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An inspiration for the Mimosa
Though the Mimosa first appeared in my dreams (literally), I sought out a real resort in the Lake Wales area when developing the Mimosa resort for my saga. In retrospect, I'm not sure how much I let the Chalet Suzanne influence my conception of the Mimosa, but when I took this picture, I discovered these similarities:

*Idea*Both are on the outskirts of the main town and have long winding roads leading to the resorts themselves.

*Idea*Both use a lot of water (groundskeeping, effect, etc.).

*Idea*Both are right by citrus groves.

Obviously, the Mimosa is still quite different from the Chalet Suzanne, but the Chalet helped to build the Mimosa. They're the yin-yang of retreats.
An inspiration for the Mimosa
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