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Get and share ideas. Complete the sentence, "What if..."
What if....?

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Author: Theday
Time: 07-20-05 @ 10:28pm
Post: What if Theday just became a user here at Writing.com insteed of celibrating his 4th Writing.com B-day?

Author: Theday
Time: 07-23-05 @ 2:52am
Post: What if all the world's inside of your head? Just creations of your own. Devils and the Gods, all the living and the dead. And you really are alone?

Author: Theday
Time: 07-27-05 @ 3:28am
Post: What if you almost lost your boy/girl friend?

Author: Theday
Time: 07-27-05 @ 3:28am
Post: What if everyone had J-Lo booty?

Author: deemac
Time: 07-27-05 @ 8:22am
Post: What if Theday stopped trawling through old In&Outs every couple of weeks so I wouldn't have to plough through 32 screens for Fortunately/Unfortunately?

Author: Ananda08
Time: 07-30-05 @ 12:24am
Post: What if the world was secretly run my a consortium of Giant Space Hamsters?

Author: Ananda08
Time: 07-30-05 @ 12:25am
Post: What if I took the time to review my posts before adding so that I didn't misspell simple words like "by"?

Author: Theday
Time: 07-30-05 @ 4:30am
Post: What if you could teach old dogs new tricks, like Deemac learning to use favorites :D

Author: deemac
Time: 07-31-05 @ 8:37am
Post: What if the word for 'human' in the axolotl language was 'axolotl'?

Author: Steev the Friction Wizurd
Time: 07-31-05 @ 8:12pm
Post: What if by typing this post I have made some irrevocable change in the pattern of my existence that will lead to my dying sooner than if I had just left this damn thing alone?

Author: deemac
Time: 08-02-05 @ 2:50am
Post: What if the key to a long, prosperous and happy life was simply to type the word 'irrevocable' at 7.50 am on a wet Tuesday?

Author: Steev the Friction Wizurd
Time: 08-02-05 @ 7:58am
Post: What if you missed an appointment with fate that would have made you prosperous and happy forever because you forgot what time zone you were in?

Author: Theday
Time: 08-17-05 @ 9:37pm
Post: What if Theday was right about the Ninja Rules?

Author: Steev the Friction Wizurd
Time: 08-18-05 @ 5:42am
Post: What if the Ninja Rules replaced the Ten Commandments?

Author: deemac
Time: 08-18-05 @ 6:41am
Post: What if "The 10 Commandments" was a binary term?

Author: Zuly
Time: 11-07-05 @ 3:30pm
Post: What if you knew when and how you were going to die? What if knowing was more of a curse than an advantage?

Author: Theday
Time: 01-26-06 @ 4:03am
Post: What if we were all porn stars?

Author: Theday
Time: 01-26-06 @ 4:04am
Post: What if male nipples produced milk insteed of women's?

Author: Theday
Time: 01-26-06 @ 4:04am
Post: What if motorized unicycles were more popular then motorbikes?

Author: Theday
Time: 01-26-06 @ 4:07am
Post: What if 'Talk Like A Pirate Day' (september 19th) was more popular then X-mas?

Time: 01-26-06 @ 4:41am
Post: What if women were all hairy and men were soft and smooth.

Time: 01-26-06 @ 4:44am
Post: What if flowers were edible...would we all be eating off of the ground.

Author: Theday
Time: 02-02-06 @ 3:46am
Post: What if homosexuals were the majority?

Author: Rusty Quill
Time: 02-03-06 @ 8:06pm
Post: What if chocolate was actually little green aliens in disguise?

Author: Pen_and_Coffee
Time: 02-03-06 @ 11:12pm
Post: What if you had to keep a list of your purchases for a month?

Author: Prosperous Snow writing poetry
Time: 02-04-06 @ 11:38pm
Post: What if every time a person laughed he or she became younger by one day?

Author: Theday
Time: 02-05-06 @ 1:29am
Post: What if the Beatles never made it to America?

Author: Theday
Time: 02-10-06 @ 4:33am
Post: What if you could not feel pain.

Author: Theday
Time: 02-10-06 @ 4:35am
Post: What if goths wore hot pink insteed of black?

Author: Kai Magpies
Time: 02-12-06 @ 2:52pm
Post: What if the entire world suddenly became colourblind?

Author: Theday
Time: 02-20-06 @ 4:59pm
Post: What if everyone could draw like cartoon artists?

Author: Theday
Time: 04-09-06 @ 8:19pm
Post: What if you were a lumberjack?

Author: Joan
Time: 04-09-06 @ 9:25pm
Post: What if the world was upside down?

Author: Joan
Time: 04-09-06 @ 9:26pm
Post: What if there weren't computers?

Author: Joan
Time: 04-09-06 @ 9:28pm
Post: What if flowers were so powerful?

Author: DragonsGoddess
Time: 04-14-06 @ 2:31am
Post: What if we were a science project for some kid on a distant planet??

Author: Josie Cloos
Time: 06-03-06 @ 1:02am
Post: What if some kid on a distant planet were a science project for us?

Author: tc_davis
Time: 06-03-06 @ 7:39am
Post: What if we could live with no sleep?

Author: Steev the Friction Wizurd
Time: 06-03-06 @ 8:14pm
Post: What if hurricanes were farts from some kid on a distant planet who couldn't sleep?

Author: Theday
Time: 06-08-06 @ 7:44pm
Post: What if pens were filled with blood instead of ink?

Author: Steev the Friction Wizurd
Time: 06-09-06 @ 9:42pm
Post: What if a 6-27-05 post is at the top of this list when someone posts on 6-27-06?

Author: DragonsGoddess
Time: 06-26-06 @ 1:54pm
Post: What if Steve were psychic????

Author: Theday
Time: 07-03-06 @ 6:39pm
Post: What if humans could shoot poision from under their tongues?!

Author: Steev the Friction Wizurd
Time: 07-23-06 @ 7:03am
Post: What if teachers kept pets so they could test their stone-turning powers?

Author: DragonsGoddess
Time: 09-02-07 @ 11:00pm
Post: What if skunks smelled like roses and roses smelled like skunks?

Author: darcsen141
Time: 08-26-10 @ 4:17pm
Post: what if www.writing.com did not exist.

Author: SharotheFantasyWriter
Time: 08-26-10 @ 9:16pm
Post: What if the Mayans are right?

Author: Steev the Friction Wizurd
Time: 08-27-10 @ 5:01pm
Post: What if people went looking for In&Outs that hadn't been posted to in three years and dragged them back into circulation? Would the In&Out area become clogged with excess In&Outs? Would going in and out become difficult?

Author: Faery
Time: 09-24-10 @ 4:57am
Post: what if there were no what ifs

Author: Steev the Friction Wizurd
Time: 09-25-10 @ 7:57am
Post: What if all the what ifs were replaced with definitely nots?

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