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A signature given to me by {user:sha4852}
This is a signature given to me by Marsha Musselman .

According to Marsha, I should have received this last year. But for some reason I did not. She sent it to me again recently, and it was the perfect timing, God's timing, when the signature arrived.

Here's what Marsha said when she sent it to me: "The word light bearer has special significance to me as several years ago I attended a Bible College and one of the programs that we did was go into a community, spend about a week and talk to people about Jesus Christ. The program was called Light bearers. Because of the witness you are to the WDC community, I feel you are a Light bearer of the truth of God and Jesus Christ."

I am honored and humbled to have this gifted signature.

Thank you, Marsha Musselman .
A signature given to me by  [Link To User sha4852]
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