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Meet the newest addition to our family!
Meet Gordon,
the newest addition to our family!

After a solid week of searching for a new kitten, I have found the perfect cat for me. This is Gordon. I just got him today from a local animal rescue called Forgotten Felines. He is 6-months old and a beautiful, soft orange tabby.

Gordon was born blind in one eye and partially blind in the other. He was dumped somewhere as a kitten and a shelter volunteer rescued him. He has had two eye surgeries and did regain a little bit of sight in one eye. If you look at his eyes, you can see the cloudiness in both of them.

But he is SO sweet and lovey! He has been purring and kneading ever since we brought him home.

What a lucky find for me... it was meant to be!

Update: Many people have been asking for an update on Gordon since I got him this past April.
Well, I can tell you Gordon is awesome. This red tiger has helped me heal my broken heart. He is so lovey. Gives me cat kisses and loves me every morning.
Gordon and I go out walking every morning and evening. He loves it.
I'm a firm believer "Everything for a reason" and Gordon and I were meant to be together. I will never forget Henry Lee and there isn't a day I don't think of him with tears in my eyes but then Gordon comes around the corner and gives me that look of love.

Update: Gordon passed April 2020....at the age of 15!!! A very hard day for me but this guy gave me years of much needed love. Till we meet again my Gordy❤️❤️💔❤️❤️

My new addition to the family!

More photos of Gordon...
Meet the newest addition to our family!
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