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Three things that get on my nerves
1. Double standards
2. Rudeness
3. Inflexibility

Having grown up the only girl between two brothers until my sister came along ten years into my existence, I very early in life became familiar with the use double standards. My mother, although I’m sure she meant well, loved her sons and raised me. The expectations of me were so much higher at home and at school, not to mention the limitations imposed on my freedom of movement and activities. At the same time though, I have to admit that I recognized I was allowed more opportunities for self-expression and emotion than my brothers were, particularly my older brother who was a more sensitive and passive person than my father would have liked. Even though I learned along the way that there are times where things between the sexes can’t always be handled the same way, to this day, I adamantly advocate for fairness and equality, where possible, in all things.

Sometimes a person can be rude without realizing that they are. However, once the transgression has been pointed out, sincere apologies should be made. It’s those deliberate acts of arrogance and disdain that I find annoying. The unnecessary, uninvited intrusions into someone else’s affairs, deliberate snubs, thoughtless acts of cruelty, or betrayals of trust that cut the affected party to the quick, those are the things that I find hard to take.

And let’s discuss those folks who must do everything by the book or inside the written rules even when the rules don’t make sense for the situation or circumstance. I have seen people drive themselves crazy trying to stay within lines they didn’t draw. I am no renegade by any stretch of the imagination, but I do know how to bend with the breeze when the breeze gets strong enough to be a problem. Sometimes a change of course can result in a more efficient and satisfying result for all concerned.

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