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Rated: E · Image · Signature · Action/Adventure · #2057165
Once Giants
The sport of bio-augmented female wrestling turned women into 8 foot tall beauties who battled in the ring for entertainment, fortune and fame. But when the sport collapses, and its former starlets are left oversized freaks struggling to survive in a normal sized world... something’s got to give.

Enter "The Size Queen" and “The Savage She Wolf”, two former superstars from rival leagues with more blood lost between them than love.

As Size Queen abandons showbiz and uses her augmented body to become a mercenary, She Wolf clings to hopes of stardom by launching a new career in the entertainment industry. But as their paths diverge, fate would have them reunite and for more than just a Battle Royale—in fact, the very fate of the solar system may depend on it!

Follow their journeys, as Size Queen and She Wolf each struggle to carve out their own unique existence on a future Earth, where sex and starships meet pimps and political unrest, and where supercountries and cybermercs jostle for position in a new global space race.

It’s a no holds barred bout in a dangerous world, but all in a day’s work—when you were Once Giants.

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