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A Disease is spreading throughout the pokèmon world...and creating Pokèmorphs!
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Chapter 3: A Piplup girl  
    by: raven   More by this author
a piplup girl and she was freaked out but not afriad but she turned around and in a flash she saw her piplup became an anthro and she could understand him as he started talking but now everyone could

piplup: OOOOOH wow i'm half human awesome um dawn look.........uuuuh

then she sees his eyes get hearts and he goes

piplup: dawn when did u get so.....SEXY? i i must have you! (he starts inching toward her)

dawn: um thanks for the complement but uh uh.... AHHH GET away!


Ash: what the...?

ash: ook? well now i'd better go follow
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