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and Fall'n for it.
Check out clerks were familiar with seeing one man and many wives in tow at our grovery store. When my wife showed up with the seven adult men from our group home and me tailing behind she gawked, "Are these men all yours?"

Busy with coupons and intent on keeping to a budget, Linda mumbled a "yes."

"How do you, well, handle them all?" The startled clerk asked.

"No problem. They are on a schedule learning how to meet our needs and I've set individual goals for each one of them. We practice and review weekly." My wife was quite proud of our daily living skills training we did. The counter clerk's jaw dropped clear to the floor, taking it a different way.

"Keep eight men happy every week? I could never do that." The clerk found it difficult to breath as she took my wife's money and we paraded with our groceries out the door.

Our fame was short lived after I explained to Linda about the two sided conversation she'd just had. My wife blushed and went back to straighten things out with the clerk.

I still laugh at the mental picture painted in the mind of that clerk that day. I thought you might enjoy a chuckle, too.
and Fall'n for it.
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