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Design Logo & Bard's Hall Contest Entry
A "The Bard's Hall Contest digital image entry

En Fran├žais, j'ai vu means "I have seen" or "I saw you". Although I am no expert in French, I think it works well as I SEE YOU. It's short, it's sweet, and it gets to the core of what I am planning.

Yes, I am doing some custom signatures. Just a few, so far, as I am very new at the graphics available to me on my iPad, and it's definitely got quite a learning curve!

I took French in my two years of high school, then later for a few semesters in college. I've just always loved the language, though I am not fluent.

The white cat reminds me of my second ever cat, Bridgette, and she was a love. Besides, having fourteen of the critters, I can't imagine not having a cat in a logo!

I love pink and green, and especially enjoy flowers. The pink diamonds around the cat are great! I love bling. I actually really enjoy the myriad of colors in natural gemstones and minerals. Geology is cool.

I added the translation at the very bottom 'cause my mom kept looking at me weird. Lol. There wasn't any room elsewhere, so I figured what's another sign? The Shoppe name will be J'ai Vu, and its translation of I see you is all about the custom part of signature making, as I understand it. So far I can do them best when I have personal details of the member. I think I will likely need a little survey. . .

So, after month's of thinking, purchasing, perusing then pouring over the internet, I finally put together a logo I like. Shoppe sign. It might be a banner, shoppe sign, and Logo all in one *Think* I may have lots to learn, but I find the process relaxing-- odd considering how tedious and detail oriented it is. C'est la vie *Ha*

NOTE: This was the absolute best quality I could get the site to upload to an image item. It's so, so clear on my computer, but whata can you do! It's good enough *Smile*

No way! This is clearer, especially when you click on it:

The Cat is an original drawing & watercolor. Permission unecessary for many of these so long as you MAKE something from it and do not sell it as is, but as stated & bought through: Sumek Injai, Artist  

The sign was bought at: Divine Digital Diva  

The other elements were bought at: Origins Digital Curio  
Design Logo & Bard's Hall Contest Entry
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