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Public Access Television realities
By: Rachel Olson

I have a fondness for public access television. Just live TV productions in general. So much can happen. Endless possibilities.
Ever see Mallrats? I've been a part of a 24 hour long broadcast for a charity telethon. While I'd never commandeer a project like that because it's full of amazing selfless human beings who help kids in need, I've seen a commandeering happen.
The cameras switch over to the small stage where the pop band is setup. The band starts. It's a toe tapper. It's a delightful country song. It's a children's charity. But wait. What is he saying? This is getting kind of...raunchy.
My eyes, my mouth slowly open wider and wider, grinning like an idiot as this performance progresses. It's a pretty inappropriate song. No one is noticing. No one notices. Especially when the lead singer stops singing. Suddenly. And turns around to the band. To yell at them. On live TV. We're live. No one noticing for quite some time because maybe this is a charity telethon for kid's and there's like this unwritten rule that you're supposed to be kind of professional and won't abruptly stop to turn around and yell expletives at your band. On live TV. Was I entertained by this? Yes. Of course.
I'm a big Tim and Eric Fan. I couldn't believe any of my sensory organs for a good 5 minutes. But I will say I was horrified for a good five minutes as well because I'm not a monster, completely. But there's a place and time, and it maybe wasn't here. This person, not surprisingly, doesn't perform at this telethon any longer. Not after that commandeering.

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