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For people passing through who want to make their presence felt.

This is Anouska Foster here (Why do I sound like I should be on the BBC World Service?)

Everyday I see my portfolio views go up but no correspondence to go with it! So I expect people wander in and decide she isn't my cup of tea or couldn't face it, after all. I suppose it's like walking into a room and forgetting why you're there but, anyway, I don't mind you not reviewing. We all feel like that sometimes! It's just I would like to know who you are. So here it is and I hope someone will sign something!!!

Also the fools who aren't signed up to the site well...I think you can still contact me through the email system anfoster@writing.com!

Sign anything whoever you may be! *Smile*

: kymee
: 07-20-11 @ 3:41am
: Just passing through. Trying to get my own guestbook going.

: Fi
: 12-07-10 @ 8:21pm
: Hi Anouska (is that your real name? I like it!) I was just passing through and thought I'd drop a note. I have a guestbook and I know the delightful feeling when someone new signs it!! {e:Smile} Hope you'll check out my port. ~ Kasia

: Joshiahis
: 05-28-10 @ 11:23pm
: Hello- I'm just checking out your ghost stories {e:delight} ~Lee

: Mckeithan Owens
: 06-12-06 @ 9:32am

: Starr* Rathburn
: 05-31-06 @ 1:37am
: Greetings! I stopped by to read a couple of items; will try to get back again when I have more time to do a proper review. Keep writing, and may the Muse be with you!

: The Critic
: 08-14-05 @ 3:18pm
: "HI", came this way after reading your thoughts in the inappropriately named Content Rating Support Forum concerning the Non-E word "stupid. I agree with you 100 percent - context should matter{e:exclaim}

: M. DeVille
: 09-07-04 @ 9:29am
: Hello There! Anouska Foster... now off to look at your writing... and here's 5! Why Not?!

: Anouska Foster
: 07-10-04 @ 9:57am
: Yo, Mia! :-) How you doin'?

: C. Powell
: 06-25-04 @ 6:44am
: Ha. Back again. That's right. I have the coordinates to this place stored in the nav computer. Fear me... or not.

: Anouska Foster
: 06-03-04 @ 10:30am
: I thought I'd check in on my own guestbook...I'm stuck in a never-ending maze of exam revision. Aaah! Be back soon!

: Maharani, period.
: 03-12-04 @ 7:39pm
: I here 'ya about the views and no contacts... so I'll say "HI!" Heck, I'll even look at the portfolio!

: Dreams - Anon, who are you?
: 03-12-04 @ 2:27pm
: Is this not a BIG guest book yet? I am doing lots of r&r and so I thought I would just say hi, and please change your bio. I love those

: C. Powell
: 03-12-04 @ 7:50am
: Trapped in Australian Space-time distortion. Return loop trip inevitable. Hope you have a great day and watch out for the wormholes :)

: Paige has found her muse!
: 02-01-04 @ 12:51pm
: Hi A.N. I'm just popping in to say Thanx again for the wonderful awardicon you bestowed on my contest!

: Pretty in Black
: 01-28-04 @ 10:44pm
: BLUE! BLUE! I see BLUE! Congratulations, hon... you deserve it! :-)

: Omi is Grad-e-ated
: 12-15-03 @ 6:16am
: Howdy, just stoppin by again, I love reading The Anecdotal Arms, I visit a few times a day.

: C. Powell
: 11-29-03 @ 6:16pm
: couldnt remember if I stopped here or not... hyperspace is so taxing :)

: alludra
: 11-18-03 @ 7:29pm
: Heyness!!!!!!! I'm ADDICTED! I mean, I call my best friend 'Anouska' she gets kinda annoyed lol, but yeah..., I always read the scrollies with you...I'm like a stalker!! Weird :-)

: Cubby
: 11-14-03 @ 2:12pm
: Cubby, here. Just passin' through so I'd say hello! Sometimes I like to wander through people's ports. Today I'm not feeling very well so I'm not doing much R & R. Take care! Cubby ")

: Farhana
: 11-10-03 @ 2:22am
: cotest = very tired had 3hrs sleep, should be in bed but chatting to a friend who lives in Singapore...lol!

: Farhana
: 11-10-03 @ 2:19am
: What a great new cotest, already filling up...should be a hit! All the best with it...have a great week!

: Andrea
: 11-08-03 @ 3:19pm
: As my last entry is soon to be booted off the bottom I thought I would post and say hi again! Hope all is well with you.

: Stormy Lady
: 11-08-03 @ 3:02pm
: You linked, I click, and here we are! Have a wonderful day!

: MadMan at Large
: 11-08-03 @ 3:02pm
: Hullo! I haven't been here in a bit, thought I'd drop you a line!

: Farhana
: 11-08-03 @ 2:43pm
: Please leave your message after the beep...*Beep* "Hey An, mum accidently put the heating up to 30! Wooooohoooo...You can keep the blanket..lol! Catch you when you get back!...You have 1 new message :)

: SueBear
: 11-07-03 @ 9:27am
: Hi there...saw your invite on the scrollie and stopped on by. Hi!

: Gayle ♪♪♪
: 10-25-03 @ 5:35pm
: I am entering my hello! Love some of your work and ideas! Write On! Stop by for a cup of tea or coffee sometime. Gayle

: Farhana
: 10-25-03 @ 4:11pm
: Hey ANN..Just came by to give you an extra blanket..Will come by soon on a cold night and curl up with one of your pieces lol!

: Write-fully Loti
: 10-10-03 @ 4:27pm
: Must say hello, can't say goodbye. Hello, hello..... As I pass through I think here is another person I don't know and maybe should...

: Star ♥
: 10-10-03 @ 3:08pm
: Heylos! Saw the link on scrolly and thought I'd drop in to say Hello! *waves*

: Amyaurora
: 10-08-03 @ 12:34pm
: Hello. Passing through.

: Warbird_wa
: 10-08-03 @ 5:14am
: time , the time who's got the time lol I'll get back here soon I swear! sometimes I feel like the white rabbit! can you tell?

: Dreams - Anon, who are you?
: 10-02-03 @ 1:38pm
: hi there. was not in the mood to r&r but saw this so i thought i would add my 2 cents. why a tiny book? it should be BIG!

: Fairlight
: 09-06-03 @ 12:46pm
: Fairlight here! What a great way to get people to check out your work. I know I will! Take care all!

: SarahSedaii
: 09-06-03 @ 11:58am
: Hullo! Just wondering around, thought I'd say HI!!

: Funnyface is happy to be back
: 08-15-03 @ 10:03am
: Greetings, it sure was lovely to visit you today.

: Gregory S Willis
: 07-31-03 @ 11:27am
: howdy from a Southern Yank. In the next few weeks I'll be pokin' through your port, ma'am

: Ramblin Rose
: 06-21-03 @ 1:15pm
: Just stopped by to say Hi and will read more in a little bit. :-) Ramblin' Rose

: SarahSedaii
: 06-20-03 @ 3:57pm
: Hi!!!! hope you are not lonely anymore!

: Syndirella
: 06-20-03 @ 3:40pm
: Hello Foster!!!!! Nice to sign your guest book, now i'll have to take another look around your port!!!

: Stik's on a Boat!
: 06-12-03 @ 10:48pm
: *burp* Excuse me. I'll be lurking around the preferred forum, maybe stopping in soon...

: Pauls Kitten is Married!!!
: 06-06-03 @ 8:06pm
: :-) Hey there...passing through...I will give your port a peruse.

: Sakura
: 06-01-03 @ 7:11am
: Hey guys, haven't read your stuff but hopefully I will try to soon. Will you guys read my stuff too?

: Andrea
: 05-27-03 @ 1:22pm
: Hi! Just passing through, so thought I'd sign in. Nice to see another Brit on here.

: Elycia ☮ Happy 2023!
: 05-27-03 @ 12:35pm
: Ely here. Didn't really go through all your stuff. Put it in my favs so that I can read it when I am more awake. It is midnight now- oh boy!!!

: A Guest Visitor
: 12-31-69 @ 7:00pm

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