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Silly things said
I don't think I have seen anything like this on this site, but I was inspired to do this after the week I have had. *Confused*

Have you ever said something or heard something that was sort of 'dumb' or funny? Maybe it was said in the wrong context.

Well, let's share what we've said or heard and have a lot of laughs. *Laugh*

This is just for fun. I rated this "18+" to allow innuendos that maybe our younger members do not need to read. Please nothing over 18+ or it will be deleted.

: Theday
: 07-03-06 @ 7:24pm
Duh: "I'm full." "You are, must be a compliment to the chef." "I cooked it." "Then you must like your work." - me to the bf.

: Theday
: 07-03-06 @ 7:22pm
Duh: "He hasn't seen the Spider-man movies, or Underworld or the X-men movies." "Does he live under a rock?" - my friend and I about another friend.

: Ms. Penguin
: 06-23-06 @ 8:58am
Duh: "What's on the Chicken Club sandwich?" A customer, while looking directly at a very clear picture that shows you EXACTLY what is on the sandwich!

: Theday
: 06-16-06 @ 7:45pm
Duh: "I swear I was the only one who saw the lightning storm last night. Do you people have something better to do at 3 am?" - Me

: Theday
: 06-04-06 @ 2:27pm
Duh: "Damn public educated grads, too chicken to take risks." - me about my sister and her friend.

: Theday
: 06-04-06 @ 2:26pm
Duh: "Well, at least I can wear high heels in public!" my sister to my Dad.

: Ms. Penguin
: 06-03-06 @ 9:04pm
Duh: Another dimwit says, "I'm sweating like a sieve."

: Ms. Penguin
: 06-03-06 @ 9:03pm
Duh: I knew a woman who used to always twist things around, she's not real bright: "He was built like a shit brickhouse."

: Theday
: 06-02-06 @ 3:36pm
Duh: "Where's Waldo?" me on looking at the picture of Everything...

: Theday
: 06-02-06 @ 3:35pm
Duh: "Those SunRipe people were trying to get in my pants." Me about people trying to sell me stuff.

: Octobers Lie
: 05-30-06 @ 6:28pm
Duh: A friend asked me "Why does your closet door knob have a lock on the inside instead of the outside?" Duh! So that no one gets locked in the closet!?!

: Ms. Penguin
: 05-29-06 @ 6:59pm
Duh: "Are you ok?" Asked of me when I was vomiting my guts out. Duh, whadda ya think? lol

: Elisa the Snowman Stik
: 05-06-06 @ 2:51am
Duh: "Look! Anthrax brownies!"-me (after a delirious crying fit) upon seeing brownies topped with powdered sugar during the Anthrax Scare of 2001

: Elisa the Snowman Stik
: 05-06-06 @ 2:50am
Duh: "First I lose my memory. Second I lose my memory."-me in high school

: Theday
: 05-03-06 @ 5:21am
Duh: "I have to go wash my hands, I don't know who else was handeling those nuts." - Me at a resturant after being at a hardware store.

: DragonsGoddess
: 04-14-06 @ 2:49am
Duh: Which way is up and which way is down? Heard out of context this is the biggest duh! In context he was asking about a box that was supposed to be a certain way so as not to break the car parts in it.

: Theday
: 04-09-06 @ 8:02pm
Duh: "Is that you or a broomhandle?" Me while we were making fun of sex on the job.

: Theday
: 04-09-06 @ 8:01pm
Duh: "There's no way I'm watching a David Lynch film with you." Me after getting 4 dozen questions when watching King Kong with a friend.

: Theday
: 04-09-06 @ 8:00pm
Duh: "I can't eat cheesecake anymore, it goes straight to my ass." "You should eat more cheesecake." me and the bf.

: Just in Sight
: 03-29-06 @ 12:53am
Duh: "Look, Trenton ... a pachyderm!" (At a Renaissance Festival, a mom pointing out an elephant to her toddler)

: Theday
: 03-20-06 @ 4:49am
Duh: "I'm fine, don't worry." me when I was vomitting.

: Theday
: 03-20-06 @ 4:48am
Duh: "I bet Kelsey never had you standing out in the middle of nowhere next to a highway at night." - Me commenting on the situation to my little sisters as we waited for the bus.

: Theday
: 03-19-06 @ 4:05am
Duh: "No Carl, unplug the microphone near the wall." technical difficulties at school today.

: Theday
: 03-13-06 @ 2:54am
Duh: "New record, left the job in 3 days." my friend about my roomie leaving his latest job.

: rainblossoms in seclusion
: 03-10-06 @ 4:20pm
Duh: "My water's wet." - My friend's reaction to the beads of moisture on her Dasani bottle.

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