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Just what the title says
I'm hoping this will work.

Credit for this item really belongs to poisonivy and I. We try to make each other laugh by saying "Remember when..." and relating some story from our childhood.

It can either be:

*Bullet*Post some type of story, usually just a line or two, that happened between a few people, starting with "Remember when..."

It helps, also, if you put the name of the other person involved (and tell them to look here, as well!)

*Bullet*A bit of nostalgia, starting with "Remember when..."

Keep the comment at 18+ and below, please.

OT and replies are fine. *Smile*

Remember when your small city had five movie theaters on Main Street that showed kids movies on Saturday mornings (black&white - 25 cents) and your parents would leave you there at the theater with a bunch of noisy kids while they went shopping? (Steev the Friction Wizurd )

I remember when Graber's restaurant had specials of "5 Burgers For A Buck!" (Reine Renault )

There was that barbie, whose chest would grow, when you moved her arm? (KatElulu )

Remember when we used to wish for snow because it meant a day off? (spidey )

I remember when I used to play shoot em up (Shoot em up, bang, bang baby) I remember when I chased the girls and beat em up But I was young and didn't understand (macbeth )

Remember when they used card ballots and/or lever operated voting machines for elections? (Elisa, Snowman Stik )

Remember when there was a Bush in office, we were at war with Iraq, and there was a strike in Hollywood? Okay, that's only funny if you saw an episode of The Tonight Show from the Summer of '92 (which was reaired Monday night). (Elisa, Snowman Stik )

Yes, Sherry B, I remember that--and the most boring night was when the president gave the State of the Union address! (Starr* Rathburn )

Remember when it was safe for children to watch TV between the hours of 6 and 9? (Now even the commercials can be rated R!) (Starr* Rathburn )

I had a Pong game, and a Mickey Mouse phone. (Mrs. Whatsit )

Remember when phones were attached to the wall? Only rich people had car phones, and they were still attached to the car. (Mrs. Whatsit )

Remember a time before there was Internet? (Mitch )

Does anyone remember the Atari 2600 and how it was the coolest toy? (BTW--the colored things in the oven were called Shrinky-Dinks) (Mitch )

OMG!! I remember all of those! Does that make me OLD? Does anyone remember WAY back, when Christmas promos in the stores and on tv used to start AFTER Thanksgiving? those were the days! (Wolfwalker )

omg!!! remember when you used to be the coolest kind around because you had a slinky AND a rubic's cube?! (kellee )

Remember when Weebles used to wobble but they wouldn't fall down? (Wolfwalker )

hey...remember those things we used to color and then put in the oven...what were they called?? shrink-ems? or shrink-a-doodles?? 'member those? lol (kellee )

remember the wendy's commercials?? "Where's the beef?!" (kellee )

remember drive-in movies??? i don't know about other parts of the country, but where i'm from, they are non-existent!! (kellee )

Remember when you were little, at the grocery store, and you and your little brother could only step on the colored tiles? All the white tiles were either water or hot lava! *Laugh* (Susannah Deschain )

Remember when you were little and you use to sit in front of the TV watching all the commercials of all the new toys that were out so that you can write them on your Chritams list? (Crafty )

Remember when we were kids in the 80's and we had those stuffed animals to play with called "The Popples"? (kellee )

Remember the show Night Court? I loved that show. (poisonivy )

remember back when there were attendants so you didn't have to get out of your car to get gas? gas that was $.60 a gallon!!! (kellee )

Did anybody ever hop from couch to chair to table and pretend the floor was hot lava, when your parents weren't home? (Zoo - Salted and Roasted )

Remember "Choose Your Own Adventure" books? They were the best! (poisonivy )

Hey Spidey! Remember when we used to go through Gram's JC Penney catalog and pick out everything we wanted for our house when we grew up? Then we would add it all up and see how much it cost. Good times! It's nice to dream. (poisonivy )

spidey ..Hey Spidey, I've got a good one! Remember when we used to pretend our bed was a boat? We would put all of our stuffed animals on it, and we would row our "boat" using batons..We were so silly.. (poisonivy )

Remember when they used to sell candies for a penny? (spidey )

When did they stop having cooties? Hee hee.. (poisonivy )

Remember when you could leave your car and house door unlocked and not worry if you would have your possessions when you came back? (Jax: Not here. )

Remember when there were great TV shows? Children could watch whatever they wanted,; Bonanza was the best western on Sunday nights...*sigh* (W.D.Wilcox )

I remember that! Don't we have a picture of that somewhere? Maybe mom has a picture.. (poisonivy )

poisonivy , Remember when we caught our (male) cousins playing with Barbie dolls? *Laugh* (spidey )

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