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I got this idea from book I’m reading called ‘Let the Crazy Child Write” by Clive Matson, so I thought, why not make an In & Out of it.



1. Each post must provide a character (name or brief description, author’s choice).
2. Each post must provide a goal the character wishes to accomplish.
3. Each post must provide an obstacle the character has to overcome before goal is achieved.


1. Keep posts 13+ or below.
2. Brainstorm. Post crazy, zany, out-of-this-world posts.
3. Posts can be any genre. Comedy, satire, horror/scary

Author’s Note: All posts are fair game for other authors to develop stories/poems/etc.
If you do create a piece inspired by a post, I’d be interested in reading/rating/reviewing it.

Adore Living Life♥ says "Kathy, a candy striper wants to join the nunnery but is hindered by her love for a friend."

Niteowl says "Arianna, a teenage sorceress, falls in love with the man she is cursed to kill on her 18th birthday."

Jemimah Netlock says "A cat wants a soda pop but a busy street is in the way."

Jemimah Netlock says "A former Muslim wants to go to America and become a priest, but he can't even get on the plane yet because they think this guy (who is harmless, by the way) could be a terrorist."

NanoWriMo2018 Into the Earth says "Gerrad, a ten year old boy dreams of becoming a tennis pro but discovers he is allergic to the fuzz on a tennis ball."

Laart1-Season of the Heart says "A wise weasel named Lord Everinton who rules a placce called Purchasewoods.

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RainStar says "A Writing.Com author who rate and reviewes other authors' works in hope to get her work rated and reviewed, but all she ever get back are Gift Points!"

Kate Jesperson says "A young man named Jack is adopted by a Mr. Frost, and in love with a girl nicknamed Icy. What a dilemma! "

NanoWriMo2018 Into the Earth says "A young artist struggles to earn money by painting, but breaks both his hands in a bicycle accident. "

Elisa, Bunny Stik says "Jenna Danielson, early 20s and in college; she has a theory about celebrities being used for mind control but faces government death threats in trying to get the theory published."

HolyKnightHamster says "Jessie is deaf and can't hear the killer behind her, but she can see 3 seconds in the future at critical times."

Mark says "Mr. Dillon, 82 years old, has a weak and frail body - but with 3 advanced degrees and an extremely sharp mind, thinks he has found a way to leave his body for 1 hour a day. "

Paige has found her muse! says "A Willow tree wants to become an Oak, but doesn't want to lose his beautiful branches in the process!"

Mark says "A priest walks into a bar with a duck a bowl of jello and a prostitute. (what? you don't see enough problems with that?)"

Elisa, Bunny Stik says "An atheist dreams of the Pope guiding him to topple the US government"

Steev the Friction Wizurd says "An itinerant blurb writer discovers an In&Out that seems ideal for his posts but his keyboard has been enchanted by an evil witch and will only type the letters f, u, c, and k."

Steev the Friction Wizurd says "A witch wants to destroy the illegitimate son of the wizard who cursed her with ugliness, but the boy becomes an itinerant blurb writer and encodes charms against her spells in his posts."

Steev the Friction Wizurd says "A wizard want his son to be a great novelist, but the boy wants to roam the earth as an itinerant blurb writer countering the spells of evil witches with his magic keyboard."

Steev the Friction Wizurd says "A keyboard that was enchanted by an evil sorceror, manages to fall into the hands of an itinerant blurb writer who doesn't know that if he types the word "axolotl" on it, then his keyboard will turn into a beautiful princess."

Steev the Friction Wizurd says "A beautiful princess is turned into a keyboard by an evil sorceror and then falls into the hands of an itinerant blurb writer, but she cannot find a way to make him type the word that will free her from the spell. "

Steev the Friction Wizurd says "The word "axolotl" develops a vastly inflated sense of it's own self-importance and struts around saying "I am the key" until one day an itinerant blurb writer..."

Steev the Friction Wizurd says "When a beautiful princess is released from a spell by a hapless itinerant blurb writer, she is shocked that he wants to marry her in spite of her insistence that he is "too low-class" and that he "turns her stomach"."

Steev the Friction Wizurd says "A hapless itinerant blurb writer falls in love with a beautiful princess that he accidentally releases from a spell, but she doesn't love him, and so he sets off on a quest to prove himself worthy of her love."

Steev the Friction Wizurd says "While he is on a quest for true love, a hapless itinerant blurb writer must battle against an evil witch who casts a spell on his keyboard so that he can only type certain letters, letters that will one day spell his true love's name."

Steev the Friction Wizurd says "When a bandit steals an itinerant blurb writer's only possession, a pockmarked old keyboard, then a chain of surprising events is set in motion that eventually topple a kingdom and win a lost love."

Steev the Friction Wizurd says "OT: Hmmm... Maybe that "Let the crazy child write" comment was not meant to be taken so literally... Okay, I'm done now..."

Meg: Writes Daily in 2006 says "After being grounded for a bad report card, ten year old Todd decides he is going to move to his treehouse in protest."

Zade Spader says "A group of prostitutes decide that the only way for them to get to heaven is to become nuns and live the rest of their lives single, worshiping God... The problem is the prostitues are really a group of gay guys..."

Elisa, Bunny Stik says "Dana Moffet (23) returns to her hometown after the death of her boyfriend and is reunited with a former teacher she once had a crush on. The only obstacle is a friend of hers who finds out about her secret lust and vehemently objects on ethical grounds."

fried toaster says "Fritz wishes he could be 7 feet tall, but a giant chicken comes to his house and eats him all up. "

Elisa, Bunny Stik says "Miranda, a young publicist still in graduate school, goes to the Olympics with her closeted clients and has to fight off the press when a tabloid photographer strikes."

Rusty Quill says "Squire Taylor Made would like to be the King of Clubs, but he was born on the wrong side of the clubhouse."

gnite_gracie says "Items in a garage sale strike up a "conversation", with sale veterans giving the newbies tips on getting sold and finding a new home before the time runs out and the humans chunk everything in a box for the attic or garbage. "

gnite_gracie says "A girl dining alone has to deal with a strange guy joining her, and chiding her. She has to decide if it is fate to meet this guy who is intent on irritating her, or if she needs to skip out."

Blue Venus says "Syn Tenant, a self-named run away, former goth, former raver, former recreational user, decides she's tired of the life she's been leading. Hopping on a freight train, she takes it to an almost nameless western town and tries to lose herself. "

Elisa, Bunny Stik says "A young woman starts working for a large metropolitan newspaper and befriends the publisher. The publisher has material that incriminates her boyfriend's father. What should she do?"

Meeple says "James wants to be a doctor but can't stand teh sight of blood."

Itchy Water~fictionandverse says "Veronica's only dream is to be normal,and live an unmedicated life but her strong delusions and frequent uncontrolable outbursts have her living her life out in mental hospitals. "

drew from sam's townn says "A father who wants his daughter to stop listening to Justin beiber but listen to the good old devil worshiping, death glorifying rock gets shocked when he realizes she is only six years old and she wants to grow up and be like him."

drew from sam's townn says "A headless man looking for a head but all he can find are feet."

drew from sam's townn says "A murderer called James wants to be a doctor but can't stand the sight of blood and is arrested based on the testimony of a parrot."

drew from sam's townn says "RobiMediaExcellenceAwardWinner dreams of the Pope guiding him to topple the US government. "

drew from sam's townn says "Jane, a candy striper decides to join the nunnery but is hindered by her love for a me and I."

drew from sam's townn says "Steve Ellen, a clerk at auto parts store, wants to join the circus but never learned how to commit suicide. "

drew from sam's townn says "Shaban, a policeman in his mid-10s, wants to win loving affection from a beautiful woman, but he learns that she had been emotionally scarred by chocolate."

Amyaurora says "A girl wants to learn to ride a zebra.."

Laddy says "A normal little flower dreams of being a Venus fly trap."

Steev the Friction Wizurd says "A WDC writer wants to post in this In&Out but is only able to imagine the goal for her character while the obstacle part of the post presents great difficulty for her."

Steev the Friction Wizurd says "A girl wants to learn to ride a zebra but discovers no one is offering zebra riding lessons in her small Minnesota village."

Steev the Friction Wizurd says "A normal little flower dreams of being a Venus fly trap, but when the flies learn of this they plot to lure destructive bugs and grubs into the flower patch to destroy the flower. "

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