The Enchanted Forest


Welcome to the Burning Lava Land!

Wow! You adventure seekers got here fast. Calya was right, you swam fast! Oh yes, I know her. Even though I am the Fire Pixie, Farrah, I do get to her parties! Now it is time to warm you up on the burning lands, for which I am well suited to guide you. I love fire, flames or even the inspirational kind. And you might need that not to get your feet burned. We are way over on this side of the world map... so hot....wait, some of you are used to warm lands? Where do you come from? Uh! No matter, you will definitely need me just as the Master Adventurer did.

He thought he could handle fire by himself, being such a Master of poetry. That is how we met, at the fireside poetry café in a place called WDC. You can get there from here but that is not the point! Anyway, as one of the first pixies to visit that realm, he helped me navigate. I am poem savvy but techy, well, not so much. That is a Air Fairy thing! But it is hard to pin her down. Sorry, I digress. Gosh, I do not know how my air and water friends handle talking so much. It is such a slow activity compared to Action! I need a good fast flame! *Fire*

When the Adventurer showed up her in a blink of an eye...oh yes, the fairy ring helped him get here, right onto the top of a volcano. He thought he could go get a look inside...he is a searcher, after all. If I hadn't been so quick with my wings to catch the top of his suspender knapsack, he would have been cooked as Viola (that's what they call her} burped and he would have fallen in. That lead to a discussion and an offer of a job. ME! A job! Lucky I like it here and really do not like folks who play carelessly with fire, including matches, I said I would do the part. Fire Guide Exceptionale! Oh I love kudos for my flair.

So, you can count on me, but you have to be quick for I do use my voice and can be rather loud for a pixie. It won't burn you though. *Wink* I let you know something in a split second … after all what is a good adventure without spontaneity? My main advice is wear good fire proof boots. Did you see them at the portal...all sizes? Do not step on anything red and wear your mask as smoke rises. Oh and ah, watch for fire breathers from above as they like target practice just for fun! I will show you places that are quite cozy as you will have tasks to complete and don't want do burn your …uh, can I say touchie? Makes me giggle.

Call up your own inner fire and join me for the hottest time of your life. You can trust me. I ride dragons. Good luck.


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Blogging Category
Prompt: Word Prompt (Something about War, Famine, Crisis and Catastrophe)

*TackR* Choose one of the above word prompt and write a blog about it.
*TackR* Tackle your life experiences, observations, opinion and thoughts that somehow connect to your chosen word prompt in at least 750 words.
*TackR* Include your chosen word prompt in your blog and don't forget to provide a word count at the end of your entry.
*TackR* Post your entry in your assigned thread.

Writing Composition Category
Prompt: Word Prompt (Something about War, Famine, Crisis and Catastrophe)

*TackR* Using one or all of the above word prompts, write a short story or poem about it. You may choose both short story and poetry because it will be judged separately.
*TackR* Your composition must be in a static item (book entry might be accepted but expect a lower score for not following instruction) and properly rate it.
*TackR* The prompt(s) must appear within your composition. Highlight it by bolding the word(s).
*TackR* We don't set word count limit for your story and line count limit for your poetry as long as the former is enough to be called a short story and the latter, poetry and not prose.
*TackR* Please do provide a word count and line count for your composition.
*TackR* Link your completed composition to your assigned forum thread.

Reviewing Category
Genre: Crime/Gangster, Tragedy, and War

*TackR* Review 2 items each for Crime/Gangster, Tragedy, and War Genres.

         For easier access to these genres, go to Browse By Genre located on your left side menu or click on the following links:
         :: Crime/Gangster
         :: Tragedy
         :: War

*TackR* Review must contain at least 500 characters excluding disclaimer and WritingML.
*TackR* Provide a link back to [#2267246] "Ultimate Trinket Adventure [Mainland] within your review. Feel free to affiliate your reviews to any group you belong.
*TackR* Link your completed reviews to your assigned forum thread.

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