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by Jayguy
Rated: E · Image · Illustration · Erotica · #2102667
Another picture I decided to add a story to. Might make this into a series of sorts.
Picture credit goes to: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16659949/

“We'll split up for now. Meet me in the hallway once you find whatever it is we're looking for.”

That was the plan but Wander never expected it to turn out like this. Wander and his pal, Sylvia, had gone on yet another mission to find a hidden treasure of some kind but in his frantic search for the treasure, Wander had been shrunk. How was he supposed to know that the treasure chest had a curse put on it? That's exactly where you would expect a treasure to be, right?!
Wander sighed. Hopefully, he would find Sylvia and she could help him out.

Wander raced through the carpeted manor as fast as his shrunken legs would carry him, slowly but surely making his way to the designated meeting point. Suddenly, Wander runs head first into a blue wall that seems to be slightly moist, leaving Wander wondering what he ran into. Looking up, he could see his now-gigantic zbornak friend, seemingly still tired from a lot of running. Wander immediately realized that he had run right into the canyon between her two-toed feet, which would explain the aroma. While the smell of Sylvia’s feet wasn't terrible, it created a hot and humid air around it.

Wander needed to focus on getting his friends attention. Instinctively, Wander hammered his fists on Sylvia’s feet. Looking back up at her face, there was no reaction at all. Since this simple idea didn't seem to work, Wander decided to go with a more “creative” one. Sylvia was standing next to a wooden railing, so maybe Wander could climb the railing and get Sylvia's attention from there. He immediately started the long climb upwards, hoping the trek would pay off in the end. The wood was old and had a lot of chips and cracks in it, making for easy footholds.

After climbing for what seemed like hours, Wander had finally made it to the top of the railing. The railing reached up to Sylvia's neck, so Wander could easily be seen from here. Excited that his plan might work, Wander began shouting the name of his friend, frantically jumping up and down in the process. After, a few seconds, Sylvia turned in Wander’s direction. A long sigh came from her mouth and her foul breath was blown onto Wander. She reached a blue hand out towards Wander. Wander thought he was saved until he realized that Sylvia was only grabbing the railing next to him.

Sylvia turned around, hand still gripping the railing, and hoisted herself upwards. Her feet grabbed the pillars that supported the structure, keeping Sylvia in place. Wander was always amazed by how deft Sylvia was, despite her hefty figure. Speaking of Sylvia's hefty figure, Sylvia's massive rear end was stuck in the air, hovering over Wander, who was stunned into silence by the big blue backside. Then, with one final hoist, Sylvia lifted herself onto the railing, placing her full weight onto it. Unfortunately, Wander was also stuck underneath Sylvia's full weight. Wander struggled to release himself from underneath Sylvia's massive derrière, but to no avail. The giant horse creature was too heavy to be moved and there were many other forces working against Wander. Like the smell. Being this close to Sylvia's backside was overwhelming. The smell battered Wander from all sides, the stench surrounding him. Not to mention, he was now coated in Sylvia's sweat as well as his own. The same humidity that came from Sylvia's feet was amplified five times by her ass.

Wander, although still weak, tried once again tried to call out Sylvia's name. This time, Sylvia heard the call and responded with Wander’s name. She shifted in her seat, completely smothering Wander under her massive figure. Sylvia, getting tired of waiting, decided to get up, only finding Wander plastered to her butt after an hour’s search.
After a quick explanation, Sylvia began to apologize profusely, her cheeks turning red, but to be honest…

Wander kinda liked it.
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