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Based on David Letterman's nightly Top Ten List..You make the list!


IT'S HERE! - THE SEPT 2008 TOP TEN LIST CONTEST IS NOW OPEN !!! Enough of this I&O fun - time to get serious......

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Okay, this is an in&out based on...

David Letterman's nightly Top Ten List*Cool*

It's a rolling list of top ten countdowns on various topics or items selected by you*Smile*

Each time you count down the "Top Ten" (usually "reasons" but not necessarily), until number 1 is reached

Once you've reached the number 1 item for each topic, the next visitor posts the next topic and the countdown begins at 10 once again!

The idea is to have fun, be inventive, vent if you need to (fun!) and try to top that last numbered item. Examples of topics you might use:
*Bullet*The Top Ten reasons reality shows are so popular
*Bullet*The Top Ten reasons George Bush took us into Iraq
*Bullet*The top ten names Marilyn Manson considered before choosing Marilyn Manson

(Please, please, its non-political and just for fun...)

Got the idea?
What do you have to lose?

Follow the format below.

Start new topics with:
Top Ten ...
Start new countdowns with:
Number 10: ...

-- A Guest Visitor

"Top Ten Reactions To The Just-Concluded American Elections"
-- Dad

"#10 Thank God they are finally over"
-- Dad

"#9 We voted on something? What did we vote on?"
-- Dad

"#8 You guys had an election over there? Oh, right ..."
-- deemac

"#7 Yayyy! Major changes! ... Oh... wait a minute... never mind..."

"#5 Yeah yeah yeah, vote. Uh huh. Now let's get back to something important, like the next season of America's Top Model."
-- Dad

"#4 Why do we even bother? All politicians are the same. I wish my friend Adam had won the state rep vote, but Gene's been in there over 26 years and Adam's a nobody. He did get 33% of the votes though!"

"#3 Gene has to die someday. Politics is the only profession where retirement age means NOTHING. Oh, and maybe the ministry."

"#2 "Thought that freakin' saga would NEVER end." Talking of which ... ?"
-- deemac

"#1 Can't we just shoot them all and start over?"

"The Top Ten Ways to Pass the Time while waiting for someone to post a topic for the next Top Ten List"
-- deemac

"#10 Experiment with WritingML."
-- deemac

"#9 Watch our fingernails grow"
-- Dad

"#8 Wonder why my new costumicon makes me feel like Batman's archnemesis The Riddler. (Thanks, catty!)"
-- Dad

"#7 Wonders why Dad doesn't visit the costumicon page and get himself a costumicon that doesn't broadcast "I don't know how to change my costumicon!" to the whole world."

"#6 Sits and wonders if Dad and Steve are as crazy in real life as they portray themselves online. Then goes out for a smoke."

"#5 Sit and try to decide if Pengy likes her tobacco regular, menthol, or wacky"
-- Dad

"#4 Try to figure out where the costumicon page is *Confused*"
-- Dad

"#3 Wonders if anyone helpful will email costumicon changing instructions to Dad."

"#2 Thinks, Heck, nobody's posted a new topic yet, let him steam for a while. *Smirk*"
-- deemac

"#1 Suddenly get an awesome exciting *Idea* for a new list ... then your connection goes down and by the time you're back online you've forgotten your *Idea* so you just post another lame topic instead *Frown* ..."
-- deemac

"#10 Top Ten Costumicons to give Dad for Christmas"
-- deemac

"#10 A Toulouse-lautrec broad dancing the can-can "
-- deemac

"#9 It's too bad there isn't a blank costumicon. That would be perfect for him."

"OT That should actually read: "#10 A Toulouse-lautrec fat broad dancing the can-can ""
-- Dad

"#8 A costumicon with lots of children on it because I have only one."
-- Dad

"#7 A picture of catty. She bought it for me."
-- Dad

"#6 Penguins, cuz he wants to be like me!"

"#5 Turnips, because you waited too long to shop and got stuck with the last available costumicon."

"#4 One with lots of pairs of red, green and purple striped, polkadot socks on it to remind him of what his dear old departed Great Aunt Matilda used to give him every year."
-- deemac

"#3 One with 10,000 ties. Everybody knows that the best gift to give a dad is another tie, which is just what every dad wants."
-- Dad

"Top Ten Reasons I Hadn't Reviewed This Before"
-- Dad

"OT: Ignore the post titled "Top Ten Reasons I Hadn't Reviewed This Before" It doesn't belong here."
-- Dad

"#2 A costumicon labeled with the numbers from 10 to 1 would come in handy for him."

"#1 One with a picture of Mom on it, of course."

"Top Ten Presents Ms Penguin Will Get For Christmas"

"#10 Fish. Duh!"
-- Dad

"#9 That super comfortable bra they keep advertising on late night infomercials that I watch with fascination."

"#8 Something to put into the bra (Oh, Dad, you are wicked tonight)"
-- Dad

"#7 A harem of hot men with lots of stamina. Please? (I have plenty to put in it, Dad. But, I heard those bras don't work well for larger busted women)"

"#6 (Tell that to the bra models they are using. They ain't skinny!) ... Pearls. Don't get excited. You aren't really getting any pearls, but I thought one out of the10 gifts should be something nice, or at least something that you can pawn for cash."

"#5 Cash (Notice how I never said I'd be giving her cash. Just that she might possibly kinda could be maybe pretty please with sugar on it maybe might get)"
-- Dad

"#4 A life-size 'The Penguin' action figure from the Batman series - with kung-fu grip and a removable, vibrating umbrella. "

"#3 A life-size vibrating umberlla."
-- Dad

"#2 A case of vodka, a case of tequila, a case of diet coke and a bag of limes!"

"#1 A little memory book to remind her of her name and address and any other details of her life that she might lose as all her brain cells are gradually consumed by alcohol."

"Top Ten Midwinter Vacation Trips You Would Be Glad To Win On A Game Show"

"#10 Florida. "
-- Dad

"#9 You know that "Atlantis" place they keep advertising on cable with the dolphins and the special deals and the clear blue Caribbean waters and especially that chick in the bikini at the end of the ad?"

"#8 Nassau in the Bahamas. Went there when I was 8,. Loved it!!!"

"#7 St. Thomas, Ste. Maarten, St. Croix, St. John, St. Vincent, but not the Grenadines"
-- Dad

"#6 Costa Rica with a side trip to Jurrassic Park."

"#5 Any place that does not include the phrase "State Prison," "Federal Correctional Institution," or "Work Camp" in its title."
-- Dad

"#3 A vacation on TopTenList Island - unvisited by any other human being throughout the entire winter months"
-- deemac

"#2 A one-way ticket to Spring."

"#1 an all-Expense paid trip to the Top Ten List I/O"
-- Dad

"Top Ten Successful Lines to Try to Get Catty into the Sack"
-- Dad

"#10 Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty...."

"#9 Your place?: My place? Maybe the bar restroom?"
-- Dad

"#8 Oh, I almost forgot, I've got something for you."

"#7 Get in this sack right now!"

"#5 Hey catty! Wanna see something you've never seen before?"
-- Dad

"#4 Respect you in the morning? Hell's bells, I don't respect you NOW!"
-- Dad

"#3 hey, catty! Do you wanna...>>> ,,,, *Right* >>>.... How'd you get naked and ?into bed that quick"
-- Dad

"#2 Hey, catty! Have you ever heard of that game that involves a long stick, balls, and a hole? (I AM, of course, referring to gold (or billiards))"
-- Dad

"OT: I meant, of course, golf, not gold. !#@$*()@},/{)@ tyops"
-- Dad

"#1 Hey catty - Can I stick my finger in your belly button. Whaddya mean that ain't you bellybutton? The joke's on you, honey! That ain't my finger!"
-- Dad

"Top 10 Things Dad and Steve Would Never Ever Ever say to Each Other"
-- Dad

"#10 Wanna play some golf?"
-- Dad

"#9 Okay, but only if deemac caddies for us. Let's face it, that guy's one-liners just beat the heck out of our stuff any day."
-- deemac

"#8 Well, OK, but bowling is definitely out. Bowling it waaaaaayyyyyyy to strenuous for us young fellers."
-- Dad

"#7 Dad would never ever say to Steev the Friction Wizurd (and vice-versa) "I'm no longer going to be ornery. Want to join me in this personality change?" (unless, of course, it was said tongue-in-cheek)."

"#6 Hey Dad! Wanna stick your tongue in my cheek? "
-- Dad

"#5 Let's be nice to people for a week. OK, how about 5 days then?"

"#4 If Steev would just go away for, oh, let's say, maybe 6 months, I still wouldn't miss him. (OT: Hate to admit it, but it's been nearly 6 months, and I do miss him.) "
-- Dad

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