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For all Metamorphosis-related stories and artwork that will blow your mind.
Welcome to the world of Transformation Fiction!

We appreciate everyone who's interested in stories and artwork about Transformations, Mind & Body swaps, Age Progressions & Regressions, Shrinking, Growing, Mind Alteration, shifts in Gender, Identity, Reality and so forth. Things can get a bit kinky around here, but keep in mind: We're all guests on this site, which has it's own rules we have to respect!

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Featured Stories

The Perception filter  (13+)
An old Dog TF of mine, that's a slight Doctor Who fanfic too
#2289593 by Hector Scofield

 The Enchanted Pool  (13+)
Two boys discover an enchanted pool which causes them to grow more muscular.
#1325571 by scriptboy

 How I Became a Dog  (18+)
How I became a dog
#2065035 by Benjy

 Sams dog summer  (18+)
Sam spends the summer as a dog
#2065037 by Benjy

 Hunters New Life  (18+)
Hunter finally gets to live the life he wants
#2091017 by Benjy

 The Kennel  (E)
Hunter helps reopen a kennel
#2119325 by Benjy

Nightshift  (13+)
Weredog Alex falls in love with a Security guard and accidentally becomes his new partner.
#2287885 by Hector Scofield

Peeler's Reel  (13+)
Quentin gets stuck in an old British film for 20 years, playing the role of P.C. Bowker
#2287911 by Hector Scofield

Future Cops  (18+)
A story about time travel, cops, dogs and accidental transformations...
#2288235 by Hector Scofield

The Enemy Within  (XGC)
Terran Prince Luca got captured by hostile Khalians and transformed into an organ.
#2288487 by Hector Scofield

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