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My Merit Badge Project.
I created this, and so I want a Custom Merit Badge of it. For the official non official "Whata Badge".

Catonacloud has always been my login everywhere else, and I do my business using it also. So...
It kinda cracks me up *Bigsmile*

UPDATE: October 1.
Merit Badge Order has been submitted! Half the funds were donated, and I paid the the other half. I'm SO happy it was possible this month! I've been wanting this forever it seems. I also threw enough GPs back into WhataLand and C-Note City to do some promo and give out badges when it's ready to the donators *Smile*

Very kewl!!!

This exclusive (albeit proposed, and not ready yet) Merit Badge is available for purchase ONLY through Jody's Auction!

SuperPower Animals Auction for Charity  [13+]
An auction to benefit WdC SuperPowers Reviewers Group and The Livestock Conservancy.
by Schnujo

Here it is in a smaller version:
My Merit Badge Project.

My Merit Badge Project.
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