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  1. Searching for recipients of power
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What would you do if you could control the size and muscles of your best friend?
Chapter #1

Searching for recipients of power

    by: scriptboy
The alien, invisible spirit had arrived on Earth just moments ago. As it was hovering over the landscape, it was carefully scanning the minds of the people that were going about their lives down below.

The spirit had passed over a small coastal community, where it found itself hovering over a school, a neighborhood, a church, and a small business district.

People were going about their lives and they weren't aware of the fact that their thoughts and feelings were being watched and analyzed.

Occasionally, the spirit would come across a person, who often had one other person on his or her mind. It could be a spouse, a child, a relative, a parent, a co-worker, a best friend, a coach, a teacher, etc.

The spirit found several people who qualified to receive the unusual power to control the mind and body of the one child, friend, etc. in question...

The spirit spotted two boys, Drew and Jared, while they strolled through the large, inner city park. The boys had just passed over a large, grassy field, when they suddenly fell unconscious for the first time, together.

As they lay on the grass, the spirit examined them, and realized that Drew cared a lot for Jared. Drew was strong and athletic, but Jared wasn’t. He was short, skinny and slow in sports, and he wasn’t strong or athletic at all. The spirit examined each boy’s thoughts, emotions, wishes and desires, and it determined that Drew should be given complete control over Jared.

Drew is already a jock, and Jared is the geek. Jared is very smart, he's just not strong physically, or athletic at all.

Drew would have the ability to change any part of Jared’s body. He could make him shrink, grow, or change in any other way. He could make Jared older, younger, and any other age in-between. He could add parts or features to Jared’s body, and he could change Jared into any object, article, animal or any other living creature, that he desired in his thoughts. Lastly, Drew would have complete and absolute control over Jared, and he could do anything except kill him.

So, where do the boys go, after they wake up at the park?

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