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Jump on the Healthy Habits Bandwagon. Fuel your muse as you take better care of your body.
Need an extra kick in the pants to take better care of yourself? Want support on your journey to a healthier lifestyle? Trying to lose weight? Gain weight? Exercise more? Join us.

I find that when I manage to take a walk, my muse just won’t shut up and I come back bursting with ideas. When I eat better, words tend to flow easier from my fingertips. And when I chat with people going through the same struggles to be healthy that I am, I am inspired to do greater things.

We’ve got the "Invalid Item and our very own "Challenge Winner's Plug Page [E] links to member’s journals, a book of member profiles, and much more.

To join, just send an e-mail to SueBear or include a request in the body of your review.

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