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by Tt
Rated: 13+ · In & Out · Action/Adventure · #2217972
I went there.
Up hire
by Tt

There was nobody looking.
The land had become full.
I went to the dragon's lare.

Up, up above lain all the trees
and asked for land. Not manure!-
not land of my fill but the bounty
of my newer country. What, my
man, had been left for me to dis-

Logistics, baby. Let me do this.
He opened his breath and told
me later on "What was that?",
per chance had I missed his point.

Beauty. Like we usually did.
I woke up.
Mermaid swam down to the middle earth.
And around breakfast time sat listening
to the pop song STAY by Aleesa Cara.
New plumbing needs to be put in? Flashpoint.
When I reach upstairs to have a meal.

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