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Reply using movie titles.
Here are some rules of this chat:

*Flower3* The person who wants to post here should use the title of any movie. Presence of movie title in your reply is necessary.

*Flower3* You can use 3 to 4 more words other than the title which can be required to complete your sentence.

*Flower3* Please use capital letters only when you type the title of a movie.

*Flower3* You can change the topic of the conversation if you can't think of any reply but try not to do so as long as possible.


*Flower3* Enjoy as much as you can!

Talker: Natsplatt thanks RAOK!!
Time: 07-20-05 @ 4:41pm
Reply: That's odd, I heard he was THE LION KING.

Talker: Solitary Man
Time: 07-20-05 @ 10:42pm
Reply: I just want to know where he was THE NIGHT THE LIGHTS WENT OUT IN GEORGIA?

Talker: Solitary Man
Time: 07-20-05 @ 11:49pm
Reply: No, that was my friend, you know, THE MAN WHO WENT UP A HILL AND CAME DOWN A MOUNTAIN. (OT: I think I see way to many movies)

Talker: amaiyaamir
Time: 07-21-05 @ 10:41pm

Talker: amaiyaamir
Time: 07-21-05 @ 10:43pm
Reply: Did you hear about the LEGENDS OF THE FALL?

Talker: Solitary Man
Time: 07-22-05 @ 1:31am
Reply: Therewas alsoan accident. A truck flipped and let loose 12 MONKEYS. A reported said it was caused by a BUTTERFLY EFFECT. Whatever that is.

Talker: amaiyaamir
Time: 07-22-05 @ 11:39pm
Reply: It must have felt like the PLANET OF THE APES out there.

Talker: Solitary Man
Time: 07-23-05 @ 10:21am
Reply: I heard them singing with my POSSE and miss JACKIE BROWN.

Talker: amaiyaamir
Time: 07-23-05 @ 7:12pm
Reply: More like FOXY BROWN.

Talker: Solitary Man
Time: 07-23-05 @ 11:35pm
Reply: Yeah but it quickly turned into an ANIMAL HOUSE.

Talker: Solitary Man
Time: 07-26-05 @ 9:39pm
Reply: Man it's like a GHOST TOWN in here. Where is everyone?

Talker: HolyKnightHamster
Time: 07-27-05 @ 12:33pm
Reply: Well, whatever happens, we can always return to THE PLACE PROMISED IN OUR EARLY DAYS.

Talker: HolyKnightHamster
Time: 07-27-05 @ 12:39pm
Reply: Will you come to the GRAVE OF THE FIREFLIES? We are having a party, PRINCESS MONONOKE, AKIRA, and even a ghost will be there. A GHOST IN THE SHELL, that is. I'll call KIKI'S DELIVERY SERVICE

Talker: HolyKnightHamster
Time: 07-27-05 @ 12:41pm
Reply: OT: sorry. Hit the reply button accidentally.

Talker: Solitary Man
Time: 07-27-05 @ 10:55pm
Reply: I have a date with 100 GIRLS, sorry

Talker: amaiyaamir
Time: 07-29-05 @ 7:22pm
Reply: Wow such smooth HUSLTE AND FLOW you have to handle all these girls.

Talker: EquineObsessed
Time: 07-29-05 @ 9:49pm
Reply: It could have been FLIRTING WITH DISASTER

Talker: Lou-Here By His Grace
Time: 07-31-05 @ 11:43pm
Reply: I hope they BLOW...oops....

Talker: amaiyaamir
Time: 08-01-05 @ 4:22pm
Reply: Oh my, what will the OTHERS say!

Talker: Lou-Here By His Grace
Time: 08-01-05 @ 7:16pm
Reply: In the LAND BEFORE TIME, no one said anything!

Talker: Arismeir
Time: 08-02-05 @ 12:57am
Reply: Indeed, she was quickly CAST AWAY before she could follow him home to MEET THE PARENTS.

Talker: Arismeir
Time: 08-02-05 @ 1:01am
Reply: Indeed, she was quickly CAST AWAY before she could follow him home to MEET THE PARENTS.

Talker: Lou-Here By His Grace
Time: 08-02-05 @ 6:33am
Reply: Do they still live over by THE SCHOOL OF ROCK?

Talker: amaiyaamir
Time: 08-02-05 @ 9:29am
Reply: No, a little closer by the BLUE LAGOON.

Talker: Lou-Here By His Grace
Time: 08-02-05 @ 3:15pm
Reply: Is that on the island, BLUE HAWAII?

Talker: Lou-Here By His Grace
Time: 08-02-05 @ 10:32pm
Reply: Was that originally called THE BEST LITTLE WHOREHOUSE IN TEXAS?

Talker: amaiyaamir
Time: 08-02-05 @ 10:36pm
Reply: No, I think it was in AMITYVILLE in New York.

Talker: Lou-Here By His Grace
Time: 08-02-05 @ 11:27pm
Reply: Isn't that where MOSCOW ON THE HUDSON is too?

Talker: Solitary Man
Time: 08-03-05 @ 12:21am
Reply: Ok I'll explain this one more time. We live down by the MYSTIC RIVER a little north of PLEASANTVILLE just before you get to FARGO.

Talker: Lou-Here By His Grace
Time: 08-03-05 @ 12:37am

Talker: birdsongx2
Time: 08-03-05 @ 4:56am
Reply: No, that would be THE POINT OF NO RETURN...

Talker: Lou-Here By His Grace
Time: 08-03-05 @ 6:15am
Reply: Is that anywhere near POINT BREAK?

Talker: Lou-Here By His Grace
Time: 08-05-05 @ 6:58am
Reply: I think that's where THE DUKES OF HAZZARD live.

Talker: Lou-Here By His Grace
Time: 08-13-05 @ 11:21am
Reply: Has this board passed into THE DEAD ZONE?

Talker: tavner
Time: 08-13-05 @ 2:34pm
Reply: IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT that I was trapped in the TOWERING INFERNO with HARVEY but now I'm back in the BLAZING SADDLE.

Talker: tavner
Time: 08-14-05 @ 12:32pm
Reply: Only when I'm not with THE OTHERS. In my spare time I read THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD: PART 1.

Talker: Zuly
Time: 08-15-05 @ 4:07pm
Reply: I try not to read ANYTHING ELSE, but THE EYE just kept moving over new books

Talker: Lou-Here By His Grace
Time: 08-19-05 @ 7:19am
Reply: Ahhh. That happens to ME, MYSELF, & IRENE!

Talker: tavner
Time: 08-20-05 @ 7:09am
Reply: THE LORD OF THE RINGS, BABE and I were heading down to MULLHOLLAND FALLS when we decided to get a bite to eat.

Talker: Lou-Here By His Grace
Time: 08-20-05 @ 3:57pm

Talker: Artic Star
Time: 09-09-05 @ 11:31am
Reply: If you feel like seafood, try A FISH CALLED WANDA.

Talker: Artic Star
Time: 09-09-05 @ 11:33am
Reply: A good restaraunt is the EXCALIBER. It's practically a LEGEND.

Talker: Artic Star
Time: 09-14-05 @ 12:04pm
Reply: Be sure to try their SWORDFISH.

Talker: Ms Kimmie
Time: 12-26-05 @ 4:57am
Reply: All that and SOUL FOOD too? I better be careful or it might SUPERSIZE ME and I'll have to go on a CRASH diet!

Talker: Paige has found her muse!
Time: 12-26-05 @ 5:31pm
Reply: But in BIG MAMA's house everyone ate only CHOCOLATE covered ANTZ!

Talker: Mckeithan Owens
Time: 02-24-06 @ 3:32pm
Reply: Wel it's a BUGS LIFE if you let it be, and I'm not a TOY SOLIDER in anybodies PATOON. I'm just trying to BE COOL so I can GET SHORTY!!

Talker: Paige has found her muse!
Time: 02-24-06 @ 10:32pm
Reply: But COOL HAND LUKE was already very 'cool' and his friend ALFIE, the FORTY YEAR OLD VIRGIN admired his POWER over women.

Talker: Paige has found her muse!
Time: 03-08-06 @ 7:18pm
Reply: Yet ANNIE HALL loved Luke's ANIMAL BEHAVIOUR and the way he kept FALLING DOWN whenever she came near.

Talker: eyeslikeweathr
Time: 03-14-06 @ 1:11pm
Reply: As I recall he was ALMOST FAMOUS, but before you knew it he was GONE WITH THE WIND, nobody could SAY ANYTHING, about it after that. I think JERRY MAGUIRE brought it up in coversation once

Talker: Remy T. Nova
Time: 03-14-06 @ 3:50pm
Reply: yeah but i heard they locked him in a PANIC ROOM of some kind

Talker: Remy T. Nova
Time: 03-15-06 @ 1:55pm
Reply: it was a HOUSE OF A THOUSAND CORPSES before that but i think they couldnt come up with the RENT

Talker: Paige has found her muse!
Time: 03-15-06 @ 6:06pm
Reply: The DUPLEX was the only thing affordable so they rented a HAUNTED MANSION down on 52ND STREET.

Talker: Michael_Mauser
Time: 03-20-06 @ 10:35am
Reply: Unfortunately, TWENTY-EIGHT DAYS LATER they were given the BULLITT when Jerry found out that THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY that he didn't know about...

Talker: Remy T. Nova
Time: 03-20-06 @ 12:57pm
Reply: She was in fact an ALIEN from

Talker: Michael_Mauser
Time: 03-22-06 @ 1:12am
Reply: the planet SOLARIS. Jeff got her all wrong, though; and she told him that maybe EARTH GIRLS ARE EASY but she wasn't that kind of SPECIES.

Talker: Remy T. Nova
Time: 03-22-06 @ 1:11pm
Reply: so he instead went to WAYNES WORLD and went on BILL AND TED EXCELLENT ADVENTURE

Talker: Michael_Mauser
Time: 03-22-06 @ 10:57pm
Reply: As he left the ride, he was accosted by a group of MYSTERY MEN. Two of them threw him up against a wall and THE THIRD MAN asked him if he'd met MYRA BRECKINRIDGE.

Talker: LadyVesper
Time: 03-28-06 @ 8:22pm
Reply: I wish CAPTAIN RON would drown the SWIMFAN in the DEEP BLUE SEA.

Talker: LadyVesper
Time: 03-28-06 @ 8:24pm
Reply: (sorry thought it read from bottom up) so i add as a preface to my last post-- he SCREAMed

Talker: Michael_Mauser
Time: 04-03-06 @ 9:05am
Reply: 'What are you, pal, THE KING OF COMEDY?' sneered one of the men. 'Let's see some SIGNS of co-operation, or we may just bury you under the NORTH DALLAS FORTY.'

Talker: Remy T. Nova
Time: 04-06-06 @ 1:12am
Reply: well ill see your body float under THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY before i let some DESPERADO strongarm me

Talker: Remy T. Nova
Time: 07-22-06 @ 3:04pm
Reply: when i play they call me MAD MAX because i go a lil PYSCHO

Talker: Paige has found her muse!
Time: 07-22-06 @ 5:21pm
Reply: But DEUCE BIGELLO, MALE GIGOLO comes along and gives me some HEAT for WAKING NED DEVINE.

Talker: Special Kay
Time: 07-24-06 @ 10:35pm

Talker: Michael_Mauser
Time: 07-25-06 @ 8:37am
Reply: No bad thing, since Mona always seemed a little BRASSED OFF; one reason why she's my SUPER EX-GIRLFRIEND.

Talker: Special Kay
Time: 07-25-06 @ 10:40am
Reply: It's SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL, but don't get involved with that PSYCHO. You'd be BETTER OFF DEAD.

Talker: Michael_Mauser
Time: 07-29-06 @ 5:08am
Reply: Another reason for Mona to bear a GRUDGE; she and Van had been an item since they met at MURIEL'S WEDDING.

Talker: Paige has found her muse!
Time: 08-23-06 @ 3:56pm
Reply: Unfortunately, THE WEDDING PLANNER ran away with Muriel's groom and so she became a RUNAWAY BRIDE!

Talker: Forge
Time: 11-04-06 @ 8:13pm
Reply: Until he had TOTAL RECALL while driving along INTERSTATE 90.

Talker: blaquedragon
Time: 11-05-06 @ 11:43pm
Reply: But he got lost and ended up in KALIFORNIA.

Talker: ferheen
Time: 11-06-06 @ 11:47am
Reply: There he met the MEAN GIRLS.

Talker: Maryann
Time: 11-06-06 @ 3:06pm
Reply: They'll get coal from SANTA CLAUSE 3.

Talker: Crimson Goth
Time: 11-10-06 @ 4:27pm
Reply: Why not Santa Clause 2?

Talker: Paige has found her muse!
Time: 11-10-06 @ 9:06pm
Reply: Because of You!

Talker: AJ wants U 2 meet The CanMan!
Time: 11-19-06 @ 11:48pm
Reply: Santa won't be a SCROOGE, either, when it comes to giving coal to a REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE, so act like BRIGHT EYES instead of Joy or your TOY STORY might not be a very happy one.

Talker: AJ wants U 2 meet The CanMan!
Time: 11-23-06 @ 12:18pm
Reply: If you're home for Christmas, will you be HOME ALONE? Or will you be having AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER while thinking ahead to days spent at A SUMMER PLACE with NORMA RAE and/or CINDERELLA who is such a SLEEPING BEAUTY?

Talker: Paige has found her muse!
Time: 11-26-06 @ 3:39pm
Reply: But don't invite THE JERK, because he doesn't have A BEAUTIFUL MIND like NAPOLEAN DYNAMITE, who's always got INTELLIGENCE galore.

Talker: ChallieOden♥
Time: 03-08-07 @ 6:14pm
Reply: Me and my love are like BEAUTY AND THE BEAST

Talker: Ravenwand, Rising Star!
Time: 03-08-07 @ 8:12pm
Reply: REGARDING HENRY: Wasn't he the CONSTANT GARDNER aboard the TITANIC? Or did he toss the POISON IVY OVERBOARD and become a PHANTOM OF THE OPERA?

Talker: Ginfla
Time: 03-08-07 @ 8:26pm
Reply: the SIGNS are he was.

Talker: momwrites
Time: 03-12-07 @ 3:49pm
Reply: I heard he was last seen with THE QUEEN, waving goodbye to THE DEPARTED while petting MY DOG SKIP.

Talker: Ginfla
Time: 03-12-07 @ 8:23pm
Reply: He went through the STARGATE.

Talker: aletts
Time: 03-15-07 @ 4:12pm
Reply: Are you sure he didn't get tangled up in ARSENIC AND OLD LACE?

Talker: Andrew
Time: 03-15-07 @ 5:35pm
Reply: Didn't he first have to go through PAN'S LABYRINTH?

Talker: Lou-Here By His Grace
Time: 03-23-07 @ 12:46pm
Reply: No, He had THE SANDS OF IWO JIMA on his feet from David Bowie's LABYRINTH.

Talker: weeowl flying free!
Time: 03-23-07 @ 6:17pm
Reply: Wasn't he scene with GREASE. I wonder what he was going to do with that GREASE TWO the MERMAIDS.

Talker: pentatonic
Time: 04-03-07 @ 3:48pm
Reply: I'll give you THE RUNDOWN of why we went--1: I like being FOOTLOOSE 2: I was threatened by TERMINATOR 3: THE RISE OF THE MACHINES forced us to leave the appartment that we RENT.

Talker: ace119
Time: 04-14-07 @ 10:33pm
Reply: i had to walk EIGHT MILEs to get here

Talker: emerin-liseli
Time: 04-17-07 @ 7:45pm
Reply: i LIKE MIKE better than Dick or Jane.

Talker: Paige Turner
Time: 04-17-07 @ 8:27pm
Reply: He gets too UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL for me. I'd rather hang around with BONNIE AND CLYDE.

Talker: LIS - Here Again!
Time: 04-22-07 @ 9:10am

Talker: unseen forces
Time: 04-22-07 @ 8:22pm

Talker: Paige Turner
Time: 04-22-07 @ 11:17pm

Talker: pentatonic
Time: 04-30-07 @ 6:02pm
Reply: She got SPIRITED AWAY by THE PERFECT STORM, and lost THE NOTEBOOK she was using to take notes.

Talker: Murmi
Time: 11-14-07 @ 2:28pm
Reply: But then she was LATE FOR DINNER with her friend, AMELIE and and got LOST IN TRANSLATION once arriving there.

Talker: TSC
Time: 11-20-07 @ 5:54pm
Reply: So she called THE MEN IN BLACK to fix her illegal ALIEN problems. Once there, THE MEN IN BLACK 2,were BEWITCHED under the ALIENS spell.

Talker: TSC
Time: 02-13-08 @ 8:04pm
Reply: And ARMAGEDDON will soon follow! We'd better break out the STARSHIP TROOPERS!

Talker: Nizza
Time: 02-27-08 @ 12:12am
Reply: All this talk about the END OF DAYS, I choose to avoid the NINTH GATE.

Talker: KatElulu
Time: 04-23-08 @ 12:02am

Talker: KatElulu
Time: 04-23-08 @ 12:04am
Reply: Where MY TERMS OF ENDEARMENT were meant for SYBIL. (I goofed the first time. Sorry.)

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