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by Jayguy
Rated: 18+ · Image · Photograph · Erotica · #2100465
I found a macro picture that I really liked and put a story to it.

The helicopter passed by a large array of brick buildings and skyscrapers. You felt the wind blow through your jet-black hair as you peek out the entrance , but you're not focused on the building. It stomped its way into town, ramming its way into buildings without care.
The giant.
A well-built man with wide shoulders and very short hair. The one word to describe this man was big: besides from being a giant, he had large pecs a large ass, and a huge penis that swung from side to side as he strolled through town.
Panes of glass dropped from the sky as you inch closer to the enormous man as he looked down, disinterested, at his own path of direction.

“Going up!”, says the pilot.
Meanwhile, you're heart is pounding out of your chest. The thought of “exploring” the body of the giant man sent you into the occasional panic, but it's your job so what could you do.

You try to calm yourself as you fly upwards past the giant’s legs, getting a small glimpse of his genitalia in between. Looking below, you can see the colossal man’s hairy feet leaving holes on the pavement below it as if it were sand.

“You ready?!”
You wanted to tell the pilot that you weren't ready. In fact, you were more than prepared to go home and cry. But instead you look out at the view. Your chopper was hovering directly over the giant bulbous butt, being careful not to drift to close his back.
“This is where I have to jump?!”
“Sorry, but this as high as I can go. Plus, the dude’s ass makes a good platform”.

You let out a sigh. You weren't exactly happy but you couldn't argue. The man’s ass protruded from his body, making him easier to land on. But the stench coming off of him didn't exactly make you eager.

Well. You sigh again. Time to go.

You dive through the air, watching your helicopter become farther away by the second.
You land on the giant’s tanned skin and sink into it. The giant takes another step, making his bubble butt jiggle. You immediately bounce off and roll towards the cavernous abyss of his butt crack. Despite your attempts to steady yourself, the flesh was too soft and malleable.
Damn it!
Why didn't you account for this? The only way to stop yourself was to latch yourself to one of the thick hairs that sprouted from the giant's canyon.

You slide off the mound of flesh and grab the titan’s thick strand of hair. The string bent but was sturdy enough not to break and your position between the two colossal butt cheeks gave you a view from the world around you. However, being this close to the giant's butthole also covered you in the horrid stench.

The giant man had stopped moving, but why? You look up to see the helicopter being swatted by a giant hand. The tiny mosquito-like plane tried to get away but to no avail. The giant swung, nicking it with his hand, but causing the plane to burst into flames on contact with his elephantine cock, sending the pilot flying into his thick bush of pubes.

The shift in momentum threw you off, into the
shit-covered wall of the giant's right ass cheek, then further into his ass crack. You flail through the air, passing by piles of dried dung, and sailing into the giant man's gaping asshole.

And you were never heard from again. The giant continued his rampage, disregarding the man in his pubes and the man who fell victim to his gigantic ass.
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