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by deemac
Rated: 13+ · In & Out · Comedy · #283804
Complete the previous line and enter part of a new line of poetry...
On behalf of its originator, the Mad Poet himself, Writer of the Winds , we have the great honour and pleasure of fostering and - (in his very own words) -



1. Complete the previous line of poetry and start the next line.
2. Do not ever complete your own line but leave at least one word blank.
3. We define the term poetry very loosely!


...while draining the garden hose / a caterpillar was spinning a cocoon / in the merry merry month of June. / I mowed the lawn / in the..... (Dad )

morning he'd gone / In his place was a moth / Laying eggs on a cloth / I yelled, Hey just a second! / And with my hand beckoned / The moth fluttered over / And landed on a leaf of ... (deemac )

small pearls/ His tiny eyes pierced my... (Sally )

...... swirls / of my mind / I will find / a way to go / that will....... (Dad )

not be slow/ for the cat is fat, but he still moves quick/ he doesn't speak softly but he carries a big stick/ he quotes shady characters like ol' Al Capone/ like 'you can get more with a kind word and gun than a kind word alone'/ and other gems like... (MadMan at Large )

"They call me scarface cuz I wear a scarf" / Which make the cat chuckle and larf / He larfs so much his face goes red / Then he turns purple and drops down ,,, (deemac )

....into a bed / of roses / while they use their fire hoses / on the dogs / who live on the bogs / also known as moors / by those who are..... (Dad )

knowledgeable about the outdoors/ with a passing understanding of the Queen's English/ the numbers of such people does daily diminish/ but the cat knew a moor from a swamp any day/ he was well traveled, and knew mud from clay/ he was crafty and clever and (MadMan at Large )

bossy like a beaver/ showing aplenty of teeth/then like logs he gets merry with/ roll and pitch/the dogs from the bogs/their clayey bottoms hitch/in a scarf... (Quest-YELLOW-Thanks Schnujo )

with matching mittens/ the dogs didn't expect such a lickin'/ especially from one they had known from a kitten/ so they howled and cried and barked at the moon/ they raised such a ruckus they woke up the loon/ he flew over to see what was wrong/ and the (MadMan at Large )

loon was soon laughing out loud. / His laughter at the cat and the dog / drew such a crowd from all over the bog. / This sight (Schnujo is Late to Lannister )

ate French fries / the fries are good with burger and shake / and cake, if someone does bake / Have a picnic by the lake! / Talk of something except food, for goodness' .... (THANKFUL SONALI Now What? )

sake / the season of baseball is in full swing / oh am I now punning / I really am cunning / Are you (Dad )

Stunning? / Why, sir! I'm flattered by your remark. / But looks can be deceiving. / My heart is cold and skin like bark / 'Twas an illusion you were... (Goddess ) (Goddess )

receiving/ like a vampire she totally charmed you/ in ways that only a seductress can do/ but if you are lucky, and use your rubber ducky/ you might get to see her true blue/ but you must be ready for a shock/ and your heart must be hard like a ... (MadMan at Large )

block / a solid crystal of ice / or is your brain full of mice / should I send in a cat / to make the mice scat / you will see / the worst of me / and I will... (Dad )

make you a nice sandwich and we'll sit by the sea/ we can enjoy the fine sunset and a hot cup a tea/ with a mouseless head you can enjoy the view/ of waves and crabs, and pelicans, too/ you can surf or swim or fly a big kite/ you and your honey could ride (MadMan at Large )

a grey Shetland pony. / The truth is only orange (Bertos )

when its a cautionary tale But all of Life is but a (dragonwoman )

rotten tomato./ Slimy and full of (Lostwordsmith )

Of regret./ For indeed I met/ a goddess in Hawaii./ On a surfboard, ""Oh, Honey!"/ I yelled, "Can (Kotaro )

"Can you lend me some money?"/ For I was kind of broke./ Floating on my sinking boat./ And with a smile she... (Pesky Amanda A.K.A. LadyNazlia )

...lent me a goat / a stinky, smelly and disgusting excuse / for a good friend / so you should.... (Dad )

look the goat/ in the throat/ for you may find/ a thing to ease your mind/ a gift so wondrous/ so don't you cuss,/ just (Kotaro )

pick it up , get on the bus / Take it home to your pad / Show it to your Mom and Dad / Their hearts will get a real big lift / Checking out your lovely gift / Then they'll say, Go get another / For your sister or your ... (deemac )

your best friend, Zbigniew Lobitski / who rides a snowmobile / with his pet eel. / When will you learn / you have no money to burn / so you should... (Dad )

pinch your penny/ and be less of a Winnie/ so just get your goat/and stink as you gloat/ its new opera tunes/ and pushy communes/with your back/ pretty whack at the... (Quest-YELLOW-Thanks Schnujo )

...snack shack / where a guy named Jack / drives a Cadillac / with power steering and brakes / but no roller skates. / So be like Jack and... (Dad )

... lift some weights/ which you hate. / ride a bike to get some gains / that surely will reward you with... (Mc Writer )

...many pains / you take with you / 'cause catsup stains, and... (Writer_Mike )

a couple baguettes / or maybe French bread / It's good for my head / I will lead you to wonder / a gift ..... (Dad )

.. I'll leave under / Your Welcome door mat / / If you just feed my cat / When I go on vacation / And walk my Dalmatian / That dog has got lots / Of black and white … (deemac )

stones. He plays Igo with a Martian/ while my cat takes a nap in my cap/ The Martian always win cause it's got two heads/ It makes my dog howl and the Martian to rap/ then my cat gets out of bed and... (Kotaro )

his wings a-flap / A cat that can fly / Soars, high / saying 'bye bye' / Not 'aye aye' / Please don't cry / Not a dry eye / On a gal or guy / Why do I / Rhyming words from A to I! Now take over ... (THANKFUL SONALI Now What? )

well I/ for a cat that flies and cries bye bye/for a Dalmatian that howls at a two-headed Martian/ I'll expect a gift that gives me a lift/ if... (Kotaro )

… you hold down shift / And type in CAPS / I'll send some chaps / Who shall find out / Why you so loudly shout / And if you're grumpy / Cos your porridge is lumpy / Just get a spoon, sir / And give it a ... (deemac )

loon/ for what's a spoon without a loon?/ A lonely croon, as you'll see soon/ sitting all alone on a big sand dune/ as the cat flies by with a loon named June/ showing off smugly his stolen spoon boon/ why it's enough to... (MadMan at Large )

... that gators don't crave you. / They of the toothy grin / who think it's no sin / to sink their teeth / into my friend Keith / and never.... (Dad )

let go again/ cause moon gators are tough/ they're into hard rock and other stuff/ and eating lost loons is never enough/ to satisfy their lunar appetite/ they find space ships a lunar delight/ if you got close enough you even might/ see one as it... (MadMan at Large )

....hovers in flight. / An alien grin beckons you aboard. / Beam me up Scotty! Onward to the stars. / Earth is the pits, off to Venus or Mars. / In fact, gimme the wheel of this celestial... Goddess (Goddess )

snoop/ or how dare you scoop/ `me and offer up this goop / Such a goofy loon/ On the way to the moon/ Lemme steer... (Quest-YELLOW-Thanks Schnujo )

The Celestial Voyager to a race who only loves/ to play the game they call White Doves/ for when I find their hidden den/ and show I have mastered Zen/ then (Kotaro )

...I will have to begin again / to watch a show with Stempy and Ren / whilst drinkig some gin / whereupon ... (Dad )

whereupon I met Harry Potter/ how dare he want my daughter?/ he is nothing put a pauper/ I will… (Mina~ )

put another lightening bolt on his forehead/ so he will be mistaken for an SS death head/ a Hitler lover he will attract/ ain't that an interesting fact!/ right arms raised, goose stepping down Main Street/ they will get a lot of left wing heat/ then.. (Kotaro )

we'll send him to the moon/ where he can wait for the Mars-bound loon/ if nothing else, he'll have the crocs/ they can make shady deals down by the docks/ or he could rent a tiny sliver/ and live in a van down by the river/ all day long he drinks a... (MadMan at Large )

Blue Elephant, guarantee to calm you down (that is what he needs). But if he stays down by the docs, watch out for that one suspicious croc, with the ticking clock, who awaits..... (Seabreeze )

while his teeth he grates while it is he who decides on your fate. Will it be left leg or right that...... (Monty )

our hungry croc decides to bite? / Or might he grab you by the toe / And ask to dance the do-si-do? / Perhaps if he has drunk his salts / The two of you could dance the ... (deemac )

waltz, if his face isn't puckered too bad, for drinking salt'll pucker a lad, even a tough old croc like Bill, who's used to drinking the ha'penny swill, you'd think he'd learn to build his own still, wear a hat like Hawkeye and sit back and chill, but he (MadMan at Large )

got hooked on watching MASH, a blast from the past, speckled with hangul and plenty of hash. The birds, they kept falling, the fault failed the air, the spooks were now calling, who cares if they share. But on the next morning the mourning took place.... (Misawa )

...all humans had died, they had been effaced/ Poor Bill left behind, wiping the dust off his face, Katie Veer as well, as she had lost her taste, in heaven and... (Mia Kiyoko )

...Earth, no more peopled with people, just carrion birds hanging out in the steeple, while... (Writer_Mike )

land/ two people can't meet the feline demands/ it's not even enough for a good marching band/ for the cats the situation was soon out of hand/ for cats need people like Joker needs Batman/ they need hands to bite and knickknacks to break/ and a... (MadMan at Large )

lap of milk and a big fishcake /But Katie and Bill had tons of nous /They went to town and bought 2 cows /Their names were Daffodil and Daisy / When the cats saw them, boy they went crazy /They ran away down the lane /And never were seen in this place ... (deemac )

again but showed up in a state of dismay a long way away in a large stack of hay, see they didn't know that cows... (Monty )

went moo/ and they didn't quite know what to do/ about the situation they were in/ until Katie and Bill came around with a very clever friend... (LadyGreen )

He was a wise old owl / The very cleverest sort of fowl / Who lived in Farmer Giles's barn / He told the cats and cows a yarn / And when the yarn came to an end / The cats and cows were all best friends / The owl then winked and flew away / he promised .. (deemac )

the cows took over, no need to worry / memories of kittens soon became blurry / Daisy was bold a true leader at best / leaving Daffodil behind to fail every test / jealousy began, starting out just as a seed / building and growing as fast as a weed (Dominique )

Binds her./ Summoning the raptors for a quick (Angelica- Happy Mothers Day! )

'pleasure' and 'measure' equal - treasure? Pressure? / It doesn't matter / the former or the latter / given on a platter / cause everything to ... (THANKFUL SONALI Now What? )

splatter against the battered barn, clattering down into the rain-swollen gully, where it... (Dave )

... began to sully / my best Sunday frock / which gave me a shock / as Daisy began to slide down the gulch / I frantically scraped at the congealing mulch / and scrabbled to move out of her path/for I didn't relish a Daisy filled bath/especially when .... (Teerich - 2019 )

since I had no fresh clothes/ which of course, ol' Daisy knows/ but she doesn't care about the state of my affairs/ why would she, for the only thing that Daisy wears/ is a bell around her neck/ why if I tried that, I'd... (MadMan at Large )

Look a wreck, but it depends on the bell, at the gateway to hell, gives a sombre dark racket, if you prefer, call it “racquet” but my French ain’t inspired, as an interpreter, I’d be fired, so I won’t bother with that, just go back, find the ... (☮ The Grum Of Grums )

plot / Hard to discover? Is it? / You really can't miss it / It won't take you ages / Just go back a few stages / Peruse every word / Ignore the absurd / Found it? That's fine! / Now just add your own ... (deemac )

....line / lest you be fined / for it clearly is mine / and we'll ne'er be apart / this is the start/ of a... (Dad )

race in a go-cart? // Do you know the fine art // of throwing Cupid's dart // In Walmart? // It's not tough // If you try enough // Through all the stuff // You'll find you ... (THANKFUL SONALI Now What? )

‘re engaging in bluff/ but this just won’t work/ don’t sound like a jerk/ be assured and all smooth/ you’ve nothing to prove/ except how to rhyme/ well, some of the time/ and others herein/ won’t allow you to ... (☮ The Grum Of Grums )

continue a theme/ it's almost as bad as a poorly-made meme/ but we do what we love and love what we do/ some call it therapy, some call it voodoo/ it's an unending line of passion and lies/ we pour out our hearts, and a small child.... (MadMan at Large )

could do better / but here I should pause / and find the right clause / to express my belief / just hold the horses, chief / that the cricket’s going well / ah, dammit to hell / the Indians’re on top / when’s it all going to ... (☮ The Grum Of Grums )

go Pop! / Like a big green *BalloonG* / That's been speared by a harpoon / Or maybe some champagne cork / Which the Old Duke of York / Once pulled for a toast / To the girl he loved ... (deemac )

to boast / about her form / not only striking and warm, / but unbeatable over the jumps / wearing four inch heeled pumps / not so good on the flat / but we won’t talk about that / let’s just focus on ... (☮ The Grum Of Grums )

Mame / For that was her name / When she fluttered her lashes / Men came out in rashes / Any man she could hook / With one lingering ... (deemac )

Book/ made on who she’d go kiss /and who would miss /out and go fulminating to bed / with pains in his back and his head/ /but sleep would not come /what a pain in the bum /so he tossed and he turned /for her kisses he yearned /but that could not ... (☮ The Grum Of Grums )

be, for Mame was a tree/ a huge weeping willow with curves for miles/ when she swayed in the wind men fell down in piles/ she's the reason other trees became Ents/ even maples and oaks fell prey to her hints/ old Mame was a legend among.... (MadMan at Large )

lumberjacks / She stopped every one of them dead in their tracks / Any man who approached her while toting a saw / Got a big swinging branch right square in the jaw / For miles around her, face down in the dirt / Lay any man wearing a lumberjack's ... (deemac )

skirt/ though they preferred to call it a kilt/ ol Mame could even make a Scottish 'jack wilt/ She stood proud and tall and swayed with the breeze/ any kid could climb her if they just said 'please'/ but one day a wizard sat down at her feet/ and said... (MadMan at Large )

The pleasures of reading, What awakens your mind? Is it profound writing? Witty brains need the drastic change. Sometimes curiosity and is strange, Why me is the single question. (preksha )

Then the wizard had a touch of indigestion / He reached in his pocket and pulled out a pill / But when he swallowed it he felt really ill / Then suddenly he realised with a groan / Instead of a tablet he'd swallowed a ... (deemac )

crone/ a little old lady with a bad disposition/ but his magic wand caused her shrunken condition/ it gave him great pleasure 'til he'd swallowed her whole/ now he felt like a cat who had eaten a mole/ there was only one way to solve this dilemma/ so he.. (MadMan at Large )

so he pulled out his phone and rang his friend, Gemma/ but she wasn’t home and he cursed fluently in Greek./ That caused his hair to fall out and made him feel weak./ so he pulled out his wand and waved it about,/ in an effort to ... (☮ The Grum Of Grums )

cure an attack of the gout / But his memory was poor and he said the wrong spell / His neck started twisting and he let out a yell / In front of his eyes was a very odd scene/ 'Stead of where he was going, he saw where he'd … (deemac )

been/ his belly faced front and his head face the back/ and for the first time he could see his own crack/ now that is a sight no man should behold/ for'twas wrinkled and hairy and covered in mold/ so he lifted his wand and tried a new spell/ abracadabra- (MadMan at Large )

.. Dingley Dell / Before he knew what was happening / He was whooshed off his feet / Right into an episode of Sesame Street / He bumped into Kermit, rolled over and over / Then was asked 'May I help you?' by a Monster named ... (deemac )

Grover / but he was no help / just caused the wizard to yelp / as he scrambled to his knees / a scene destined to please / kids watching Sesame Street / a new spell needed to beat / the problems and worries / he was destined to ... (☮ The Grum Of Grums )

fail/ so he conjured up his most powerful spell/ and poof he was gone, except for his smell/ when he opened his eyes, twas a sight to behold/ he stood on a beach selling Panama Gold/ his old body was young, and tanned to light brown/ and his eyes.. (MadMan at Large )

could see everything for miles around / To the east was a rainbow, arched in the sky / To the west a young robin was learning to fly / To the north he saw fields of emerald green /To the south the prettiest girl that he'd ever... (deemac )

seen/ but as she drew close he could see her eyes dance/ they sparkled and glowed with magic enchants/ for she was a mage and her power was strong/ and the wizard had been lonely for far too long/ he mustered his courage and as she grew near/ he said... (MadMan at Large )

"Maid, may I whisper some words in your ear?" / The young lady blushed, averting her eyes / Said the wizard, "Come join me for a couple mince pies" / "My mom says I mustn't" the damsel replied / "But a definite rumble comes from my inside" / So off to,, (deemac )

where the oysters were fried / along with assorted other delights / available by day and during nights / but the maiden was frightened / her gut muscles tightened / the resultant smell / seemed to come straight from hell / with a wave of his wand, the ... (☮ The Grum Of Grums )

wiz (quite unfond of the stench) made a wrench that he put to good use which was... (AJ wants U 2 meet The CanMan! )

... as good as a cinch / to send the stench to the bench / but the wait for the food was long / and her hunger was strong / so say suggested that they ... (Dad )

all get along / and stop all the grousing / and focus on carousing / but the wiz didn’t care / he was losing his hair / in great lumps and chunks / to the applause of the hunks / who all .. (☮ The Grum Of Grums )

the drought blistered all life / the topical oasis singed / all that flowed was dust... (Burntpoet )

but only just / for the heavens erupted / with so much rain / the oasis was corrupted. / There was joy through the land / exquisite relief on every hand, / although flooding became a curse / too much water and getting worse / “Oh for a dry ... (☮ The Grum Of Grums )

day / One like last Friday" / Thought old Farmer Giles /"Just to bring back some smiles / And we don't want a worse day / Like that big storm last Thursday / Or a Singin' the Blues day / Like we had just last... (deemac )

Tuesday / and that was a fun day like we had last Sunday / or maybe it was Monday because I’d lost track of one day / since falling on my head, when climbing out of bed / just a really small concussion / and another simple ... (☮ The Grum Of Grums )

solution / I put a bandage on my head / And booked a vacation on the Med / Somewhere where I'll feel fine / Cos the sun will always.... (deemac )

... shine on me whilst I dine / or mayhaps I dine whilst it shines / on the Med's water / more than I oughter / while I watch a rich man's daughter ... (Dad )

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