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A group for dedicated fantasy and/or sci-fi readers and writers.
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Longswords, Lasers, & Literature Group

LL&L has been retired. It may or may not reopen again sometime in the future, but in the meantime I suggest checking out "WYRM

Are you unhappy with the unhelpful reviews you get? Are you fed up with giving detailed, constructive, and encouraging reviews only to get nothing in return? Are you sick of putting forth effort in other groups while some members don't even participate? Are you looking to reach new heights with your writing by trading support with like-minded individuals? Are you looking for writers who share you interest and passion for speculative fiction? Are you looking for quality writers to read and review? If you answer yes to any of these questions, this might be the group for you.

This group is for dedicated speculative fiction readers and writers, with a special focus on fantasy and science fiction. Founded by writers disgruntled with poor reviews, a lack of reviews, and/or discontent with lackluster writing forums, this group is for those individuals who are willing to actively participate in return for constructive and consistent reviews and writing assistance.

Novels, short stories, etc. are all acceptable, as is applicable poetry, such as epic poetry, and non-fiction that deals in issues of fantasy and science-fiction. We have recently expanded to include horror, given its similiarities to fantasy and science fiction and its inclusion as speculative fiction.

It is our mission to make "Longswords, Lasers, & Literature: CLOSED the premiere Writing.com resource for serious speculative fiction writers. We're looking to assemble the best writers of fantasy and science fiction that we can. The basic theory is that by bringing together readers and writers we can improve our own writing. However, it will take committment and some hard work from all our members.


What It Means to be a Member of LL&L:

"Longswords, Lasers, & Literature: CLOSED is a select group, and being a member means being serious about fantasy and/or science fiction. However, we believe in growth, and we're confident we can help each other improve. Your primary responsibilities as a member are to participate, learn from our constructive criticisms, and offer substantive and constructive criticism to other members. The only requirements set in stone are as follows:

*Bullet* Members are required to submit one substantive and constructive review per week. They will review an item of their choice from a list of items by LL&L writers.
*Bullet* The assumption is members are looking for assistance on their own projects. Therefore, they can submit a link to the group leader, and their item will be added to the list of items up for review by other members. They may change the item they want reviewed at any time. While the weekly review is a requirement, we realize that sometimes a member may not have anything he/she needs reviewed, so this is not a requirement. LL&L guarantees several constructive reviews for any item you have posted for review.

While swapping reviews is the only requirement and the most helpful benefit of being a member, we encourage our members to participate in other ways as well. We have a general discussion forum open only to members where we can discuss anything that will assist in your writing or simply keep you entertained. We're an extremely fun bunch and sometimes even get a little rowdy. Part of LL&L is building a comradery between its members, and we have all made several lasting friendships.

Because we like to see our members participate in several ways, we have developed a reward system. The "Invalid Item are always on the lookout for members we feel are going above and beyond the call of duty. We reward such members with various Writing.com prizes, including GPs, merit badges, awardicons, upgrades, and promotion to the "Invalid Item itself. Some additional ways to participate are as follows:

*Bullet* Regularly post in the "Invalid Item
*Bullet* Assist in fundraising for our reward system
*Bullet* Submit additional reviews on a regular basis
*Bullet* Actively recruit new members
*Bullet* Offer especially constructive and substantial reviews
*Bullet* Assist with group projects, including hosting and judging contests, contributing to a potential LL&L newsletter, writing for group campfires, etc.

You'll get out of "Longswords, Lasers, & Literature: CLOSED whatever you put it into it. The more your participate the more likely you'll find your experience with LL&L to be a very rewarding one.


How to Join the Group:

There are two basic steps to joining LL&L. If you are specifically recruited by one of our members you may skip the first step, and in rare cases where you have an established history of being the sort of writer and reviewer we're looking for you may skip both steps and become a full member. The steps are as follows:

*Note1* Fill out the "Invalid Item.

*Note1* Submit a review for one of the items listed at the "Invalid Item Post a copy of your review in that forum.

*Note1* If accepted, you will enter into an Application Period of three (3) weeks. Since reviews are due each week, you will be submitting three (3) reviews during this period. This is a chance to prove your reviewing skills are sufficient to become a full member of LL&L. We may accept or decline your application any time during this period based on your performance.
         *Bullet*If accepted, an item of your choice will be added to the review list and you'll become a permanent member.
         *Bullet*If denied, you'll be removed from the group. Usually, we will not deny sometime until the Application Period is complete so that they have a chance to grow and adapt to our standards. However, in some cases it may be immediately apparent that an applicant is not a good fit for "Longswords, Lasers, & Literature: CLOSED.


Group Leader's Pledge

As the leader of this group, I have even more responsibility than all the members who are expected to participate. For this reason, I will do my best to make sure the group runs smoothly and continues to meet my high standards. If I ever feel that I am unable to perform my duties, I will gladly hand over group leadership to a devoted and motivated volunteer.


Gift Point Donors
Donations are appreciated. They will be used to sponsor future contests.

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