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Famous group of bounty hunters are about to face a whole new challenge and survival...
This is an interactive story containing 789 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and (usually) ends with multiple choices. Click on a choice and you'll be lead to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, you will have the option to write it! Don't be shy... make an addition!
The owner of this Interactive Story begins with this information and guidance:

The infamous NanoCorps: A group of powerful bounty hunters that few of the members are inhuman and led by a young Drangua name Quentin Andross. Saving lives from dangerous criminals, capturing most wanted people alive or dead if force to in just minutes. It's no wonder why everyone selected them as the most popular bounty hunters. One day, the hunters receive a letter and a strange device by a mysterious person name Dr.Van Micro. What happen next will be their most difficult and strangest challenge they ever done...


The Main NanoCorp Hunters

The Young Drangua Leader
Name: Quentin Andross

Age: 18

Height: 5'10"

Gender: Male

Appearance: an average height slim, yet muscular young Drangua (Dragon/Human race). Has short spiky yellow hair (SSJ style), red eyes, sharp teeth, and a scar on his left eye. Wearing a traditional red and black bounty hunter outfit and a red scarf around his neck.

Personality: Laid back and easygoing, he is also cool headed and calm even when in danger. Due to his friendly nature, he makes a lot of friends and allies.

Powers: Quentin has superhuman abilities and able to harden his skin like the dragon's scales. He can produce magma from his scaled arms, sprouts wings from his back, breathes fire or magma, and very keen eyesight.

The Wise Co-Leader Marksman
Name: Zeke

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Height: 8'12"

Appearance: Although most of his body is cover in his old poncho, Zeke is very tall and powerfully built with large mechanical arms that most of the hunters believe he is a robot like Beta. He also wears an old hat and goggles with red lens

Personality: Despite his rugged and shady appearance, Zeke is calm and silent bounty hunter that only spoken when needed. Most of the hunters came to him for his knowledge.

Powers: Zeke can magically summon his choice of weapons (mainly chooses sniper rifle) or tactical equipments. As an ace marksman, he can lock on his targets and snipe them without any misses.

The Invincible Monster
Name: Atomic Vile
Age: 1

Gender: Male

Height: 30'12

Appearance: Enormous, muscular bio weapon monster with his skin all silver and dons a short spiky hair. He has always shows his sharp teeth whenever he smiles or not and doesn't have pupils and iris in his eyes, making him more menacing. His appearance is very close to Venom from Spider-Man series except he's silver colored without the spider symbol, bigger and muscular.

Personality: Despite his ferocious figure, Atomic is actually a laid back and friendly monster, but gets a little rowdy and loud when fighting.

Powers: Due to being the Ultimate Bio-weapon, Atomic is the strongest and most dangerous hunter that no one dares to challenges him. His monstrous strength and other abilities alone can get the job done easily...As long it's not a stealth type mission. His body is indestructible, meaning nothing will kill him and even if he's injury, he has nanobots inside him to regenerate his wounds.

The Cold Hearted Stealth
Name: Viz 'X' Archer

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Height: 5'11

Appearance: Lean built, muscular young man with a large X shaped scar on his face, giving him the nickname ‘X'. He lost both his arms during his last mission and Beta, along with Zeke, built and gave him a pair of powerful robotic arms.

Personality: Viz usually shows his strict, serious, and cold personality,determined to get the job done. However, he is very loyalty to his fellow hunters. He has an ongoing rivalry between himself and Quentin, but in a more friendly term and has a soft spot for Emeralda, unaware she has a crush on him.

Powers: Thanks to the newly implanted robotic arms, Viz is another dangerous force to be reckon with. The arms giving him super strength, tactical cloaking, changing into weapons like swords and miniguns, smoke screen, and other hidden weapons.

The Robotic Brain
Name: Beta

Age: Ageless

Gender: Genderless (has a male voice)

Height: 6'9"

Appearance: Beta's tall metallic body is colored in jet black and has a glowing red lines on his knight like body,

Personality: Beta does not have any emotions and feelings like most robots do, following the leader's command.

Powers: Like Zeke, Beta also can summon weapons and tactical equipment and has a unique ability that he can go through solid object by becoming molecules. He has superhuman abilities though not as strong as Atomic, but still can throw a powerful punch.

The Cool Womanizer
Name: Danny Von Vantage

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Height: 6'3"

Appearance: Tall, toned and muscular. Danny has Mohawk hairstyle that sticks up due to the amount of hair jell, wearing a blacj bounty hunter exo-suit.

Personality:Danny is easy going and sometimes lazy, he does joke around with his comrades. However he does get serious when they are on the mission. He is also a womanizer as he tends to flirt with every women he can find.

Powers: Thanks to Beta's exo-suits, Danny's abilities has improved his abilities and the black exo-suit gives him numerous of tactical equipment, jet pack, grappling hook and electrical shocks from the hands.

The Flame Swordsman
Name: Ryx

Age: 45

Gender: Male

Height: 6'9"

Appearance: Ryx is a tall blind muscular man carrying a sword with him which is located on the hip. He has numerous scars on his chest and three scars on his face. Has stubby hair on his chin.He wears a black samurai gi with intricate design, gray pants with same design and boots. He has bandages around his eyes and wearing a straw hat.

Personality: Ryx is a silent yet strict warrior who carries himself with grace and dignity, maintaining many subtle mannerisms of a traditional samurai. He is the strong silent type, speaking when he feels it's necessary.

Powers: Ryx is a powerful swordsman, possibly the strongest swordsman of the group, who cut just about anything with amazing speed, strength, and precision. His sword, the Enkou, is a long sword that release intense heat and powerful fire projectiles, even sharpen its blade to gain more strength.

The Telekinesis Sloth
Name: Slick

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Height: 4’8"

Appearance: Slick is a short lean muscular build with his skin being pale. Slick has short spiky black hair with white tips, red eyes and a tattoo that said 'Sloth' on his back. He is currently the youngest and shortest of the hunters.

Personality: Slick is very lazy and tends to sleep during the mission. However, like Danny, he can get the job done…if he wants to.

Powers: Despite being lazy, Slick is a very powerful ESP as he can lift objects with his mind, teleport, creating shields to block any attacks, and attacks his targets with Pyrokinesis and Cryokinesis.

The Three Recon Stooges
Name: Petire

Age: 40

Gender: Male

Height: 6'2"

Appearance: Petire is tall, well built with fair skin color, he is also bald headed
Personality:.Petire is more strict than the other two, arguing with them...in a goofy way. However, he enjoys goofing off , along with Ralph and Sharper.

Powers: The three wears exo suits like Danny does, giving them enhanced abilities and equipments. His suit is color blue.

Name: Ralph

Age: 39

Gender: Male

Height: 6'1

Appearance: Ralph is lean built with peach skin and has green undercut hair

Personality: Ralph is the lazy of the three and speaks in sarcasm most of the time.

Powers: The three wears exo suits like Danny does, giving them enhanced abilities and equipments. His suit is color green

Name Sharper

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Height: 5'8

Appearance: Sharper is quite short among the three with slim body and has short spiky red hair

Personality: Sharper loves to eat more than the missions, but he does do his job well...Until he gets hungry.

Powers: The three wears exo suits like Danny does, giving them enhanced abilities and equipments. His suit is color red

The Deadly Shadow Assassin
Name: Sasha

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Height: 6'3"

Appearance: Sasha is a tall, curvy, athletic woman with long flowing black hair with red highlights pass down her waist. wears a jet black skintight spy suit that comes with a hood and mask, a belt around her waist filled with tactical equipment, gloves with sharp hard nails, long black scarf around her neck and high heel boots.

Personality: Sasha is a soft spoken, kind hearted and very loyalty woman who cares quite deeply for her comrades. On a mission, Sasha is very focus and serious to get the mission done, even killing anyone who gets in their way without hesitation.

Powers: Sasha has a unique power to merge into any shadows she set sight on and reemerges to strike down her target without noticing her. Sasha also uses dark like powers to stop her targets by using their shadows and summons shadow like tendrils.

The Fearless Gladiator
Name: Alanna Florence

Age: 30

Gender: Female

Height: 8'10"

Appearance: Alanna is a very tall, curvaceous, large breasted Great Horned Elf with long flowing bluish green hair that past her waist with two long braided locks in the front, azure eyes and two curve horns on her head She wears a revealing light blue and silver gladiator armor and skirt, fingerless gauntlets, and thigh high gladiator sandal boots. Alanna carries a large two handed sword on her back and tower shield.

Personality: Alanna is a very strict, impatient, headstrong, and fearless elf who loves to hunt down dangerous wanted criminals without second thought. She respects Quentin's leadership, Zeke's wise knowledge, Atomic's monstrous strength, Viz's stealth skills and Slick's powerful psychic. To Danny and the Three Recons however, she doesn't seem fond of them, especially to Danny when he flirts with her, only ended up in a tall tree somewhere. Unaware of Quentin, Alanna develops a big crush on her leader but doesn't show it.

Powers: Alanna possess super human abilities and strong swordsmanship as she can swing her large weapon with ease.

The Cheery Mage
Name: Glenys Florence

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Height: 8'8"

Appearance: Like her older sister, Glenys is a very tall, curvaceous, large breasted Great Horned Elf with long green hair that tied up into a pony tail, gold color eyes and long horns on her head. She wears a long white evening dress with large golden belt around her waist, golden arm bracelets and low heeled sandals. She carries a staff with a floating gem on the tip.

Personality: Unlike her strict sister, Glenys is a cheerful, kind and upbeat elf who cheers on her fellow hunters from the sideline while they do the most work. Like Alanna,she too has a big crush on Quentin and often flirts with him, even pressing her large breasts against his face, much to his annoyance. Glenys can be very protected and won't hesitate to harm anyone who hurts her friends and her sister.

Powers: While she posses superhuman abilities, Glenys uses powerful element magic that rivals Slick's psychic ability.

The Ghostly Huntress
Name: Esmeralda Valda

Age: Ageless (appears to be 18)

Gender: Female

Height: 5'8"

Appearance: Esmeralda is a young female ghost. She has a slim, curvy and voluptuous body with large breasts, long pale lavender hair with a strand in between her white eyes, and due to the fact Esmeralda is a ghost, she has ghostly like pale skin and then fades to transparent at the beginning of her hands and feet. She wears a black Gothic lolita dress decorated with ghostly chains and some wrap around her waist, arms and neck, and black knee high boots.

Personality: Esmeralda is shy and a bit reclusive, often hanging out alone. But willingly help out her fellow hunters if they are in a pickle and has a secret crush on Viz

Powers: As a ghost, Esmeralda is immune to all physical attacks, phase through solid objects and possessing people. She uses chains as weapons and can summon more chains from 'beyond the graves'.

The Giant Timid Healer
Name: Slyphy

Age: 1

Gender: Female

Height: 30'7"

Appearance: Sylphy has an appearance of a giant young light blue skinned beautiful woman with a slender and curvaceous body, very long light blue hair She possess a set of wings on her back, giving the ability to fly. Sylphy wears a light blue long revealing dress (showing her bare stomach and back) with numerous silver ornaments to accommodate it. Large feathery laurel crown with silver arm brackets, and silver heeled pumps.

Personality: Sylphy is very shy and timid, despite her large size. She doesn’t like to fight, often hang back and let the other hunters do it, but when her friends is in trouble, she develops her courage and takes on any challenge it throws at her. Slyphy looks up to Quentin (no pun intended) as her hero and cares quite deeply to him.

Powers: Although she doesn't possess powerful strength like her friend Atomic, Slyphy has superhuman abilities and carries a long blue wand with a floating crystal on top, has ability to heal her friends when in danger, and surprisingly knows martial arts.

The Vampiric Swordmage
Name: Athanasia Shirina

Age: Ageless (20s)

Gender: Female

Height: 6'1"

Appearance: Athanasia is a tall, slender and curvaceous woman with long flowing black hair appearance of a vampire. She has pointed ears, pale skin and vampiric red eyes with a beauty mark under her right eye and fangs. She wears a red scarf draped over her shoulders while her upper torso, shoulders, and arms are clad with spiked armor that shows her ample bosom with NanoCorps symbol on the front, black mini skirt with stockings, dark red cloak tied around her waist and armored heeled closed toe sandals.

Personality: Bloodthirsty and remorseless with a hint of sadistic, Athanasia is a dangerous bounty hunters that even Danny, a womanizer, won't flirt to. However, she's more of a kind nature vampire when not on a mission and very loyal to her boss, though she tried to seduce him and suck his blood, but the Drangua is immune to her spell.

Powers: As a vampire, Athanasia can use powerful blood magic and a strong swordswoman, wielding a black and red life stealing sword to fuel her powers.

The Primal Wolfess
Name: Ylva Lupe

Age: 27

Height: 8'2"

Gender: Female

Appearance: Ylva is a tall half human-wolf woman with a curvy yet athletic body, long soft white hair with bangs covering her left yellow eye, long fluffy white tail and wolf ears, sharp nails and canine fangs. She wears a revealing white wrapped crop top, wrapped skirt with wolf shaped buckle, brass arm cuff bracelets and brown low heeled sandals

Personality: Ylva has a calm, laid-back, and quiet personality, get along with her partners very well, and never shows fear when facing dangerous operations. She has a habit of howling at night when there is a full moon.

Powers: Ylva has superhuman abilities and run really fast, able to catch up powerup exo suitors like Danny and the recons. Has very keen eyesight and catching scent about miles away, and calls in wolves to aid her by howling.

New NanoCorps Members(optional)

The Wacky Doctor
Name: Dr. Bling Coon
Age: 40
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1"
Appearance: Bling is a tall, slender bald headed man, wearing a black scientist outfit with matching gloves and boots. He wears glasses and mask around his mouth and carrying his large sword on his back
Personality: Dr. Coon is a brilliant doctor that has split personalities: One side is a soft spoken, genius and intelligence doctor that rivals Beta's intelligence. The other side is crazy and possibly dangerous mad scientist who loves to torture his poor victims but had enough sense to not harm his fellow hunters.
Powers: As a doctor, Coon's role is to heal his partners and boost their strengths up. While on his crazy side, he attack his target with a large sword with a large circular hilt to spin around with and surprisingly has super strength.

The Silent Sentinel Knight
Name: Crimson
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Height: 10'5"
Appearance: Crimson is an extremely tall, muscular knight who is the second tallest member of the Corps. He wears a black heavy armor set with red cap. The hunters don't know if he's human or not as he wears the armor all the time and not taking it off.
Personality: Crimson is a loyal and brave knight who doesn't talk, but will follow orders from his fellow hunters.
Powers: Crimson carries a large claymore and shield and moves quite fast that surprises anyone who thinks he's slow. He too has superhuman strength and can be very hard to dent his armor.

The Sharp Shooter Buxon
Name: Vivian Deuce
Gender: Female
Nationality: Spanish
Character archetype Ruffian (change if necessary)
Appearance: Long red wavy hair, tanned skin,
Personality: Rough, serious and flippant
Special Skill: Sharp-shooting (laser tracking gun)

The Crystallized Ice Demoness
Name: Crystal Aura
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Height: 9'12"
Appearance: Crystal is a very tall crystal ice demon with feminine and curvaceous humanoid light blue body with long wavy light blue hair. Her back is cover in large crystals in three rows, along with her long tail though smaller. She has sharp crystallized claws and horns on her head, heeled feet, sharp teeth and demonic blue eyes.
Personality: Like Viz, Crystal can be quite cold and ruthless but sometimes be sweet and kind, depending on her mood. She likes to flirt with Quentin and, sometimes, Danny.
Powers: Crystal has superhuman strength that matches Crimson and durability of Atomic. She can fire crystals or ice spear from her hands, freezes her targets with a cold blow from her mouth and regeneration if one of her body parts severed.

The Chaos Hedgehog
Name: Z
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Height: 3'4
Appearance: Z is an anthropomorphic hedgehog with red and black fur that covers most of his body, peach skin that covers his arms, muzzle and torso. He has six quails sticking up from the back of his head, two pillar like crystals sprouting on his shoulders and four on the back that emits glowing orange 'veins', short tail, and a large Z like scar on his stomach area that also glows in orange color
Personality: Z is a silent warrior but can be ruthlessness, aggression, arrogant, brash, and stubborn. However, he still follow orders from Quentin, no matter what kind of mission it be and won't complain about it. The Recon Stooges jokes about him and Viz are twins dun to their tough personalities.
Powers: Z can use Chaos Control to stop time, teleport to different location and opening a powerful rift know as Chaos Rifts. Like the other superpower hunters, Z has super strength, durability and speed.

Main Antagonist

The Mad and Genius Scientist
Name Dr. Van Micro:
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Height: Unknown
Appearance: Like all mad scientists, he wears a long white lab coat, black gloves and shoes. He wears a hood and appears to have bandage around his face, unable to view his face. He wears a black goggles.
Personality: He appears to be insane and loves to throw challenges the one he chooses, mostly involved females. No one knows why he dislike the women...However, he does have a fetish of women being bigger than him.


Feet, Breasts, Butt, Vore, Mild Gore(For everyone who likes a little blood), Torture, Insertion

Not Accepting

Giants, Anal Insertion, Toilet related stuff (Ya know what I'm talking about...) short endings ( I'm serious about the short endings, like "Squish. Your Dead. The End." I'll delete them if that happens. *Angry* )

Here's how it works:The mad scientist wants proof that the Hunters have killed their targets...Problem is.... The Hunters will be a size of a flea...So they cannot kill the targets, however they can get blood from the targets without being know, just like the video game; Mister Mosquito. Also the device made the hunters invincible, so they cannot be killed (Except for Atomic cause... He's already invincible). As for the chaps, just make they journeys long and fun, no sudden endings and such. If you can get a good chap or more, I'll give you an extra points. *BigSmile*

With that settle, enjoy and have fun! I'll give you points for each chapters. *BigSmile*

EDIT: Now looking for new additions of NanoCorp members. If you are interested, feel free to email me and send me you're hunter's bio and I'll see to it!

EDIT: Final NanoCorp members added
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