You’re too learned, or too cynical, or too above all that. Some of you are just afraid. Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Without faith it is impossible to please God. Have faith that God can do all that His Word says He can do. But first you have to read it.
Ask God to come in and make your life a new creation.

And pray and get into a faith-based church that believes in all the gifts of the Spirit. You can’t pick and choose; this book is what YOU need!

It will change you from the inside out.
If you don’t believe me, try it and see.
It opened up to me a life a joy, peace, and mercy from God. That’s what I needed; maybe you need that too. ---Teresa W.

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