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Sometimes I stumble across a fabulous piece of writing on this site, and I'm just in awe of the talent that the people on this site has.  But I got to thinking - there must be so many amazing pieces that I don't accidentally stumble across.  And thus, this idea was born.

This is the place to share a poem, story or blog post that you think should be seen and appreciated by more people.  Please share work here that you think is of particularly high quality or that particularly speaks to you or touches your emotions.  This is not a contest, and there are no prizes or reviews being awarded.  It is just a place to share and find writing that we love.

Note, if you are after a review of your own work, share it at "The Shameless "Plug" Page or "The GC+ Shameless "Plug" Page instead.  This is not the place to request reviews.

If the item was written within the current calendar year, consider nominating it for "The Quills using "Quill Nomination Form 2022 .

There aren't many rules, and the main one is to be reasonable and not spam this activity with multiple posts.  To clarify:
*Bullet* You can share your own work but please keep it reasonable.  I would consider one a month reasonable, but it's not a rule.  Just share your best work, not all your work.  You might share two in one week and then nothing for a year.  Be considerate of others.
*Bullet* You can share anyone else's work.  Again, share the best pieces you read, not all the pieces you read.  Be considerate of others.  Every time you post (once we reach the 100 post maximum), your post pushes another post off the board.
*Bullet* The item can be from any year.
*Bullet* The item can be of any rating.
*Bullet* The item can be on any topic.  Having said this, if I deem an item to be offensive (in terms of being bigoted, intolerant, defamatory or similar), I reserve the right to remove it.
*Bullet* Please use {bitem:} format for static items and {lentry:} format for entries because this way the author is clearly visible.
*Bullet* This activity is not for other activities.  It is for poems, stories, articles, blog posts and the like.  It is not for forums, contests, etc.
*Bullet* If sharing a blog post, please link to a particular post, not the entire blog.

Please do stop by often, even if you have no items to share, and take the time to read and appreciate some of the items posted here.  You might not appreciate all of them, but that's the way art works.  Not everyone loves the same thing.  But I'm sure you'll find something here that you'll enjoy and be glad to have found.

Elle (she/her) says "

Patches of Red  (ASR)
Thoughts of a soldier's other half
#1928876 by Emily
I first read this poem in 2013 and thought it was beautiful. Well worth the read."

Elle (she/her) says "

The Weathered Pages  (E)
Lost words in a forgotten journal long to be set free. (Quatern Form)
#1991721 by Angels in my Ear
I discovered this poem in 2014 and I loved the way it illustrated the essence of a long-lost journal or a journal that may have been written by an ancestor."

Elle (she/her) says "

Worthless Angel  (E)
Will my life, like my name, go unnoticed?
#1992995 by Angels in my Ear
This poem is a stunning tribute to the Unknown Soldier."

Elle (she/her) says "

Little Secrets  (E)
Between the pages
#2064836 by Charlie ~
I love inscriptions on books, and Charlie captures them (and the wonder of a second-hand bookstore) so perfectly in this poem. "

Elle (she/her) says ""Day 10 - Back Here On Earth by Charlie ~ . I love the descriptions Charlie uses in this poem, and its sense of wonder and despair, opportunity and hopelessness."

Elle (she/her) says ""Invalid Entry by {suser_id:}. I love the way Cinn takes something seemingly ordinary and weaves it into something brilliantly extraordinary. It's a gift, Cinn!"

Elle (she/her) says ""Grunge Lullaby by Fivesixer . A stunning poem that employs Norb's characteristic sense of rhythm."

Elle (she/her) says "

Mistakes  (GC)
It made me sick believing them - Includes Reading
#2169989 by Emily
This is a powerful poem, made more so by the clever use of formatting that Emily has employed."

Elle (she/her) says "

Bacton Wood at Sunset  (13+)
There is no calmer place to be than under a steeple of green.
#1142186 by Eric Wharton
I love this description of the forest and the peace to be found within it."

Elle (she/her) says "

Used Goods  (18+)
A dark poem. Written for Rebel Poetry Contest.
#2179610 by Choconut
This is a clever and haunting poem."

Elle (she/her) says "

A Stray Fort or Two  (13+)
A bit of practice for your Brit accent impression and a larf as well
#2196619 by Beholden
This made me laugh so much the first time I read it. A lovely bit of British humour. *Bigsmile*"

Elle (she/her) says ""Fat Chance by Robert Waltz . Robert's whole blog is worth a read (and a Quill, obviously!) but this entry was both entertaining and thought-provoking."

Elle (she/her) says "

the rain of summer  (ASR)
spontaneous, wild and free. l
#2142957 by Cappucine
This poem has vivid imagery and a marvellous sense of time passing."

Elle (she/her) says ""Poems Are Everywhere! by El-Fyn . I love the poetical way that Fyn writes this. Just brilliant, and so inspiring. It makes me think that there really are poems everywhere if only we look. Why aren't I writing one now??"

Emily says "

 This Leg Sick [Dyslexic]  (E)
Read this poem carefully. There's a hidden meaning within when you read it out loud.
#1636545 by Kelnius
Incredible talent here. One of the only pieces of poetry I’ve ever read that made my jaw drop open. Please read it out loud for the full effect."

Bikerider Happy Turkey Day! says "

One Last Time  (13+)
Old romantic love.
#2213107 by Lilli ☕️ 🧿
This beautiful poem should be read by everyone. It is so thought provoking. "

Lilli ☕️ 🧿 says "

Night Thoughts  (13+)
Sharing a bed.
#2226313 by Beholden
A beautiful and romantic poem."

Beholden says ""Nana Has to be read aloud if the full breadth of its brilliance is to be appreciated - it's a sound poem."

Satuawany says "

The Temple  (13+)
A homeless man maintains a temple to an unlikely God accepting extreme sacrifices.
#2191232 by J.B. Ezar
This needs more than one reading to come up with what you think is really going on—and you'll be glad to do it because of the beautiful writing. As I said in my review of it, I love it so much I can barely stand it."

Brian KC - 20 MBs Sent... says ""Wake Up is a poem by Choconut using a unique prompt inspired by dreams that reconnect with a lost maternal one, where the narrator can briefly reside safe in love until inevitably, regrettably wake."

Beholden says "

The Covered Bridge--April, 1927  (E)
#944947 by El-Fyn
A masterful portrayal of an event from long ago, with wonderful atmosphere and presence provided by the use of the local dialect."

Elle (she/her) says "

Sweet Friendship  (ASR)
A story about a friendship bound by chocolate. Written for Holiday Short Story Contest.
#2227922 by Choconut
This was such a sweet story."

Elle (she/her) says "

Paroxysmal Paradox  (GC)
Either a nightmarish confession or a prelude to a breakdown.
#2212374 by Krista
This is absolutely unique and yet the chaos of it works beautifully. Well worth the look."

ruwth says "

"Christmas in July Poetry Contest(CLOSED): "Write a poem that incorporates the smells and aromas of the holiday season."
"December Delights by 🌻 pwheeler nano-ing truly embodies the essence of that prompt. It is chockful of the scents of Christmas. *Heart* "

Alexi says "

Dancing in a Rainstorm  (E)
Elderly couple caught in a rainstorm in a changing world
#2225741 by Alexi
I wrote it during the pandemic time for "New Beginnings a Journey It touches on the feelings of older couples and the hidden fear they have but try not to show. It was outright winner on "Second Time Around ~ Birthday Special of which I am grateful. "

Elle (she/her) says ""⭐ My Mother's Museum by Roseille ♥ - Another fabulous poem from Roseille."

Elle (she/her) says "

Finding Home  (E)
Becoming rooted
#2228240 by El-Fyn
I really enjoyed this short story and it felt real. Loved the emotions in it."

Elle (she/her) says "

Travelin' the Back Roads in a Pink RV  (13+)
Settling down is not for everyone.
#2225847 by Cubby-bells
I enjoyed reading this. Great characterisation."

Elle (she/her) says "

 Stardust  (18+)
"stalk around me in that way you do"
#2231338 by jabberwocky
I love the imagery and use of words in this poem. And it kind of sweeps you along for the ride."

Elle (she/her) says "

 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#2229754 by Not Available.
This poem talks about autumn leaves but makes you think about people."

Elle (she/her) says ""Facing the Shadows This is a heartbreaking poem that will speak to many."

Elle (she/her) says "

 true colors  (13+)
short haiku structured poem.
#2225465 by Nicole Washington
I think a lot of people will understand the lack of self esteem so evident in this poem."

Elle (she/her) says ""Hoax of a Crisis A very clever short story from Kiya. Very topical."

Beholden says ""Between You and Me Clever little poem, breaking rules and kicking the bounds all over the place Experimental it is."

Elle (she/her) says "

 Avatars  (E)
Pity those who have no stars
#2212945 by Logan

Elle (she/her) says "

My Ever After  (13+)
when romance is not just enough
#2213050 by iKïyå§ama
A very clever poem."

Elle (she/her) says "

Float  (E)
What sound does the ocean make when you really listen?
#2212397 by Emily

Elle (she/her) says "

Five Simple Steps [177.11] (298 words)  (13+)
<300 words. Two prompts: "You don't understand" and "Five simple steps". Quill winner.
#2217499 by Kåre Enga UdonThani 🇹🇭
A powerful piece of flash fiction."

Elle (she/her) says "

Kernel  (13+)
There is something deep within clawing to get out
#2219576 by Emily
Emily has such amazing imagery."

Elle (she/her) says ""All Is Well With My Soul I love the sense of calm and mindfulness this poem gives."

Elle (she/her) says "

 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#2223197 by Not Available.
Brilliant imagery."

Elle (she/her) says "

Poemography  (13+)
Cold Case Poetry
#2223292 by Ned's Normal Nordic Handle
Ned never fails to satisfy. I love the use of parentheses in this poem."

Elle (she/her) says "

Threads  (18+)
"the brink of innocence lost"
#2224788 by jabberwocky
Clever imagery in this poem."

Have a Joyous and Blessed Xmas says ""Charming Season by Solace.Bring A poem about Springs Offerings."

Charity Marie > 🇺🇦 says "

 WDC Zoomies (Closed March 2022)  (GC)
A group of writers who meet via Zoom every 1st and 3rd Saturday
#2220189 by Charity Marie > 🇺🇦
 Life and Truth at a Dinner Party  (18+)
An executive's wife desperately seeks to be free.
#2231620 by Charity Marie > 🇺🇦

Sumojo says "

The Lucky Ones  (18+)
Survival can be a matter of luck . . . Feeling lucky? (650 w) Nominee. 2020 Quill Awards.
#2232437 by Nightkeeper

Queen NormaJean WelcomeWinter? says "I had fun writing this little tale. Enjoy.

To the Moon and Back  (E)
WINNER! The Writer's Cramp 7/14/20
#2226761 by Queen NormaJean WelcomeWinter?

Have a Joyous and Blessed Xmas says "

Dear Friend  (E)
If you are reading this, it's meant for you!
#2157795 by Lilli ☕️ 🧿
She wants you to know how special and beautiful you are, inside and out! We all have times when we need someone to remind us how unique and valuable we are. Well, today is your day! (This is from the beginning of her memo/letter.)""

Elle (she/her) says ""Looping Wall by Solace.Bring "

Beacon-Light says "

I'm so thankful I met her  (13+)
For: Grace AKA Innerlight - She's a great friend
#2233876 by Beacon-Light
Innerlight has been through so much and i wrote this poem for her, just to show her how much I care about her. I'm thankful I met her on here. Someday, i hope to meet her in person. "

Andy~hating university says "

 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#2081110 by Not Available.
I absolutely love this poem by Cinn . This was her unique response to one of my Star Trek themed poetry contests."

Elle (she/her) says "

Unfinished  (E)
Words can be a tangible force, seeking only understanding.
#2026487 by Rakkit

Santa Sum1 says "

 Blood Cemetery  (ASR)
"...the pulsing blue orb floated closer to Blood crypt...Lucy..."
#1716604 by Andromeda
Lodestone  (E)
YA Mystery: Patrice felt a caressing breeze cool her face -- the trees did not respond.
#832901 by Andromeda

Elle (she/her) says "

A New Spring Cleaning: Personal Renewal.  (E)
Become the "you" you dream of being.
#2082218 by Patrece ~
A fabulous non-fiction piece about taking care of ourselves. Incredibly motivating!"

Thankful Sonali WDC Power! says "

 Jabberwocky 2021 by: Sonali Bhatia  (13+)
With due apologies to Lewis Carroll. Third Place, Journey Through Genres!
#2248589 by Thankful Sonali WDC Power!

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