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A group for avid journal writers to share their experiences with one another. Back later.
A logo for the Between the Lines group.

Currently in retirement and not accepting new members.
We'll be back someday, and hopefully with a vengeance. *Smile*

This is the premier group for those writers who like to use the Journal feature available in Book items here on Writing.Com. We are a collection of writers and readers who all have a love of journaling, blogging, or even just of reading journals here on the site. *Smile* We are pretty laissez-faire and open-minded, no minimum posting requirements per week (unless you WANT us to make you write... but who needs homework, journaling is supposed to be fun, relaxing, and helpful to your creativity) and no rules other than that of respect for self and respect for others. Think you can handle it? Of course you can.

To apply to join us,just drop me a line using our handy dandy application form!
 Join us in Between the Lines!  [18+]
Would you like to join our journaling group?
by Jay (away for a while)

We use this form to see how potential members of Between the Lines will be using the group, not to judge anyone's "worthiness" for application, so don't be shy!

We love to meet new journal-ists who are just now starting to etch out their feelings and writers who have volumes of past self-analysis alike-- what's important is the shared experiences that bridge the differences of human experience.
Whether you have been keeping a journal for a long time or just started one for the new year-- doesn't matter.

We are always looking for active, involved members who use journaling as a positive community interaction, with great preference to those who keep journals here on Writing.com. *Smile*

We are interested in people who write consistently in their journals, but anyone is welcome to apply. Generally, the people who get the most out of the group are the ones who participate actively in the journal community here on Writing.Com.

Hope to see your application today! We would love to get to know you better.

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