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Mike's R-Code 427 c.i. 425 h.p. 1963 1/2 Ford Galaxie 500, Mecum Auction pending
It just sits in his garage:

With a rare R-Code 427 C.I. engine, Mike C. restored this 1963 1/2 Ford Galaxie 500 XL Fastback about 30 years ago, painstakingly keeping it fit and running to show off at Michigan area car shows. I photographed this vehicle on several occasions and found a way to Photoshop the car to better feature. This daytime photo of the Galaxie was superimposed over a night time drag strip shot.

Mike's R-Code 427 c.i. 425 h.p. 1963 1/2 Ford Galaxie 500, Mecum Auction pending

With a potential value of nearly 160k (based on auctions results in 2014), the specs for this R-code 427 model include the 4-speed transmission and dual 4-barrel carburetors that link to an R-code engine with 425 horsepower under the hood. For reference:


I would have written more about this car, but Mike had been tight-lipped for years about leaking too much info. He seldom takes his Galaxie to car shows, either not wanting to draw attention or not able to invest the effort. As I understand, estimated values associated with this particular vehicle are on the rise because of rarity and growing appreciation by car affeciandos.

Mike discovered this car after many searches in the 1980s. Unconditioned, it sat many years in a Northern Michigan warehouse with a bunch of other restoration projects. After many years, aware of its existence, he persisted to buy it. His desire to restore a vehicle similar to his first Galaxie 500 from the same year, owned in his 20s, Mike regretted selling that first love. Renewed, he approached the owner of the warehoused gem again with an offer. Fortunately, it was available for sale. The owner needed money after snow collapsed part of the building where his vehicles were stored. I suspect Mike paid under 10k, a mere tip of the iceberg of the total restoration and mounting maintenance costs. No matter, the car's value dramatically climbed.

With the Galaxie's top damaged by the cave-in, the owner seemed prompted to part with the muscle car. With help of an experienced restoration crew, Mike painstakingly went about returning the car to its former glory. He had to call in a few favors from friends and put himself in debt in ways other than money. The hood was pounded out to perfection. The car was torn apart and inspected and refinished in all original aspects right down to it's new paint.

He estimated the car to be 95% rust free (as of 2014), thanks to its years of storage and the current garage dedicated to the vehicle where it's maintained. Even with some flaws, Mike thinks the Galaxie rates out as an 80-point car. It rarely leaves the wood-heated garage, specially built for it. For years, I've wanted to write a full-length feature about the trials and tribulations that got this classic out of the shed and back on the road to meet with car enthusiasts in this region.

Mike has interesting stories about the first '63 Galaxie he owned packing a 406 with eight barrels (I grew up thinking it was a Mercury Comet). I just remember that I was about seven and it was real loud (kinda gurgled and quivered). He had me hold onto the 'oh shit' handle attached near the glove box. We have one lousy blurred photo of him standing next to that old sky blue car that wound up as scrap in a junkyard somewhere sometime after he sold it, before starting a family.

I thought Mike was going to sell this current dream car after a mild heart attack several years ago, just another setback in a long medical history, since retiring as a diesel mechanic. Apparently, he had a standing offer of $125,000 to sell the Galaxie for many years and was very close to taking it once. After talking with him toward the end of that year, it was revealed the talk of him parting with the car may have been started by his wife. I won't comment, but it's almost an annual mantra of hers.

~article updated, July, 2022

Even in a pandemic, the car still resides with him. It's likely his 15-year-old grandson could become the beneficiary of this vehicle. Guessing. The two are very tight, as Mike is beyond 70 and was kept in great health by the spirit of his grandchildren and breathing in fresh, Northern air. And, his wife takes great care of him. But, severe headaches persist now for the cancer survivor.

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Another aritcle, with historical perspective:

Example of a similar car with R-code 427 specs:

Location: Webster, Massachusetts, 01570
Mileage: 59,000
Transmission: Manual
Condition: Excellent
Exterior: Heritage Burgandy
Interior: Black

Seller’s Description:
1963 Ford Galaxie 500 - Super RARE and TRUE "R-code" survivor with a lot of history, documentation and originality. This car is also properly listed in the Ford-427 Registry and includes full documentation from the original dealer to current ownership. Same brotherly-owners from 1963 to 2014. A beautiful example of an un-restored Southern car, in overall excellent original condition with only 59,000 actual miles.

Powered by the original 427/425hp V8 with correct dual-carb setup, 4-speed manual transmission, 9" posi-rear and RARE factory optioned transistor ignition. Vintage-style exhaust dumps were added to give you the option to really open up and be heard. This car is dialed in, runs like a top and drives superbly. Exterior is finished in it's original factory optioned Heritage Burgandy with excellent chrome and trim. Paint is about 90% original, with a few minor touchups done throughout the years, but remains in overall great condition and still shows very well. All body panels, floors, trunk and glass are extremely solid and also original to the car. Correct 15" color-matched steel wheels with newer radial tires help get all that power to the pavement comfortably. The original black vinyl interior has been superbly maintained and shows no signs of any rips, tears or cracks. All gauges work and windows operate very smooth. This is a real-deal investment grade piece of Ford Motorsports history and an awesome time capsule. Highly desireable for any serious collector or muscle car enthusiast. You just DO NOT find them like this anymore!!

Price: $74,900 (listed 8/2020)


The following description that leads to an auction link gone dead describes and shows a vehicle that fit's Mike's Galaxie right down to it's Corinthian White exterior and red vinyl interior:

"R-Code 427: 1963 1/2 Ford Galaxie 500
This 1963 1/2 Galaxie 500 is equipped with the rare and desirable R-code 427. In addition is appears to be equipped with Ford’s Total Performance slate of go-fast goodies that were cooked up for these when they were marauding the nations drag strips and stoplights. Looking extra sharp in Corinthian White with a code 95 red vinyl interior, if legit this is one of just 212 ever built. Outfitted with fiberglass hood, decklid, front and inner fenders along with aluminum bumpers and brackets this is a neat car. The interior is devoid of radio or heater as all of the heat comes from the massively underrated 425hp dual-quad 427ci V8 under the hood. Find it here on Craigslist in Commerce, Texas for $135,000."

Learning from this article that only 212 of this model, with the specs like Mike's Galaxie, were produced in the mid-year production run, at a time when the muscle cars were designed for the drag racing circuit. Rest of the details about the above described car here:


NOTE: As yet, FOR SALE: Last price would have been set at 130k. For years, this car was going to be auctioned off. The owner is a cancer survivor who thought he would have to give it up. It's possible the car may now stay in the family, though it's certain it would be sold if passed on.
Mike's R-Code 427 c.i. 425 h.p. 1963 1/2 Ford Galaxie 500, Mecum Auction pending
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