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Rated: 18+ · Interactive Story · Gay/Lesbian · #2075433
So I can write what I want to write
This is an interactive story containing 90 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Click a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
This interactive is primarily so that I can write the stories I want to write without having to adapt to someone elses fetishes. In particular, I find that too many interactives treat women like they are nothing but bodies for a man's pleasure. OR too many interactives spend way too much time talking about gross things such as farting.

I don't want to limit myself or impose rules on myself but I can confidenty say that a common theme in my writing is ENM (Embarrassed Naked Males). I like it when men realize why it's so wrong to treat women so disrespectfully. Now I'm not into abuse so I don't go to the extremes of femdom or any other kind of dom, but I do like to see it when proud, arrogant men have a humbling experience.

Ben and Jason are two characters I have written about for years. They are my go-to characters for stories of this type. Their specific details may change from story to story but certain aspects remain the same. Jason is always the more laid back, the more willing to try new things, and the more experienced of the two. Ben is always the more rules conscious, the least willing to try new things and the most naive of the two. There are a few other characters that may appear in these stories. Most frequently are Rachel (my ideal woman), Sarah (beautiful body but ugly soul), and Paul (the doctor/professor/expert).

If a chapter is marked reserved, it means that I intend to write that chapter. Otherwise, the chapter is open to first come, first serve. I do reserve the right to edit or delete at my discretion so try to write in a similar theme as I do. If you are uncertain whether I will allow your idea, email or IM me about it first. I will give GP for chapters I like.

As far as other rules, I'm still figuring out which rules I want and which I don't care for. Here's the rules so far:

1. Preserve consistency. I don't want to see chapters that invalidate previous chapters. (Example: After a chapter in which Ben shrinks, I don't want to see a chapter in which he's back to normal with the introduction of a female character who grows followed by a chapter in which the female disappears and Ben turns into a dog.) Any chapters with abrupt or illogical changes will be deleted.

2. There are many fetishes that appear along with ENM. I enjoy some of these related fetishes more than I enjoy others. The following lists these related fetishes on a scale from 0 to -10. 0 means that you should feel free to include them as long as they don't cause any story inconsistencies. -10 means please don't include them unless avoiding them would cause story inconsistencies. I may delete chapters if they have too much of the the fetishes I don't care for.

0 shrink, detach, flat, hypno, tickle, inanimate (but only if it is partial or temporary), boy next door, athlete, military, twink, business suit, college, female-to-male

-5 male-to-female, anthro/furry, growth, bulging muscles, medical, domination, bondage, slave,

-10 destruction, death, vore (I'll make an exception for non-destructive cock or mouth vore), mind erasing, torture, pain, spanking, diapers, anything to do with the anus, scat, farts, slob, weight gain, fanfiction, underage,

3. If adding a choice chapter, make sure the choices are significant. One thing I hate in interactives is trivial choices such as "right or left", "blue or red", or "one minute or two minutes". If there is no significant difference between the options, I will replace them. (I will add options anyway, if you cannot provide any. I will also rename options after chapters are written so the options will fit their chapters better.)

4. Use good grammar. I don't mind minor errors but when the writing is so bad that it is confusing, I may have to delete it. Please don't have more than one character speaking in the same paragraph. Each paragraph should focus on one character's actions. Avoid run on sentences. Most sentences should have a subject-verb structure.

5. third person, present tense, limited omniscience. Except for dialogue, avoid using past tense verbs, "I" and "you". Also avoid writing about what a character thinks or feels. A little is okay but don't overdo it.

6. Regarding sexual orientation: The characters may have different orientations depending on which branch you start with. Try to avoid declaring an orientation but once an orientation is declared, stick with it. That is, you should only declare a character's orientation when it matters.

Avoid stereotypical thinking. Just because someone acts like a hetero, doesn't mean he is one so leave such matters ambiguous until it actually makes a difference to the story. Likewise, allow characters to act gay without declaring that they are gay until it actually makes a difference to the story.

I firmly believe that sexual orientation is far more dynamic than most people recognize. Not only does it fall on a continuum with no one being 100% hetero or 100% homo, but it's a multi dimensional continuum where people can be attracted to one, fall in love with another and lust after a third.

7. A few branches have additional rules that only apply to the chapters of that branch. These rules are few but they will be enforced for those branches. You may set your own rules for branches you start but don't go overboard or make rules against the overall theme of this interactive. (Example: Don't make a rule limiting gender options to female only.)

"Guide to Ben and Jason interactiveis a guide to inspire you to add chapters.

Ignore this reminder to myself: slaves in Egypt
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