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A picture of a character in one of my stories. He's kinda cute as a baby!
Allow me to introduce you to Rash'kyel, the main character from "True Name. For those of you who haven't read the story, Rash is part-demon, part-human, and under the control of a powerful mage. At one point in the story, Rash tells another character of his past, and how he came to be in thrall to his master, and mentions that he used to be a helpless demon whelp.

Well, I got a bit fixated on that idea... I mean, who doesn't wanna see a cute lil sleeping demon, right? *Wink* Anyway, I was bored, and the teacher wouldn't have been impressed if I'd fallen asleep in class again, so I doodled this on the back of my notes instead of napping. Then I spiffed it up in photoshop.

Oh, and in case you're wondering why he doesn't look more human, it's 'cause demon blood shows up more quickly than human blood. In other words, I forgot to take his human side into consideration and had to come up with a good explanation. *Bigsmile*
A picture of a character in one of my stories. He's kinda cute as a baby!
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