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thirty days challenge official May
{item;2245323}Link to 30 days blog forum "PROMPT 30 DAYS BLOG 24/3/19 start new page. May 1/5/21

Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says "30 DB 12/5/21 May prompt. I would change places with Grace in the Grace and Frankie TV. I like her style in clothes and she walks proudly, and she has business sense. "With My Pen I'm Fearless add to forum."

Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says "May Prompt 11/5/21 30 days blog In Scotland when I was young woman didn't go into bars and if they did they had to go to another town where they were not known, I love going for lunch at my local bar."

Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says "May Prompt 10/21 The time I felt calm is when I travelled from Corby where I live to my home in Scotland where I was raised by my granny. As soon As I sat on the chair by the coal fire this feeling of calm came over me, I was home."

Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says "May prompt 9/5/21 I would like to speak maltise language, as when I visit the people in Malta can speak English. I live in a steel town Corby, where Scottish, Irish, and Welsh came to work in the steel plant and 60 years on I' m speaking Scottish."

Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says "I'm 80 and I don't think I'm capable of any physical activities, but i'm havin a go at designing my book on the internet. "

Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says "7/5/21 May Prompt. I don't dream much, but when I do I can never remember them ."

Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says "6.5.21 May prompt The voluntary job I had was going on holiday as a helper for the infirmed and the age persons. I love those days."

Kåre Enga, P.O. 22, Blogville says "It's nice to get out and see friends. Our apples are blooming now and I just stick my nose in them. Grocery-shopped today. Renting a caravan sounds sweet. I stay in hostels, some by the sea. "

Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says "May Prompt 5.5.21 I'm retired but if when I was working i would rent a caravan at a near by coast by the sea and relax."

Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says "4/521 My Prompt. My favourite book and film is catherine cooks books and series on TV ,i love her story telling about the culture of her time and area where she was raised. Some of her books and series. The gambler, the Rag Nymph. and the Man who cried."

Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says "May Prompt 3/21. I've been depending on my family to bring my shopping to me because of the lockdown. but on Saturday I went and did it myself. and went to the pub to join my family for lunch. link to forum."

Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says "may 2/21prompt 30 days blog The smell of rose's takes me back to my memories of my father who had a devotion to The little flower, Saint Teresa, and he dies at 33 years old. His last words were ' Mother can you smell roses.'"

Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says "May prompt 1/5/21 First creator is God for He has made me what I am today and I thank my Lord. . My next is Elvis, his music is wonderful, and at 80 I still have posters displayed in my bedroom."

Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says "30 DAYS BLOGGING CHALLANGE May official 2021 signing up."

Whata Optic Heck says "This is neat Mary Ann! So nice to hear from you again. Some potting sounds good. Yeah, that author of Angela;s Ashes is talented, Tim McCourt? No, Frank McCourt as I recall. His other book was good too! Yeah I read more than watch movies *Heart*Adrie"

QPdoll says "I can understand missing your daughter. I'm lucky to have both of mine still with me. They are 21 and 15. My oldest plans to move out of the country when she can. I will miss her tremendously. It's been fun blogging with you! Happy April!"

Kåre Enga, P.O. 22, Blogville says "Nice to read all of them. Glad you were able to share and finish. *HeartO* "

Brother Nature says "I like what you've done here. With your blog, I was able to read every entry. I'm a bit awestruck, I was able to gain a little glimpse into your entire life's history. I was most intrigued by your memory of first seeing a bicycle. Thank you for sharing. "

Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says "March 30/21 official 30 days blog. I liked day 22, but it's not all about winning. I like the fun and the enjoyment of participating in the contest."

Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says "March Prompt29/3/21 I loved my life living with granny and the growing up in Scotland, The familydoctor knew you nd calledyou by your first name. I dislike the communication of the people now as nobody seems know esch "

Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says "My three choices re 1/3.21, 3/3/21 5.3/21who I havent seen my daughter since before the virus. I mis her very much."

Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says "March27/21 The most frightening time is going surgery."

Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says "MARCH PROMPT 26/21. Pleasant and friendly, because I don't quarrel . "

Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says "March 25/,21 prompt. The worst joke , a birthday card with a fake gift card my daughter spoiied it in time I was about to spend it. My daughter is an artist."

Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says "March prompt 24/21 My memory takes me back to 1983 when my sister took early retirement and informed me she was taking me and my other sister abroad to Magalufe, and it was our first holiday ever together abroad. A great holiday we had"

SandraLynn says "I read Angela's Ashes. It is a powerful book! Huh, imagine seeing a bicycle for the first time... You've experienced quite the ten-years. haha! Good way to win children over... bribe them with candy."

Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says "March Prompt. 22/3/21

My early memory when I was a child was arriving to live at my grannies home and her youngest child was Cathie and I told her she was too young to be an auntie, she was 12 and had a bicycle and I hadn't seen one before."

Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says "March 21/3/21 I would like try sword fish."

Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says "March Prompt 20/3/21 My favourite movie is Angela's Ashes, It's just recently I discovered it on Netflix."

Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says "19/321 MARCH PROMPT. A decade has changed 2010 i bacame writer, 2010 diagnosed Parkinson's 2013 became a widow,2013 became dependent on family."

Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says "MARCH PROMPT 18/21 The new cinemand the cube with fheatre and restrant."

Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says ""With My Pen I'm Fearless 17/3/21 add to March prompt official blog forum"

Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says " 17/3/21direct followMarch If I could bring a piece of luck in my life I tt would be A walk along Oconnel street awith shamrock on my lapel."

Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says " \ March 17/3# I would like to spend Saint Patricks day walking down Oconnol ]]] "

Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says "March Prompt 16/21 My childhood lesson I remember is playing wit toys as a way of learning in my first class. another is my dad teaching me how to sing."

Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says "March Prompt 15/21 I don't play board gams but I play bingo at the clubs."

Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says "March prompt 14/21 My words, lonesome, ponder, yonder, blossom wonderous, : I walked along the lonesome path, and stopped to ponder at a tree over yonder, with pink blossoms, a wonderous sight."

Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says "March prompt13/21 Once a year we celebrate Robert Burns day by having taties and neeps served with Haggis .Ie Robert Burns night Scottish poet. Tatties is potatoes, and neeps is turnip.. "

Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says "March prompt 12.21 My item would be a special clay pot I loved making them at college."

Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says "March 11/21 I'm still in contact with my school friend we are noverw 80.Friendship should last foreever."

Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says "March prompt 9/21 I always recommend any band that can play 50s and sixties music. "

Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says "I don't know much about mythical science fiction, but I do think robots will be a future theme and we almost have them in our utility items and music ie Alexia she has the ability to answer any question you ask. March 9/21 "

Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says "follow on RE re post. I was in Greece and walked out a bar without paying and the bar owner wasn't worried about it when I offered to pay at a later time, In England you pay your bar bill as you order."

Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says "March Prompt8/3/21 The place is Greece the people are so friendly and laid backmnothing seems to worry them. I qalked out od a bar without paying my bill because in England you pay as you order. When I returned to pay they were so nice about it. "

Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says "Prompt March 6./21 vintage cars. prompt 7 March7/21 My fondest memory is my first day wakening in my grannies home instead of the orphanage. post to forum."

Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says "March prompt 5/3/21. What makes me really happy is when I'm going to see Jackie, my daughter she now lives in Cyprus, and I miss her so much. I'"

Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says "March Prompt 4/2021 Whatever I start I always finish. {footnote{post:to form. "

Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says "1

1  "With My Pen I'm Fearless}"30-Day Blogging Challenge :


Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says "I love gardening, but not able to do heavy work now I'm 80,and my husband has passes away. I have potted plants that sit on top of pebbled ground, This morning I have planted bedding plants into tubs. first plants of the year."

Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says "Prompt March 2/3/21. What do I cook my favourite is tatties and mince,(tatties means potatose) Scottish . I cook chicken for Sundays Roast dinner."

Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says "March prompt 1/3/21 I don't think the kids have asked me to read a story, the great grand children usually have a computer game, but about being old at 80 they usually cry when they see my old face. but not for long. I have sweets."

Mary Ann MCPhedran/fearless says "Signing in for March official 30 days blog."

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