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by Monty
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A group for us older folks who've been there, done that, (and our young friends, too!)
We're getting older, but we're also getting better! This is the place where the "oldtimers" can get together, reminise, talk about hobbies, crafts, vacations, hopes, goals, whatever comes to mind! Like love, feelings, families!

It's a place to sit back, relax, take a deep breath and go on again. The first sixty years are the hardest, some say - but I'm not so sure now about the next sixty! *Shock*

Feel free to come in and post a message in the Senior Center forum! We love company! Anyone may post, so don’t be shy. To become a member, though, we prefer you have achieved your sixtieth birthday!

The Place for Seniors!
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GP donations of any amount gratefully welcomed!
50k or more earns a community MB of your choice.

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Monty -- Owner/Admin
Carol St.Ann -- co-leader
🌓 HuntersMoon
James A. Osteen Jr. -- Member
Ron Henry -- Member
Kenzie -- Member
hippo -- Member
AJ wants U 2 meet The CanMan! -- Member
Marti -- Member
ZION -- Member
Sunnie -- Member
rainbows -- Member
waterbaby -- Member
Sugaree-Serial_Writer -- Member
Vivian -- Member
Ladyj -- Member
Doris -- Member
super sleuth -- Member
Meg -- Member
Of Fire Born mourns Mama -- Member
Eiji -- Member
BEAR -- Member
~Sue~ -- Member
1leila123 -- Member
Devil's Delight-Cherry -- Member
Connieann loves to write! -- Member
Brian -- Member
Artemis Quill -- Member
Nani - Blessed Indeed -- Member
Prosperous Snow writing poetry -- Member
Lexi Rose -- Member
Little Mouse -- Member
elephantsealer -- Member
Christine Cassello -- Member
Bikerider -- Member
Moarzjasac -- Member
Jaiam -- Member
Camilla Kenyon -- Member
PENsive is Meemaw x 3! -- Member
Pat ~ starting a new journey -- Member
njames51 -- Member
SLRE -- Member
Casey -- Member
Write-fully Loti -- Member
☮ The Grum Of Grums -- Member
Being Diane -- Member
Evelyn - Writing on Fire -- Member
Summer Wind is Healing -- Member

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