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A children's tale about deciding things
Miss Em was a Which Witch. She couldn't decide anything at all. When a choice had to be made, she put on her witch's thinking hat and wished the decision away.

One day, her Witch's hat wore out its wishes. What was she going to do? She asked, but no-one would decide for her. "It's your hat, you should have treated it better," they wished but it didn't come close to wishing it true.

She decided to sleep on the matter, let it rest. Maybe things would fix themselves? Nope, not even with a good prayerful, "God, Bless!". "Should I or shouldn't I?" The Which Witch flipped a coin, but she'd forgotten to decide if fate should be heads or tails. Poor Which Witch couldn't decide anything.

What a surprise when her mom Witch itched and presented her with a WdC membership. She showed her the "Frightmare Contest which scared the bad 'Which's' spell right out. It uncurled the worry furrows in the Which Witch's forehead.

One look in the mirror reflected a clear untroubled beauty, where a big worry wort had been a growing. Reflecting on things in such a new way made her decide to enter the Frightmare contest. She won the first big decision of her young life.

This good choice led to many others all of which made her frightfully glad. So, if you ever get cast under the spell of not being able to decide things . . . have your mom read this short story.

Being the wise mother she is, I'm sure she'll shell out the cash to buy you a WdC membership and point you towards "Frightmare Contest. You'll be so scared you won't be able to stop from writing and entering your own story. The 'Which' spell will forget how to spell and reviewers will cast it out.

You, the old Which Witch, and many good horror writing friends will join you in future weeks, celebrating which scary story won an award. Psst. This isn't the happy ending, yet. You're here instead of over entering the contest. Hurry up!
A children's tale about deciding things
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