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Rated: 18+ · In & Out · Comedy · #2239834
Based on 90 second alphabet on "Whose Line is it Anyway"
If you're a "Whose Line" fan then you probably remember the game 90-second Alphabet. One person starts out the conversation with the first word starting with the chosen letter and then each person follows with a response that starts with the next letter of the alphabet.


Grandma Penguin : Are we ready to begin?
Dad : Begin? Now?
☮ The Grum Of Grums : Come on, let's get the show on the road.
Thankful Sonali I AM WRITING! : Don't be so impatient.

That's all there is to it.

Newest entries will be at the bottom.

Let's go!

Grandma Penguin says "Everyone ready? Let's begin!"

Grandma Penguin says "For Pete's sake. Where is everyone?"

Thankful Sonali I AM WRITING! says "Gone to play alphabet games on WdC."

Thankful Sonali I AM WRITING! says "How coincidental! That's what we're doing, too!"

Grandma Penguin says "(OT: should I delete sentences that start with the wrong letter or just ignore them and go on?) I am so glad you guys are joining me! (next sentence starts with "J")"

Dad says "Just delete the non-conforming posts, and leave on the posts of those of us who can not only write scintillating entries, but have the ability to comprehend the rules we read. (Next letter. K)"

Grandma Penguin says "Kudos to everyone who has played so far. I hope we will all enjoy this new In & Out."

Grandma Penguin says "Like it? Don't be afraid to rate and review! (and recommend to all your friends)"

Dad says "My heavens, this is a cool I/O. I'm glad you started this. You don't suppose we offended the non-compliant one, do you? "

Grandma Penguin says "No. They probably were just having an off day. "

Grandma Penguin says "OH my gods I wish my workday was done."

Dad says "Plenty of work days, that is my wish. Usually shortly after the beginning of the day "

Grandma Penguin says "Quiet! There's a train passing by."

Dad says ""Rhonda might be on the train!" Hopeful Hal gasped. "Five years ago, when she divorced me,she said she was going on stage. But there haven't been any stagecoaches around here for 100 years. She must've meant train, and now she's returning!""

Grandma Penguin says "Sully scoffed. "That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.""

Dad says ""That means," Hopeful Hal admitted, "that you haven't been listening to me long enough. I can say some patently ridiculous things.""

Grandma Penguin says ""Unusual, you most definitely are," retorted Sully. "I just don't know what to make of you.""

Dad says ""Vodka and tonic would be nice," Hopeful Hal said hopefully. The he realized what Sully said. "Damn. I thought you were trying to decide what to make for me when you said you didn't know what to make of me. Rats.""

Grandma Penguin says ""Well, you've never been the sharpest knife in the drawer, have ya?" Sully scoffed."

Dad says "Xavier explained with excruciating exactitude how he expected his x-acto knife to be set."

Grandma Penguin says "Yet, still, Sully set it wrong. Xavier was pretty sure Sully did this on purpose to annoy him."

Dad says "Zany Xavier is a little more than likely to get some sleep on Christmas 🎅 Eve than usual. He will have some questions about how many days until New Years."

Grandma Penguin says "Anna laughed. "Zany Xavier, you know how many days it is until New Years. You learned math last week!""

Grandma Penguin says "But, Zany Xavier had slept through last week's math class, unbeknownwnst to Anna."

Dad says "Crazy Anna and Zany Xavier fell hopelessly in love and moved to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, so they could help Sioux get back up every time she fell."

Grandma Penguin says "Dopey Diana and Easy Lisa plotted against our intrepid heroes. They were insanely jealous that Sioux liked Anna and Xavier more than themselves."

Dad says "Endeavoring to read Sioux before Crazy Anna and Zany Xavier, Easy Lisa got on the wrong plane and ended up in Honolulu. Was she ever disappointed by her extravagant Hawaiian lei!"

Dad says "Endeavoring to reach Sioux ... Etc etc etc. Damned autocorrect "

☮ The Grum Of Grums says "For goodness sake, Dad, you should know better than to rely on autocorrect!"

Grandma Penguin says "Grum is here! Grum is here! He got my email! *dances around excitedly*"

Dad says "He had better respond to your solicitous email. I'd hate to have to go to where he is and teach him a thing or two. Um. Exactly how far is it to Australia from Florida?"

Grandma Penguin says "I would have to Google that. I have no idea. Really really far?"

Grandma Penguin says "Just wondering. Where are you guys? Hellooooo???"

Dad says "Keenly noting that Dad had mentioned 2 locales in his previous post, he wanted you to know that he's in Australia and BBG is in Florida. Or something like that."

Grandma Penguin says "Lousy bums living in warm places and leaving me here in Minnesota to suffer the cold and snow!!"

Dad says "Moving to a warmer clime is not out of the question. Florida is not yet full, you know. Getting Honorary Great-Brandon to move with you, on the other hand."

Grandma Penguin says "Not sure if I want to go to Florida with the people you've got running the place at the moment. Plus, why are all the crazy news stories from there? What's in your water? "

Dad says "Oddly enough, just lots of salt, an abundance of minerals, some manatee poop, and assorted amoebas. No alcohol; no psychedelic or hallucinogenic substances. Just some ground-up stoopid pills."

Grandma Penguin says "Perhaps they should filter out the stoopid pills?"

Grandma Penguin says ""Quiet you! And give up the Florida man jokes and memes? Unthinkable ?" is what Dad clearly meant to say."

Grandma Penguin says "Right?"

Dad says "So I forgot what I/O I was in! I'll just claim it as a senior moment, or a brain fart. Mea culpa! (Boy do I hope that's a fancy way to say I'm sorry)"

Grandma Penguin says "That's okay. I think we've all done it. Forgot we were in "Questions" Or "What's Last is First" usually."

Dad says "Usually, I forget I'm in "Question.". What's bad is, I caught Steve (remember him?) not phrasing his comment as a question, and calling him on it, but not using a question for (Dad the Dumbass strikes again!)"

Grandma Penguin says "Very common mistake, I'm sure. I wouldn't feel too badly. What did happen to Steve? Anyone ever find out? I miss him."

Dad says "What if we never find out!? What if we're left in this conundrum forever!? How could we survive. (Have I forgotten what I/O I'm in again?)"

Grandma Penguin says "Xaviera Hollander once told me that I watch too much "Whose Line is It Anyway". That doesn't really answer your question, but "X" sucks."

Lilli ☕ says "Youths and those with quick a wit may be better at this game than me. Especially since I am not properly caffeinated. "

Grandma Penguin says ""Zoinks!" Shaggy exclaimed. "Quick, someone get Lilli a cup of joe!""

Dad says ""Any one ask for a pot of joe?" asked Joe MacNulty, a slightly befuddled, greatly disheveled but completely harmless denizen of the hereabouts. "I got some really primo weed here, straight from Acapulco.""

Grandma Penguin says ""But, we needed coffee, not weed!" Lilli exclaimed. "Weed won't help me wake up at all!""

Dad says ""Come on!" Joe wailed. "I know you asked for Joe's pot. I'm Joe. This is my weed!". Then he reread the post. "A cup of Joe? I ain't worn a cup since the last time I played catcher for the Maui Wauis baseball team of the Stoner Baseball League.""

Grandma Penguin says ""Don't talk to me about your cup, you pervert," Lilli snapped. "Now get me some coffee, STAT!""

Dad says "Enough of this Java junk. Uncle, my younger brother m is a truck driver who doesn't like coffee. I didn't know that was even legal!"

Grandma Penguin says "For real? That can't possibly be legal. Is there anything else wrong with him?"

Dad says "Gee. There's so many things wrong with Uncle, it would be easier to list what's right with him. First off ... Um, well ... Hmmmmm. Oh, I know! Oh, wait, no that's Guy I Knew in High School. Um. Let me get back to you."

Grandma Penguin says ".He can't really be that bad, can he? Tell me more!"

Dad says "I never tell the truth about Uncle. Nobody'd ever believe it. (Boy am I glad he doesn't know this site exists. He'd kill me!)"

Grandma Penguin says "Just in case, we should raise the invisibility shield."

Dad says "Knock on wood, he'll never hear tell of it."

Grandma Penguin says "Let's make a vow to never ever tell him!"

Dad says "Many are the things I've never told Uncle. Like, why both tires on his bike were flat. Or where the spare key to the house is. Or why Girl-That-Brother-Liked-in-High-School (he change his named when Niece #1 was born) suddenly stopped liking him."

Grandma Penguin says "Now, you had nothing to do with those tires, did you?"

Dad says "Or where the house key was, or who whispered to GTBLIHS that he played with dolls, (for that matter I didn't date GTBLIHS. She got some strange ideas about me, to. Wonder where they came from. She dated Dad's Best Friend for a while ..... )"

Grandma Penguin says "Pretty sure you're not being 100% honest here. And, are you still friends with Best Friend?"

Dad says "Quite sure I'm being 10% honest there. Am I missing a 0 there? As for Dad's Best Friend, alas, I moved away in1983 and haven't seen him since. I hope he's had as a good a life as I have. As for GTBLIHS, lost track of her after my graduation, 1978"

Grandma Penguin says "Really easy to lose track of people over the years, unfortunately. I tried to find some old friends the other day, but had no luck. They were female and probably all got married and changed their names. That's why I list my maiden name on my Facebook"

Dad says "Sounds like a reasonable thing to do. Aunt lists her maiden name on FB, too. Oddly enough, there aren't many people who go by Aunt Dads Sister Married Name on FB."

Dad says "Sounds like a reasonable thing to do. Aunt lists her maiden name on FB, too. Oddly enough, there aren't many people who go by Aunt Dads Sister Married Name on FB."

Grandma Penguin says "Twice posted. Twice posted. That will be all."

Dad says "Usually, I only post once. Mayhaps i hit the do-it button twice?"

Grandma Penguin says "Very likely, I'd say. You'll have to watch that!"

Dad says "Well, let's start. I know! I'll tell a knock knock joke. You start!"

Grandma Penguin says "Xaviera Hollander once told me that knock-knock jokes were passe."

Dad says "You know, I got the idea for a now long-lost short story from a Xaviera Hollander column I read in Penthouse? I will have you know that it was for a Freshman English assignment at my alma mater, Dad University, so it wasn't porn!"

☮ The Grum Of Grums says "Zounds, you read Penthouse? That's like, I only get Playboy for the articles."

Dad says "As a matter of fact, I did read Penthouse for the articles. Only after very carefully inspecting the pictorials. Usually for long periods of time!"

Grandma Penguin says "By the way, did you know my daughter's father subscribed to Penthouse years ago? Did you know that I looked at it when he wasn't home?"

Dad says "Carefully explain to me if you compared yourself to the models. Even I realized that photography tricks and makeup make up some of the fantasy they sell. Approximately 118% of the guy mastur... looking at the pictures couldn't possibly care less"

Grandma Penguin says "Did you know I was in great shape back then? Did you also know I didn't pay attention to their faces much either?"

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