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by Dragyn
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For May's Bard's Hall
I dance to express myself. There was a time last year when I wasn't sure who my friends were anymore, or who I could trust with what. And sometimes, there were just those feelings I couldn't express in words. So I danced.
Hi-5 has been a large part of my life- they were the reason I got into dance in the first place.
Soon after I wrote the blog post about meeting Hi-5 and the Stevie dude on that Sunday, I posted a link onto the Hi-5 Facebook page, and the day after that, I received a stream of nasty messages on Instagram from him. They ranged from him saying I misquoted him, to I published incorrect information. And then he blocked me. He also found my Dragyn account on Facebook, and sent a similar, though longer and just as ranty, stream of messages. I skimmed and deleted them, then blocked him.
Within all the dark, there's always light. And in all the light, there's always dark. But you can choose how to react. This image- a girl dancing in her room with Jup Jup, seemed a fitting representation. The room may be dark and black, but the chandelier brings light and the books bring color to the room.
I can always count on my friends and plushies to make me smile, and when I showed Stevie's messages to two of my closest friends, they had a good rant about him, too. One of them even offered to chew him out on my behalf.
Not everything dark has to stay that way- with the right people and friends around you, anything dark can be turned into something light.

Medium: hand drawn on paper, then imported to Photoshop and painted over. Everything except the chandelier is my own artwork.
For May's Bard's Hall
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