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by Sunny
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Writing and Sending out cards etc to your pen pal
I am in a group where we send out cards for those who need well wishes, birthdays, and anniversaries and I love that. Here is that group "Cards of Love I hope she does not mind that I wanna start this I consider that group a sister to this new group!

I have been thinking what if we did more like say Pen Pals where people join and you get someone to write to, send cards to etc... I mean you do exchange emails and you can just email each other if you would like.

This is just an idea and I am sure we all can come up with more later on. Like I dunno know about you but I love flowers! Sunflowers are my favorite *Wink*, yes I love roses well actually I love all flowers, plants and more! *Bigsmile*

Folder: "Pen Pals Folder Holds everything pertaining to the group.

Message Forum: "Pen Pal Message Forum This is where we will put whatever we choose.

Welcome Letter: "Pen Pals Welcome Letter

PenPals List: "Pen Pals Information List i will add you to this list as soon as you email me your info!

And then, of course, the group here.


No, you do not have to use your real name, you can use your user name or whatever you choose to use. You only have to use your address, state, and zip code that is all the post office cares about. Please email me your information.

Emailing each other works too.

We will each start with one pen pal as the cost can be really high you can choose your pen pal once I have enough people and all that. This is a new idea and group so please bear with me!

Sister Group:

Cards of Love  (E)
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The Snail Mail Group  (E)
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