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by milida
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John must reach the exit of this world without becoming a woman
Chapter 1: Consider your options  
    by: milida  More by this author
You smile quite pleased with yourself as you sit in your counting room sorting out all the points you have achieved in the game. Now basically all you have to do is walk out of the world to become a rather wealthy man in the real world as well as the Arabian nights world you have been holidaying in. Piece of cake you cockily think.

You know you have accumulated enemies during your stay but feel that they haven't been able to touch you yet so its unlikely they will get you in the time remaining.

You vainly look in the mirror admiring your handsome face and generally masculine physicue, wishing you had a body like this in the real world. Given its the last day of your holiday you consider your various options. You decide you have five basic choices to amuse yourself with.

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